The 4 Best Reasons Why You Should Buy a Log Cabin


A log cabin can be anything from a garden shed to a holiday home. There are many good reasons to own a log cabin, probably as many as there are individual hobbies or ways of life that are somehow connected to an inhabitable space, but why not think about why to buy a log cabin and not simply build one from scratch? How a log cabin can be used, and why it might be worth a thought or two to buy one as early as this fall, will be topics of the following article.

What could you use a log cabin for?

Log cabins are just one category of buildings using logs or planks that are stacked horizontally on each other gaining stability by a special kind of corner joints. This enables the construction of buildings with thick planks, without screws or nails, and that means also without damaging the wood, without rust and without creating thermal bridges, and it results in very sturdy buildings from mainly just one material which is timber.

The intended use of the building is completely independent of the question if you use log building or wooden frame constructions. That means you can use a log cabin as a summerhouse, a workshop, a garden shed, a holiday cottage, a garden sauna, a wooden house to live in, a garden storage box, a garage, a garden office, a garden lounge, a guest room, a private fitness centre, a weekend lodge, a hobby room, a studio, a meditation retreat, a snooker room, a man cave, a logistics centre for the garden parties, a place to safely store gardening tools and garden furniture during the winter, a greenhouse, a second bedroom, a table tennis room, a teen’s home, or just for any purpose you can think of that you would use a clean, safe, dry, and comfortable room for.

There has never been a log cabin that has not been used by its owner and that hasn’t become an integral part of his or her life after just a short while because a room to use after your own liking always means opportunity for personal development and evolution of yourself and your family.

Log cabins can also be financially beneficial or even represent a business model

If you examine the ways that are nowadays viable in the UK to create storage – or living space, you will find that there simply is no cheaper cost per square meter than you can get buying a prefabricated log cabin from a well-established manufacturer.

In case you will erect the log cabin in your own garden, you will not need to buy a building plot, no rent is necessary, the garden is there anyway. In many cases, if you select a log cabin with a roof height of below 2,5m, and if you leave enough space to the adjacent plot, you won’t even need to worry about a planning permission.

If you plan to erect one of our bedroom log cabins, the ones that are well suitable to live in, and develop it into a weekend – or holiday home, then you can even profit from the investment by renting it out to budget travellers or travelling business people through one of the many platforms on the internet acting as brokers for overnight stays, weekend breaks or holiday homes.

If you happen to have the opportunity to erect a log cabin in a scenic landscape, like on farmland, a private forest, at the beach, on a river or lake, maybe on a camping ground, you can use your residential log cabin yourself for lodge holidays and rent it out whenever you don’t use it yourself.

Some people even make quite some money erecting a few log cabins as holiday lodges somewhere on the countryside and renting them out to guests looking for lodge holidays or hot tub holidays.

Why buy a log cabin and not build one on your own?

There are several aspects to be taken into account on this question. Supposed you are a pretty good  DIY-er and you can work with wood just fine. What you might not be aware of is that it takes more than that to construct a log cabin in a way that it will not only look good but also be sturdy and durable. One reason is the shrinking of the timber during the first years after the construction. Everything including the truss must be constructed in a way to allow that shrinking without cracks and gaps tearing up that might even compromise the structural integrity of the building.

As a matter of fact, constructing wooden houses is something that needs experience and knowledge.

But, let’s assume you could somehow gain the necessary knowledge about the construction itself, the appropriate measures and dimensions that would guarantee a stable construction with the species and type of wood that you would like to use, the correct wooden joints at all parts of the building, and the skills to carve them the right way into the wood.

There are still some more issues to be solved: Which wood would you use? Will you pay a lot of money for very durable and weather resistant wood or will you prefer cheap, soft wood and run the risk of having a high maintenance project for the years to come? And finally: If you compare the estimated costs including your working hours with some examples from our portfolio of ready prefabricated log cabins, do you really think you could produce some comparable log cabin with a 5-year warranty for these prices?

Probably not. The reason why we can produce high quality so cheap is that we have a very long experience building wooden houses. These are much more traditional here in Estonia in the north of Europe than they are in the UK. We create high-quality products using the latest computer aided wood processing technologies from local durable and firm Northern Spruce from sustainably farmed forests right around the corner from our production facilities.

A log cabin makes the garden an inhabitable space

If you do not yet have a log cabin in your garden, you might be stunned to experience, how much the character of your garden changes once there is a welcoming building there, looking pretty, tucked away at the end of your lawn, inviting you to take a seat on the roofed veranda or on one of the comfy armchairs inside.

The garden will transform from an assortment of plants and beds into an extension of your living room; which is just, what the doctor prescribed: spending more time outside, fresh air, gardening. Your very own log cabin can be a new hobby: it needs to be furnished or at least equipped to its use, whatever you choose for it, it can be extended. A log cabin frees you from the limited space in your home and opens up new possibilities for evolution in your life.

If you plan one of the many uses listed above, and you love gardening and would use some space for the gardening tools, your bike, the garden furniture, and the wheelbarrow, then please also take a look at our log cabins with storage sheds. If you plan a workshop, have a look at our garages, which might be just right for you with large and safe double doors.

We also do have some log cabins for sale this fall, so don’t hesitate too long!

For any questions, please contact us or call Oliver at 020 3807 0369!