Bestselling Garden Log Cabins


We have put together this short list to highlight our most successful and bestselling modern garden buildings and maybe even inspire you! Whether you are looking for a garden office to work in or a trendy garden room to relax in, our cabins can be a fantastic addition to your outside space. All of these 10 log cabins as well as most of our other garden buildings have been designed for self-assembly and can be installed within 2-4 days.

Log cabin paula with shed Paula
The Paula summer house has three functions in one very affordable garden building. It’s been designed for smaller gardens, where there is just not enough space for a separate shed, garden room and a shelter. The Paula cabin is a seasonal garden building with single glazed windows and sturdy 40mm wall planks that make this summer house stable and long lasting.
Summer House with Sauna Hansa Lounge XXL Hansa Lounge XXL
The Hansa Lounge XXL is an upgraded and increased version of Paula summerhouse. With more space for storage, a large 15m2 room for your hobbies or using as an office the Hansa lounge XXL is extremely versatile. As well as this there is a great space outdoors for BBQs and Al Fresco dining. This stylish garden log cabin has double glazed windows and can easily been used for most of the year or even all year around if you do a little insulation.
3-Room Log Cabin Garden Guesthouse Oscar Oscar
The Oscar log cabin was originally designed for a family who were building their home and were looking for a temporary space to live at a low cost. After they moved in to their new home, this large garden building was redesigned as a garden TV room and one bedroom is now used to offer an overnight room for visiting friends.
Medium Sized Garden Log Cabins Jacob D
Jacob D is a seasonal garden room with single glazed windows. It is a one-day task for our assembly team to install the Jacob D cabin and should not take more than 2-3 days if you planning self-assembly. Large windows and glazing in the double French doors open a fantastic view to your garden. With this great cabin you can sit back and relax in peace, while leaving all PCs and TVs back in the house!
Garden office Hansa Lounge XL Hansa Lounge XL
The Hansa Lounge XL is one of our most stylish garden buildings and one of the most popular log cabins among our customers. Sturdy 44mm wall logs and double glazed windows are all included in the standard kit. After insulating its floor and roof, this cabin is good to use all year around, whether you are looking for a garden office or a cozy place in your garden, this cabin is perfect.
Contemporary Garden Log Cabin with Veranda Lucas E Lucas E with Veranda
The Lucas E cabin has equal 3x3m space inside and outside. The room and veranda are conveniently connected with sliding doors, which allow you to use all the terrace space without the need to leave space for doors to open. Garden room and hot tub shelter, summer kitchen and outdoor dining area or a bar and BBQ, are the most popular combinations of how our cutomers use the Lucas E cabin with veranda.
Spacious Garden Office Barbados Barbados
The Barbados is a large 4 x 6 m garden log cabin with sturdy 44mm walls and double glazed windows. All our log cabins with 44mm thick walls have metal storm braces inserted throughout the entire wall as well as supporting metal rods to add more strength to the cabin. The Barbados is definitely worthy of consideration if you are looking for a garden gym and workout room or an office with plenty of daylight.
Modern Summer House Jacob E Jacob E
The Jacob E garden room was designed for people who like “minimalist“ design and simple lines. To our suprise, this simple looking garden building was very warmly welcomed by our customers throughout Germany, UK and Austria. The Jacob E garden log cabin comes with our premium sliding doors, which are very convenient to keep open during warmer times of the year and won’t slam in the wind.
Garden office Summerhouse Hansa Lounge Hansa Lounge
The Hansa Lounge garden log cabin is the top selection among our customers who are looking for a stylish garden office. It fits ideally in the corner of your garden and this cabin can be assembled as it looks in the picture or the other way around, with veranda on the right hand side. A home office will free you up from rental costs and the investment will most probably pay off within a year’s time.
Summer House Ian A Ian A
And finally we would like to introduce you to the Ian A, 4 x 5m garden log cabin. With extra thick 50mm wall planks and double glazed windows, this cabin is very stable, long lasting and resistant to weather changes. This spacious cabin offers a great space for relaxing or by adding a pool table, bar and a big screen TV for sports, it can easily be transformed in to your very own man cave!

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