Summer House Ventilation: Is It Needed?
14.06.2024 / Useful Tips

Have you ever wondered if a wooden summer house needs ventilation and why? We’ll cover everything you need to know about how to ventilate a summer house, different types of ventilation options and how they work. In the photo above: Hansa Deluxe summer house with a veranda Does a summer house need to have ventilation…

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How To Clean A Wooden Shed
21.11.2023 / How To

At Summer House 24 our guide on cleaning wooden sheds, both old and new, focuses on enhancing functionality, safety, and aesthetics. We walk you through comprehensive shed inspection, damage and condition assessments, tips on wood decay and structural integrity, general wear and tear check,s roof and foundation inspection, moisture and leak detection, and pest control methods…

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How To Move A Garden Shed: Relocating Storage Units Made Simple
07.03.2022 / How To

At Summer House 24, we know whether you’re changing homes, your shoffice, need to redo the landscape, make more space in your backyard or garden,  your neighbours are having issues, moving your shed may be inevitable and you better get ready! First, ask yourself: Is the weather okay? Can you move the shed yourself? How many helpers…

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