Affordable Garden Room for so many good reasons

Log Cabin Hansa Office
Log cabin garden room  – all stages from planning to completion Building a garden room to get more use out of your garden and spending more time there instead of routine evenings and weekends home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to have more fun and joy with your family. Outdoor cooking, Alfresco dining, hot tub bathing, playing billiards, fitness workouts or maybe even a home sauna are just few good .

Garden Room Eva E with Veranda

Having a cozy summer house gives you the perfect excuse to spend more time in your garden instead of sitting home in front of the TV, PC or video games! By building an Eva E cabin with veranda you can create a peaceful oasis in your garden for relaxing and reading your favorite books, set up a garden kitchen with outdoor dining area, create a garden lounge with hot tub shelter and the list goes .

New “Hansa Line” Wooden Garages

Modern Garage D with Up and Over Door
We are happy to introduce you to our new „Hansa Line“ wooden garages. The development of these modern looking wooden structures was inspired by the huge success of our NEW look „Hansa Line“ garden log cabins. If you are looking for a garage, large storage room, spacious DIY room or an „all in one“ trendy log structure then our brand new wooden garage models are definitely worth looking at.

Building a Garden Room with Large Veranda and Storage Room

Garden Log Cabin Hansa Lounge XXL
We are happy to share a few photos from one of last week’s installations. The Hansa Lounge XXL summer house with generous 4x2m storage room and large veranda is one of our bestselling multifunctional log cabins. This modern looking log cabin could be a true friend in your garden. Large 4x4m garden room has 2 panorama windows to enjoy the view of your garden, good outdoors space under a canopy for BBQs and Alfresco .

Summer house Sophia

Summer House Sophia in Isle of Wight
We love hearing from our happy customers and seeing their pictures! For us, it brings the biggest satisfaction and really drives us to keep up the good work and try even harder. We are absolutely delighted with how Jasmine’s summer house Sophia looks on the large wooden decking and very thankful for her kind words and photos.

Wooden Garage: An Inexpensive and Stylish Haven for Your Car!

Wooden DIY garden buildings are the most affordable garden buildings and have the quickest assembly time. A wide range of models and many different design options, offer something for everybody when looking for a timber structure. Wood is also a very envirmonentally friendly building material, since it is a 100% renenewable source from nature. People in the northern countries, where the best wood comes from, love and take good care of their forests. Millions .

Garden Room Decoration

The really cool thing about wooden garden buildings, is that there is so much more that you can do after it has been assembled. For example, you can use different colours to really change the appearance. Coating walls with one color and using different colors for window frames, parapets, doors and other small components can give a really great effect. Hanging some flowers or plants, wall sconce candle holders and using any other decorations .

Bestselling Garden Log Cabins

3-Room Log Cabin Garden Guesthouse Oscar
We have put together this short list to highlight our most successful and bestselling modern garden buildings and maybe even inspire you! Whether you are looking for a garden office to work in or a trendy garden room to relax in, our cabins can be a fantastic addition to your outside space. All of these 10 log cabins as well as most of our other garden buildings have been designed for self-assembly and can .

Log Cabin Classroom as a Day Nursery

Log Cabin Childcare Day Nursery
If you are launching a small family business and opening a day care centre then you’ll need to make every penny of your investment count. Jude used a space in her garden and bought one of our largest log cabins- The Log Cabin Classroom building. Her Log Cabin was delivered within 8 weeks from placing the order, installation and insulation took another week and her day nursery was opened September 1st! The Log Cabin .

Eva E Garden TV Room with Hot Tub

Eva E Garden TV Room with Hot Tub
If you happen to have a 3x7m free space in your garden, here is one idea of what you could do with it. Our lovely Scottish customers fitted out a cozy garden room to relax in and used the veranda for a hot tub. The Eva E cabin with veranda can be bought for as little as £3990 including home delivery, but enjoying your favorite TV shows or sports channel, while luxuriating outdoors in .

Bestselling Garden Rooms in the UK in 2016

Our high season has crossed its midway mark and we are delighted to share with you our trendiest cabins this summer. First of all, we are very happy that our new 2016 garden room models with verandas for Al Fresco dining and hot tubs were welcomed very warmly by our customers with 5 of them making the top 10. Secondly, another big change this year is that we have noticed the growing demand for .

How to choose the right Garden Log Cabin at Summerhouse24

Summer House with Shed Robin
We have put together a few tips to help you in choosing the right garden building for you. We will also explain some important features that affect the cabin price and why some garden buildings that look similar on first sight, have remarkably different price tags. Finally we will highlight some useful optional extras that may be of interest to you and worth considering. Size and Uses Before we go in to technical details, .