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  • SKU G0025

    Large Garden Log Cabin Manchester 31m² / 58mm / 5,3 x 7,4 m

    513x968 cm
  • SKU G0003

    Large Garden Log Cabin Liverpool 26m² / 58mm / 5,3 x 5,3 m

    513x694 cm

Residential Log Cabins

Residential log cabins are versatile structures that can be used for pretty much anything, including as extra bedrooms, guest bedrooms, granny annexes, and even as temporary and permanent homes. If you’ve reached our website, you are probably considering investing in the very best residential log cabins UK has to offer. Most of our clients that buy a log cabin home opt for having it installed in their garden or at the back of an existing property. This is the easiest way to do it as makes the whole planning process and the installation process much easier. Our kits are also a great option if you’ve identified a site, but don’t have the funds to build a conventional house yet. The good news is that whether you want to install a log cabin home in your backyard or somewhere else, log cabin home kits are affordable options that come with many benefits and that also make great investments.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Residential Log Cabin?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and more sustainable way of living, our products are great options. Over the years, we’ve noticed that a lot of people feel the urge to be closer to nature and to try a more traditional lifestyle. Slow living is becoming more and more popular and through our log cabin home kits, we aim to encourage our clients to slow down and enjoy life more. Living in a log cabin can become a life-changing experience and it can help you appreciate a simple and relaxing way of life.

Having a residential log cabin in the UK comes with many benefits. These versatile structures can become permanent places of residence if you add insulation and if you put some time and effort into creating a comfortable, year-round living environment. Here are some notable advantages of buying a log cabin home:

  • Building a log cabin home is more affordable than building a conventional house.
  • Installing a log cabin home is a fast process, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new home in just a few days.
  • Log cabin homes are sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Heating a log cabin is easy and won’t cost a lot of money.
  • Log cabins are cosy and have attractive designs.
  • By living in a log cabin home you’ll feel closer to nature.

Can You Live in a Log Cabin Home Permanently?

Log cabins can become permanent places of residence if you choose the right type of cabin. As mentioned above, it’s important to put some time and effort into creating a comfortable space that can be used through all the seasons. There are a few very important aspects that need to be considered when choosing the right log cabin kit such as the size, the location, the layout, and of course, the insulation.


This depends a lot on what you plan on doing with your log cabin home and what your needs and preferences are. Your budget is an important factor as well because smaller log cabins are more affordable than large log cabin homes. If you don’t have a lot of space or a big budget, we offer many convenient products such as the Sweden C log cabin with bedroom and bathroom. If you have a lot of free space and your budget allows, you can opt for a large log cabin with a bedroom and bathroom, such as our three-bedroom log cabin cottage Hansa Holiday G or our two-bedroom summerhouse Dune. Choosing a smaller log cabin comes with a few notable benefits such as lower maintenance costs and is easy to keep warm during the cold winter months. Larger log cabin homes have plenty of benefits as well. They are multi-purpose and you get to enjoy a lavish cabin with many rooms that you can use as you wish, so you don’t have to limit yourself to having just one bedroom.

Adding insulation

If you want to be cosy in your log cabin and to use it all year long, it’s important to thermally insulate it. Using a thermally-insulated bedroom cabin year-round is perfectly possible as long as you make sure that it is properly insulated. All of our products can be equipped with insulation as we offer insulation packages for the roof and for the floors. It is important to mention that our large cabins have 70mm or 92mm walls which require extra insulation. So, in addition to adding the floor and roof insulation kits to your shopping cart, you need to consider insulating the walls with additional insulation materials and cladding.

Our timber cabins are equipped with double glazed windows and doors that are known to have many benefits such as providing better insulation, noise reduction, reduced energy bills, increased security, and little condensation. For bespoke residential log cabin homes, we can also offer ‘twin skin’ walls (two layers of walls that have a gap in-between where extra insulation is added). Twin skin walls will reduce the costs of your electricity bills as they offer similar thermal insulation as solid walls.

