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Your Garden Room Comes To Life

Summerhouse24 has launched a fully interactive showroom in virtual reality
Summerhouse24 is proud to have launched its first interactive showroom in virtual reality. One of a kind in the industry, Summerhouse24 is utilising the very latest HTC Vive virtual reality glasses, our customers can now get a real feel for our garden buildings including scale, house measurements, wall thickness, lighting and space. They can walk around inside and out of the building, change the building type, roof style, colour and furniture etc. Learn more: .

Maintenance of the Garden Storage Shed

Maintenance of the Garden Storage Shed
Garden storage sheds are becoming more and more popular as people nowadays seem to need more and more stuff and thus also need the space to store it somewhere. A wooden garden storage shed is a good choice to store anything that needs to be dry, safe and clean; be it old furniture, books or files, used household items, electronics, conserved foods, toys, tableware, or things with memories. But more often than not, a .

How to Prepare a Log Cabin for Lodge Holidays

How to Prepare a Log Cabin for Lodge Holidays
If you own an inhabitable log cabin somewhere in a nice spot, not too far away from home, maybe somewhere on a camping ground, a private piece of land near a river or lake, or close to the beach, you will want to prepare this log cabin for lodge holidays, maybe hot tub holidays, not necessarily to rent it out to paying guests, but why not just for your own little, private log cabin .

What are the most popular base types for garden buildings?

How to prepare a Pedestal Foundation?
A level, firm and stable foundation is one of the most important stages, if not the most important stage and starting point for building a summer house, shed or any other garden building. A good base ensures stability of the cabin, smooth assembly, longevity and a good look. A poor and improper base results in the reverse outcome and puts a great pressure on the whole cabin which will lead to a shorter life span and .

Affordable Garden Room for so many good reasons

Log Cabin Hansa Office
Log cabin garden room  – all stages from planning to completion Building a garden room to get more use out of your garden and spending more time there instead of routine evenings and weekends home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to have more fun and joy with your family. Outdoor cooking, Alfresco dining, hot tub bathing, playing billiards, fitness workouts or maybe even a home sauna are just few good .

Bestselling Garden Log Cabins

3-Room Log Cabin Garden Guesthouse Oscar
We have put together this short list to highlight our most successful and bestselling modern garden buildings and maybe even inspire you! Whether you are looking for a garden office to work in or a trendy garden room to relax in, our cabins can be a fantastic addition to your outside space. All of these 10 log cabins as well as most of our other garden buildings have been designed for self-assembly and can .

Bestselling Garden Rooms in the UK in 2016

Our high season has crossed its midway mark and we are delighted to share with you our trendiest cabins this summer. First of all, we are very happy that our new 2016 garden room models with verandas for Al Fresco dining and hot tubs were welcomed very warmly by our customers with 5 of them making the top 10. Secondly, another big change this year is that we have noticed the growing demand for .

Garden Room with Large Veranda “Eva E”

Garden Room Summer House with Large Veranda Eva E
Thomas just finished assembling his new garden room Eva E and kindly sent us some photos. It took one weekend to build the log cabin and another weekend to finish all the details and do the painting. Summer houses with sliding doors and verandas involve more details and take a little more time but if you are in to DIY installation then you shouldn’t have a problem and they are still considerably easier than .