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A Short History of Log Cabins

History of Log Cabins
Log Cabins have not always been as popular as they are now. During past centuries it seems that it was more important to possess a “modern house” whatever that meant during the respective period. It seemed more important to make an impression with a house that aimed at looking most expensive than having the comfort and cosiness at mind that a log cabin can offer its inhabitants. The conscious abstinence from status symbols and .

Garden Buildings in High Quality

Garden Buildings
Garden buildings tend to become a permanent part of their owner’s daily lives as soon as they are in use for some years. Garden rooms, gazebos and canopies, garden offices, garden sheds, garden saunas, or log cabins: an extra space in the garden, dry, safe, and often times either cosy, very functional, or both will always be welcome to their owners not only to expand the living space that the main house can offer, .

A Small Garden Office for Tiny Gardens

Small Garden Office
If you could use a work space, and you have just a tiny garden, we have a range of small garden offices to offer that would fit into the smallest garden. Does your house offer not enough space for you to expand the way you need to become fully productive? A safe and dry room in the garden of just 4m² could serve as a fully functional office space. We have designed several models .

Large Log Cabins – A Lifestyle Choice

Log Cabins
A large log cabin to live in might be your dream log home representing your desire for a carefree, rustic, and laid back lifestyle. For many, this is true, and not only do large log cabins showcase such a lifestyle to the outside with their classical timeless natural looks, they also provide an exceptionally healthy living atmosphere with clean resin-scented air, balanced moisture and temperature inside. During the last decades, log homes have made .

An Insulated Garden Office – A New Way to Work

Insulated Garden Office
Working from an insulated garden office instead of a desk crammed somewhere into a room of your house that has originally been dedicated to other purposes, like a bedroom, or a living room certainly has some advantages to you and the quality of work that you can provide as well as to the house and the rooms that will be tidier and less crammed as soon as you have moved into your own garden .

10 FAQ for Garden Sheds in The UK

Garden Sheds UK
The questions that buyers of garden sheds in the UK come up with before they finally decide for a certain model are mostly always the same. One question is, of course, always decided before the other questions arise, and that is the question of what to use the garden shed for. A certain need is the trigger for the whole idea of purchasing a garden shed. Mostly it has to do with limited space .

How to Create a Beautiful Garden Summer House in 5 Simple Steps

Summer House
Garden summer houses have regularly proven to be a good investment for any property owner due to a remarkable increase of property market values for those properties. A cosy outdoor living space makes the whole property so much more desirable that the property value will take an immediate boost. However, how can you create such a building in the best way? What features does it need to really make a difference? How do you .

A Small Summerhouse For Every Garden

Small Wooden House
There is such a great number of reasons to purchase a summerhouse. From using it for health, like with a garden sauna and spa, or gym, using a modern garden room as a garden lounge for a little garden holiday every day after work, working from the garden in your own garden office to just keeping the garden tools in there maybe together with a sofa for a little rest during the occasional rain .

Maintenance of Garden Log Cabins

Garden Log Cabins
A garden log cabin is not only a very versatile and very useful garden building, it is also quite valuable and constitutes a considerable investment. Therefore, it is a sensible thing to inform yourself about how log home maintenance can prolong the life span and take preventing measures to avoid damages and keep costs and time requirement for repairs as low as possible. Moreover, well-maintained garden log cabins always make a more favourable visual .

Advantages of a Garden Office

Garden Office
The trend to working in a garden office, also shortly called “shed working” is still strong and increasing in the United Kingdom. With so many people becoming self-employed, with so many office jobs connected by the internet or by company owned networks, the good old office job – it seems – is getting more and more obsolete and fewer and fewer employees favour the daily commute to a working place at an office when .

Treatment of Garden Log Cabins

Log Cabin
Garden log cabins are more popular in the UK as they have ever been. Probably due to their pleasant appearance that fits so well into the backdrop of the garden, their versatility and the huge supply of all possible styles, sizes, floor plans and designs by a number of professional manufacturers it is easily possible to find the perfect garden log cabin for whatever usage you may have in mind. If you need a .

Garden Room Extension – Some Ideas You Might Like

Wooden Garden Room
Bespoke contemporary garden rooms from Summerhouse24 are a stunning extension of your home and garden. Crafted from selected and sturdy northern spruce, designed with a long experience, each  piece has passed quality insurance and is kiln dried to 18% dryness to minimize settling movements after the assembly. Our garden rooms offer a high quality-standard, longevity, sturdiness and aesthetics.   We have selected some ideas of how to extend your garden room, how to customize .

The Gardener’s Guide to Garden Sheds in the United Kingdom

Wooden Garden Shed
Garden sheds come in all possible shapes, designs or materials. A garden shed is typically a single-storey wooden house that is often in back gardens. Small structures will mostly serve storage purposes and larger ones can even be inhabited. In the following article we will give you an overview about everything you need to know about garden sheds in the UK including how to build one, prepare a foundation, insulate and heat your garden .

What Kind of Garden Office is Right For You?

Garden Office
A garden office is a great way to create your own workspace in the inspiring background of your own garden, a way to make some room in your home if you had your workplace crammed in somewhere, or a good start for some self-employed work. The new global village is tightly connected and the need for daily commutes through heavy traffic to an office workplace becomes more and more obsolete. And who would not .

Some Important Advantages of a Wooden Garage

Wooden Garage
The wooden garage is gaining more and more popularity throughout the United Kingdom, and there surely are some reasons to that which we want to explore in the following article. Of course, wooden garages obviously fulfill their main function which is to store the car safely and dry away from pollen, dust, wind, leaves, bird’s feces, rain, hail, snow and out of the reach of thieves. However, there must be some more advantages compared .