Top 8 Benefits of Parking Your Car in a Home Garage 22.04.2022

Car parking in a garage seems like an outdated concept these days. Homeowners today are using their garages for various other purposes such as a storage room, home workshop, and even an additional living space. But if you want to protect your newly bought Suzuki Ignis from the harsh outdoor elements and keep it in…

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Moving into a Container Home: How to Make the Process Fun and Straightforward 09.11.2021

Whether it’s the van life, the school bus life, or the shipping container life, people are looking for alternative modes of living. Perhaps the result of a rising housing market, more and more people are buying shipping containers to live in, and rather than it being the result of a dystopian future where we’re all…

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Hosting a BBQ this Summer? Here are the Essentials you Need 01.04.2021

With the weather getting warmer and warmer each day it seems, and things beginning to look a little more like normality, we are starting to get more excited about the prospect of hosting Spring and Summer BBQs in our garden. We can host family get togethers, host meals with friends or even invite our neighbours…

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Structured Simplicity: Making Garden Log Cabin Your Sanctuary With Japandi 25.02.2020

Being connected to nature is the best way to keep yourself healthy and full of life, and nowadays, we are so consumed with productivity and consumerism that many people forget what it is like to live with less. Besides, leaving the concrete jungle for a bit can have great benefits to your mental and physical…

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Winter Is Here – How to Enjoy Your Garden and Outdoor Furniture 13.01.2020

Let’s face it. Having a garden or backyard has to be one of the most rewarding things in life. Especially in this day and age, when it seems like the gigantic urban sprawls are simply taking over everything. At the same time, however, owning a lush, green space can get a tad frustrating when the…

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Interior Design How to – the Maximalist Trend in Your Garden Rooms 03.01.2020

Over the top. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about this? That ‘over the top’ should be avoided, that it’s too much or that it is, perhaps, in bad taste? Or maybe your head starts buzzing with clashing patterns, mingling textures, and so much visual noise that you can’t…

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What You Need to Know Before Renting Out Your Summer Home on Airbnb 06.12.2019

Your summer home sits vacant for months on end, and you’re considering letting it out on Airbnb as a way of making some additional income. Fantastic idea! But before you sign up as a host, there are a few boxes to tick. Check these considerations off your list before welcoming your first guests, and you’ll…

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Cozy Log-Home Living: 5 Tips for Winter-Proofing Your Home 20.11.2019

Ah, the thought of spending a cozy, warm winter season next to a toasty fireplace, surrounded by all of those beautiful décor elements that make a modern bedroom log cabins so great, why, it’s the stuff of dreams. But it can also be a reality, provided that you bring form and function together and make all…

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