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Treatment of Garden Log Cabins

Log Cabin
Garden log cabins are more popular in the UK as they have ever been. Probably due to their pleasant appearance that fits so well into the backdrop of the garden, their versatility and the huge supply of all possible styles, sizes, floor plans and designs by a number of professional manufacturers it is easily possible to find the perfect garden log cabin for whatever usage you may have in mind. If you need a .

Garden Room Extension – Some Ideas You Might Like

Wooden Garden Room
Bespoke contemporary garden rooms from Summerhouse24 are a stunning extension of your home and garden. Crafted from selected and sturdy northern spruce, designed with a long experience, each  piece has passed quality insurance and is kiln dried to 18% dryness to minimize settling movements after the assembly. Our garden rooms offer a high quality-standard, longevity, sturdiness and aesthetics.   We have selected some ideas of how to extend your garden room, how to customize .

The Gardener’s Guide to Garden Sheds in the United Kingdom

Wooden Garden Shed
Garden sheds come in all possible shapes, designs or materials. A garden shed is typically a single-storey wooden house that is often in back gardens. Small structures will mostly serve storage purposes and larger ones can even be inhabited. In the following article we will give you an overview about everything you need to know about garden sheds in the UK including how to build one, prepare a foundation, insulate and heat your garden .

What Kind of Garden Office is Right For You?

Garden Office
A garden office is a great way to create your own workspace in the inspiring background of your own garden, a way to make some room in your home if you had your workplace crammed in somewhere, or a good start for some self-employed work. The new global village is tightly connected and the need for daily commutes through heavy traffic to an office workplace becomes more and more obsolete. And who would not .

Some Important Advantages of a Wooden Garage

Wooden Garage
The wooden garage is gaining more and more popularity throughout the United Kingdom, and there surely are some reasons to that which we want to explore in the following article. Of course, wooden garages obviously fulfill their main function which is to store the car safely and dry away from pollen, dust, wind, leaves, bird’s feces, rain, hail, snow and out of the reach of thieves. However, there must be some more advantages compared .

Garden Sheds UK Growing Strongly With Always Greater Relevance to British Economy

Garden Sheds UK
Some new figures and statistics show that garden sheds play a growing role for the economy in the UK and that they represent a growing sector of the British economy. Sales of garden sheds in the UK, although a ‘mature’ market segment with around 14 million buildings worth about £5 billion to the economy, are still projected to continue to grow at a rate of 2-4% each year until 2020. A steady and growing .

Garden Summer Houses Get More Popular in the UK

Garden Summer Houses
Not so long ago garden summer houses could not really compete with simple garden sheds when it comes to popularity. The garden shed functioned as the workhouse in the garden, the place to store the gardening tools and those needed for all DIY, and in many cases, it was not only there for storage but also contained the workshop with a workbench and a vice. In some cases, it was also the place to .

How to Work from a Garden Office

Garden Office
Garden offices get more popular in the UK by the day for some good reasons. Starting a business from a place that you already own, or you are already paying for removes a lot of the financial burden from the new business. Especially the start-up phases are often accompanied by financial hardships or the need to take a loan to cover the costs before the money starts flowing in. A garden office will be .

The Top 7 Uses For Your Garden Room

Garden Room
For most people, their limited space at home is the most important obstacle to develop their lives, find new hobbies, get creative or simply evolve their pastimes along with their evolving personalities. Living in confined spaces makes people search ways to the outside using TV or the Internet instead of developing their real life. If you think you have hidden talents, wishes that you don’t pursue because there simply is no space left in .

Building a Wooden Log Cabin in 10 Easy Steps

Woooden Log Cabin
Most people would probably think that it is a very complicated process to build a wooden log cabin, but we will give you an easy straightforward instruction of how to do it in the following article. If you employ a helping hand with reasonable DIY skills, you can do it in just one day. In our example, we put together a 14,5m2 Modern Summer House Hansa Lounge XL with veranda, but the same method .

4 Ideas How to Design Contemporary Garden Rooms to Become Your Favourite Outdoor Living Space

Contemporary Garden Rooms
Contemporary garden rooms are a great way to use your garden to create new spaces where you can enjoy your leisure time and rest from your everyday life. If you decide to order one of our DIY contemporary garden rooms from Summerhouse24, you can be confident to purchase a garden building of the highest quality, that you can design your garden room in a way to express who you are, and to make it .

7 Garden Offices with Roofs Under 2.5m to Evade Planning Permission

Garden Office
Why commute every morning through heavy traffic if a walk through the garden into your own fancy garden office could do the trick? In these times of change, many get the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes in their contemporary garden offices. We introduce seven of our best garden offices for you to choose from. 1.The Mini Hansa Lounge This stylish flat roof building is the smallest model of the Hansa .

Garden Sheds on a Budget in The UK

Garden Storage Shed
Garden sheds are becoming more and more popular in the UK. As a matter of fact, such a garden room is an invaluable addition to any garden, but it needs to fit into one’s budget. Finding the right balance between price and quality can be tricky. With this in mind, we have narrowed down our solutions for you to provide you with some of the best garden sheds on a budget currently on the .

Summer Houses in the UK – 10 Ideas For Function and Decoration

Summer Houses in the UK are used increasingly as individual extensions of our living space As much as a summer house looks nice just by itself; there are still some possibilities to decorate it in a certain style. Here are some ideas of how to make the summer house more attractive, or add some new functionality. Navy Style: Make it look like the bridge of a traditional sailing ship. Keep it white and blue, .