How to Organize and Declutter Your Garden Shed 28.03.2022

If you are looking for a great solution to keep your home and garden organized and tidy, you should consider investing in a high-quality garden shed. It is a well-known fact that garden sheds can make it easier to protect and organize tools, equipment, and different items that you don’t want to see lying around….

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7 Common Foundation Mistakes to Avoid When Building Garden Log Cabins 25.03.2022

The foundation is the most important part of building a sturdy structure. The main purpose of the foundation is to hold your garden log cabin up. Without it, the whole cabin might sink into the ground unevenly and it might be severely damaged. A good foundation should provide support and should protect the entire building…

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How Can a Gazebo Make a Difference in Your Garden? 07.03.2019

As all other garden buildings, gazebos make your garden look more cultivated and inhabited. With a gazebo in it, it will no longer look like just “outside” but more like an inhabited area outside the house. While all kinds of garden rooms have this effect, an open gazebo is an especially elegant, light and airy…

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Inhabitable Log Cabins to Live in – Stylish, Close to Nature, Ecological, and Inexpensive 11.01.2019

Inhabitable log cabins are becoming more and more popular not only as holiday homes, but also as primary residences. Plenty of reasons can be made out for that: Wooden houses, especially log cabins open up an option to create living space for a price per square metre that is much below that achievable with stone…

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Outdoor Sauna or Indoor Sauna – Which is the Right Choice for You? 18.12.2018

A sauna can not only provide pleasant experiences during the cold times of the year, but it has also been proven to cause some health benefits. Did you know that regular saunaing has a proven protective effect against colds and infections? Mood and energy levels are raised, itching is reduced, blood pressure is lowered, as…

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The 10 Best Reasons to Buy Wooden Garden Sheds From us Now 14.12.2018

Garden sheds are practical buildings, as you will probably already know, and the rising market sales of garden sheds in the UK clearly show that this seems to be common knowledge, but what are the main reasons for this trend? And why buy garden sheds now? Why buy them from us instead of somewhere else?…

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Keep Your Car Clean and Safe – A Garage For the Winter 07.12.2018

There is hardly any better time to understand how beneficial a garage is to your car than the winter time. Blindingly white in the morning, the snow that has fallen overnight at the side of the road will be dark grey in a matter of hours. Watery mud, molten by road salt – the winter…

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Large Log Cabins in Tourism and as Main Residence 06.12.2018

Log cabins often pop up during searches for holiday homes, weekend cottages, or hot tub holidays. Compared to the general occurrence looking at main residences, log cabins seem to have a greater prevalence in tourism related homes. Why is this? Favourable prices, quick construction periods, easy maintenance, high value for money ratio? Or is it…

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Some Interesting Facts About Our Timber of Choice for Summer Houses – The Nordic Spruce 21.11.2018

From summer houses over garden sheds, wooden garages or garden saunas to large log cabins: We build all our wooden buildings from Nordic spruce. More than enough reason, we think, to eventually have a closer look on this kind of timber, and at the tree that we get the timber from. What kind of tree…

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The 7 Greatest Advantages of Wooden Summer Houses 19.11.2018

Wooden summer houses are becoming very popular now worldwide. Originally, they were intended for use during the summer. A simple timber construction would do, usually no heating or insulation would be necessary. Water and electricity would increase the comfort for use during the evenings, for watering the plants or a quick hand-wash after the gardening….

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Prepare for Winter at the Garden Shed 02.11.2018

For those with orchards or vegetable gardens, the garden shed might be the centre of dealing with the harvest right now. Boiling down fruits and veggies might be less stressful in the garden shed than in the kitchen. A small camping cooker would do, the conserved goods might just be stored in the garden shed…

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A Garden Room For Extra Space 30.10.2018

Does your garden have a garden room? And if not, why not? Ask yourself the following questions: Could your home use some more space? Have you ever thought about plans or dreams that you had, but your home was just one room too small to fulfil your dream? Would you like to have a library?…

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Log Cabins With a Wood Stove or a Fireplace 15.10.2018

A log cabin with a country-style design as well as in contemporary styles always profits a lot from an open fireplace or at least a wood-burning stove with a glass door or glass walls that let the fire shine through. Just as log cabins are an ideal home for nature lovers, for people who want…

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Wooden Summerhouses – Which Kind is Best For You? 09.10.2018

Wooden summerhouses are a booming part of the economy for several reasons: First of all, gardening becomes more and more popular. Growing your own organic, healthy, and pesticide-free food is just one motivation. Studies that have proven that gardening can improve a variety of physical and mental disorders have been published, and, last but not…

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Wooden Double Garages – A Worthwhile Investment 02.10.2018

Double garages are trending for several reasons. First of all: nowadays it is difficult to find a family with less than two cars as often times both partners are working. In other cases one partner has to take the children to school, do shopping etcetera while the money earning partner has commuted to his workplace…

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