Planning Permission

Before you invest in a bedroom cabin, it’s important to do some research and to find out whether planning permission is required for your project. This process isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but it’s important to check UK’s planning portal in order to avoid buying or building something only to find out that you have to apply retrospectively, to relocate, or to make costly changes. Here are some important details about planning permission that it’s important to remember when choosing a residential log cabin in the UK.

Whether or not your log cabin requires planning permission depends on how big the cabin is, where it will be located, and what you plan on using it for.

It’s highly recommended to check with your local council because planning permissions can vary by area. But, in general, standalone cabin kits that are used as self-contained accommodation require planning permission.

What types of residential log cabins don’t require planning permission?

If you want to buy a log cabin that doesn’t require planning permission, you’ll need to choose one that is single-storey, doesn’t exceed a maximum height of 4 meters (for buildings with apex roof), 3 meters for other types of roof, and a maximum eaves height of 2.5 meters. Also, the log cabin can’t have verandas, raised platforms, or balconies that are more than 0.3 meters high, and it shouldn’t take up more than 50% of your outdoor space.

As a general rule, log cabins that don’t exceed 2.5 meters high can be placed anywhere in your garden and as close as your fence line or other boundaries without requiring planning permission. Log cabins taller than 2.5 meters need to be placed at least 2 meters away from your fence line or boundary. So, small garden log cabins that are meant for non-residential uses don’t usually require planning permission. But before having any type of log cabin installed in your garden, it is always wise to check the local building regulations and to update your neighbours as well.

We Offer the Best Residential Log Cabins UK Has to Offer

We offer a vast assortment of log cabin homes for sale in the UK that comes in many different styles and sizes ranging from small cosy to lavish and luxurious. In terms of design, we offer products with a traditional design that are perfect for those who appreciate classic architecture as well as contemporary ones that are perfect for clients who prefer modern architecture. All of our products feature some basic components such as double-glazed windows and doors, toughened glass, tilt-turn systems, and solid walls and optional floor and roof insulation kits. To fully enjoy your cabin, it’s important to choose one based on your family’s needs and preferences.

One Bedroom Residential Log Cabins for Sale in the UK

Small bedroom cabins with one bedroom are perfect if you need one bedroom and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. A small garden pod is a cosy space where you can rest and relax. We offer a wide range of small one-bedroom log cabins.

Two-Bedroom Residential Log Cabins for Sale in the UK

Two-bedroom cabins are perfect for couples and families who desire more space. A two-bedroom log cabin home kit is just as easy to install as a one-bedroom one, but it does require slightly more space. Our residential two-bedroom cabins are comfortable and come in many different layouts and designs.

Three Bedroom Residential Log Cabins for Sale in the UK

If you have a large family, a lot of friends, or simply wish to invest in a very timber home, a three-bedroom cabin might be the perfect investment for you. Our three-bedroom log cabin kits are affordable and very comfortable for permanent living.

Log Cabins with Sleeping Loft

We also offer a wide range of bedroom cabins with sleeping lofts that have an attractive design and that allow you to maximize the space. A garden room with a loft can be built on a smaller footprint while also offering plenty of room for beds, so it’s a perfect option if you don’t have a lot of space available in your outdoor area, but wish to have as much living space as possible.

Bespoke Projects for Residential Log Cabin Homes in the UK

If you like our models but can’t seem to find the perfect one, you’ll be happy to learn that all of our products can be upgraded, modified, or additionally tailored to suit your needs and preferences. If you want to combine features from two different products, or if you have specific ideas on how the perfect residential log cabin should look like, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to work with you and to help you build your dream home. Many of our clients ask us to install additional carports or garages, or even sheds and bathrooms, so the options are not limited to the designs that are currently for sale in our shop. We are open to suggestions are excited to hear from you! Want to learn more about the best residential log cabins the UK has to offer? You can always contact our experts by e-mail at or you can give us a call at 020 3807 0369. Our lines are open on weekdays from 9 a.m to 5.30 p.m and weekends from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. You can also visit our Devon display site which is in The Cider Press Center of Dartington Estate.