6 Amazing Designs To Keep An Eye Out For When Purchasing A Display Home 15.03.2022

Buying a house can be exciting, and even more so when you purchase a display home. A display home is a great investment property, and depending on the style of the home it can very easily be your dream home. You can contact Buildi to find out more about different display homes. Display homes come…

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How to Keep Your Garden Office Secure 25.06.2021

A garden office is an outside building in the ground of your property that gives your home some extra space. These buildings are often used as professional workspaces or home offices. These buildings give your home extra floor space and help to separate work from domestic activities – all the more important with a work…

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How to Create a Vertical Garden at Home 15.04.2021

Whether you have a large backyard or not, having natural green spaces made of plants in your home is not a problem anymore. There are so many ways you can use to have a perfect garden in your backyard or office. You can build garden rooms, or some garden log cabins in which you can…

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Customer photos of a newly built Elias BBQ cabin with veranda 10.04.2021

We received nice photos of a newly built and painted Elias BBQ hut from our customer. Cabin assembly and painting were completed within three days. All the work was carried out by our customer together with a local carpenter. The Elias BBQ cabin with veranda is one of our newest additions to the range, it…

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How to Build a Tennis Court in Your Backyard 24.03.2021

Tennis court construction is an exciting process: you can see how the court is being built in front of your eyes. A private tennis court allows you to extend your training hours and play tennis immediately, just a few steps away from the front door! Besides, a tennis court will significantly increase the value of…

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Our Log Cabins and Garden Buildings are now available in Denmark 30.12.2020

We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our operations to Denmark. All our log cabins, garden houses, sauna cabins, storage sheds, BBQ huts and garages are now available at Traehytter24. Our Danish speaking customer service team is available five days a week from 09:00 until 16:00. All our Danish customers are welcome to…

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How to Build Summerhouse24 Garden Room in One Day 23.10.2020

How to install 9m2 garden room with terrace. See all the assembly stages and get useful tips. We install the cabin on a concrete pile foundation, which is a suitable base for almost all types of soil and any sized cabin, and widely used for sloped and uneven building spots. It is fairly easy to…

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Seattle S BBQ hut – Assembled & Painted 03.04.2020

Thank you to our customer, Charles, for sending in pictures of his newly completed BBQ Hut Seattle S. Charles assembled and painted his Seattle in just a few days and by now will have already had his first BBQ of the season in it. Our customer chose Anthracite Grey wood stain and preservative to paint…

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Two new wooden carports 19.03.2020

We are always expanding our range and adding new products to our range. This month, we are pleased to introduce you to our new wooden carports: standard size carport Henley and an extra-large carport Henley XL. Both models are premium quality wooden carports constructed from highly durable glulam timbers to maximize strength, stability and longevity….

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Two New Large Garden Log Cabins 28.02.2020

We have just launched two of our biggest single room log cabins, both with 43m2 of internal area. They are two identical cabins, with the only difference being the roof type. The Garden Snooker Room I, has a pent roof and The Garden Snooker Room II has a classic apex roof. Both log cabins have…

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How to Stay Warm in Winter in Your Log Cabin Home – 7 Tips 19.01.2020

Making your way through the long, cold winter months can really make one miss the warm, breezy summertime. However, those of us lucky enough to have a log cabin won’t have to give up on those sunny dreams yet. That’s because such an annex to your main house can be the perfect way to soak…

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Summerhouse24 Premium Folding Doors 20.11.2019

We are delighted to introduce you to our new folding door system. We developed and tested these new doors during 2019 and they are now available for Summerhouse24 customers. These premium end folding doors are included in a number of cabins with 70mm wall thickness and they can be ordered as an upgrade across our 44mm…

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Customer photos of a Garden House Hansa Lounge XXL with Storage Room and Terrace 04.11.2019

Here are some photos of a newly built Hansa Lounge XXL which is now used as garden room together with hot tub shelter. This modern looking garden building also features a large 4 x 2m garden storage shed. This multifunctional garden building requires only 6 x 8m space in your garden and therefore is also…

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Holiday in Your Backyard – Summerhouse Decor Ideas for Those Who Love to Travel 28.10.2019

Having a backyard in this day and age is a pretty huge thing. Most of us live in bustling cities that are slowly but surely getting engulfed by concrete buildings. Therefore, a backyard or a garden, as small as they might be, are often considered to be a blessing. If you’re also lucky enough to…

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Make an Outdoor Office Space in Your Own Yard for an Extra Relaxing Working Experience 17.10.2019

Working from home requires a certain mindset, as it does come with its own set of challenges. There’s the food, the couch, the TV, your family, and of course, your bed, all of which can hinder your productivity and cause you to lose your focus, and usually end up costing you time. When people leave…

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