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Can Bedbugs Infest Wood Furniture? Can You Prevent This And is Your Garden Furniture Safe?

Can Bedbugs Infest Wood Furniture?
Help! I Got Bed Bugs on My Outdoor Furniture Bed bugs have this specific name for a reason. It prompts us to assume that they can be found in our beds only, right? But this can’t be any further from the truth. Truth is, bed bugs can hide in one too many places (“preferably”, near their food source, of course) and can easily infest any type of furniture. This includes outdoor furniture too. Now .

Dos and Don’ts for the Perfect Wooden Summer House

Dos and Don’ts for the Perfect Wooden Summer House
A wooden summer house with a great design can quickly become your favorite place to hang out in the warm season. It’s a small, perfect structure where you can work away from the bustle of the main house, you can relax while reading a good book or listening to your favorite music or where you can work out and get ready for the beach. Therefore, independently of what you plan on doing in there .

How to Decorate Your Contemporary Garden Rooms on a Budget

How to Decorate Your Contemporary Garden Rooms on a Budget
Contemporary garden rooms are a fantastic way to make you feel like you’re spending quality time with your family, your partner or by yourself in a little corner away from home when, in fact, you’re right in your backyard. But we all know just how expensive it can be to furnish and decorate an entire and separate space of your house. Not necessarily though. With the right ideas on how to decorate your contemporary .

Deliveries of Summerhouse24 garden rooms, log cabins, sheds and residential cabins to Ireland

Deliveries of Summerhouse24 garden rooms, log cabins, sheds and residential cabins to Ireland
After experiencing increasing demand for our cabins from Irish customers, we have worked out a cost-efficient way to deliver cabins from our UK warehouse to Ireland. We are happy to announce the launch of Summerhouse24 log cabin retail sales and deliveries to Ireland. By doing so, we can also eliminate dishonest log cabin dealers, poor customer service in Ireland as well as well as unprofessional installation works that we have been experiencing lately by .

New upgraded cabin doors and windows for 2019

We have made significant upgrades to our cabin doors and windows. These new upgrades have now been launched and will apply to all cabin orders placed from December 2018. After these implementations and upgrades, we can proudly say, that our bestselling 44mm garden rooms and offices as well as all 58-70mm log cabins and timber lodges will be equipped with one of the best, if not the best door and window operating systems that .

Large Garden Room D Installed and Insulated

Large Garden Large Garden Room D installed and insulated 1Room D installed and insulated
We have installed and insulated another Garden Room D log cabin for our customer Mr Davids. This large garden room with massive 70mm walls has 38m2 of inner area and is widely used as a snooker room, fitness room, office, dining room at camping sites and country clubs or as a conference room. Our customer used a local building company for laying down concrete pad. Then our fitters completed the cabin installation together with .

Ideal DIY Wooden Cabin for Camping / Glamping Sites or Holiday Rentals with quick return on investment.

Hansa Holiday Camping Cabin
We are delighted to have recently delivered and installed three of our new 20m2 “Hansa Holiday Camping Cabins”. Each holiday cabin has three rooms, a 10m2 living room with a small bedroom and separate toilet / shower room, as well as a 3 x 3m veranda from which to enjoy breakfast and evening drinks. All three cabins were installed in just under two weeks and then had electricity and services connected before the final .

Three Garden rooms, Sauna Cabin and BBQ Hut on display at our site in Totnes, Devon

Garden rooms, Sauna Cabin and BBQ Hut on display at our site in Totnes, Devon 4
Earlier this year we installed another three cabins on our display site in Totnes (Devon) and have completed painting, roofing and decoration works as well as furnishing. The display area and cabins are really looking great. We are excited to show our customers these five very different garden buildings with different wall thicknesses, cabin features, glazing options and roofing types to show examples available for very different reasons and uses. Our display site in .

DIY Log Cabin as Guesthouse

We have delivered and installed a 12m2 DIY log cabin with a 3x3m canopy for our customer Susan. This is a slightly modified garden summer house with canopy Eva E, with sliding doors replaced with double French doors. Everything else is all standard features of the Eva E garden summer house. Standard cabin kit includes 44mm wall planks, impregnated foundation beams, 18mm roof boards, 18mm floor boards, double glazed doors and windows, 4 metal .

Building an Insulated Garden Room or Garden Office

Insulated Garden Room
The majority of Summerhouse24 garden log cabins are used all year around by our customers. Whether you are after a log cabin office to work in, garden gym, yoga room, garden room, snooker room, games room, guest house or a dining room, you still don’t want to limit its use to five or six months a year. Building an Insulated Garden Room or Insulated Garden Office which can be used all year around is .

Build a Granny Annex or Home Extension fast and cost-efficiently

Build a Granny Annex or Home Extension fast and cost-efficiently
Perhaps you have an elderly relative you need to care for or are looking to generate rental income. Or maybe you want to regain your peace and quiet and home noisy teenagers a safe distance away! Need more space? Don’t want to / Can’t move? Read our article about adding a prefabricated log cabin annexes to your home and we may just have the solution for you. Why choose a log cabin for building .

Building a Garden Room with Storage Room and Veranda Super Lucas E

Building a Garden Room with Storage Room and Veranda Super Lucas E
Installation of one of our most popular 9m2 garden rooms with a 3 x 3m veranda and additional 1.8 x 3m storage room has been completed. It took our install team just one full day to complete this installation. The Super Lucas E cabin was launched in early spring this year and instantly became popular among our customers in Germany, UK, Austria and other parts of the World. With its three functions in one .

Two Bedroom Guesthouse Bespoke Cabin

Two Bedroom Guesthouse Bespoke Cabin
Our assembly team has finished the installation of a 12 x 6m log cabin for our customer Paul. A proper concrete slab was prepared within a day by a local company, then it took five days for the base to harden and finally three days for the cabin installation. Electrical works and wood preservative treatment are expected to take a couple more days before the cabin will be ready to use. This 70mm bespoke .

See our Log Cabins used As Holiday Rental Cabins in Iceland

Our first four cabins have arrived in one of the most unique and beautiful places on the Planet Earth – Iceland. Our Icelandic customer is building 18m2 cabins to be used as holiday rentals. The cabins also feature a 9m2 veranda allowing guests to enjoy the surroundings whatever the weather. These extra thick 70mm cabins were especially designed, taking into consideration the remarkably tough weather conditions endured by this idyllic island in the Atlantic .

Garden Room D as a pool house

Large Garden Room D 38m² / 70mm / 5 x 8 m
Another Garden Room D has been installed for our English customers in Cadiz, Spain. After installing electricity, treating the cabin with wood preservative and furnishing, this luxury wooden cabin will used as a garden living room and pool house. The Garden Room D features 38 m2 of inner space, 70 mm wall thickness, 28 mm floor boards, double glazed opening windows as well as double glazed French doors. Many of our customers use this .