The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes When Building a Summerhouse

Top 10 Mistakes Building a Summerhouse
There are many reasons to build or erect a summerhouse. Summerhouses have become more and more popular in the UK for a variety of reasons. However, the road to such a wonderful garden building can be rough and full of snares. So we have collected the 10 most common mistakes when building a garden building, like a summerhouse. We try to cover self construction as well as erection of a pre-engineered summerhouse. While many .

Top 10 Uses of a Summerhouse

Garden SPA and Sauna Cabin
You may have had the idea to build a summerhouse or a garden pavilion, a wooden garage or any wooden garden building as an extension of the space of your main building for some time. What you might not have considered is, that most garden buildings undergo multiple uses and so we would like to introduce the top 10 of uses of a summerhouse to you, so you might get inspired about how a .

Early Spring- The best time to buy a summer house

Summer House Sophia
May, June and July are traditionally the busiest months for most log cabin retailers. The number of daily orders takes off like a sky rocket in the second half of April. This is because so many people are full of the joys of Spring and want get ready to maximise outdoor living throughout the summer and in to the autumn. Following in this short blog we would like to point out a few good .

Getting Ready for Summer

Getting Ready for Summer
How to Plan For a New Garden Log Cabin or Garden Room from Our New Improved Portfolio If you are thinking to use a garden building like a garden log cabin, a summer house, a wooden garage or a garden room this summer, the time to order would be now. What are the reasons for this? Now, apart from us having designed a whole new range of garden buildings, garden summer houses, garages, sheds .

New Garden Rooms and Log Cabins for 2017 season

Large Corner Garden Room with Veranda Hansa B
Winter months are traditionally the time when we work out and launch new log cabin models before the spring comes and the new season kicks off. Usually we add 15-20 new garden buildings and log cabins every winter. This winter has been extremely productive and fruitful for us. We have managed to develop an entire new range of modern wooden garages, new 92mm “Holiday Line“ large log cabins with brand new German made Roto .

Lucas E with veranda and 3x3m shed annex.

  If you are looking at our numerous cabins and designs, then it is good to know that you can always request changes to our standard cabins. For example, our customer Graham chose our 9m2 Lucas E garden room with 3x3m veranda, but he was also in need of space for garden storage. Instead of selling him a garden room and a garden storage shed, we designed a 3x3m shed annex that connects perfectly .

The Advantages of a Wooden Garage

Modern Wooden Garage F
Home for Your Car Plus Dry and Save Storage Space A wooden garage is a versatile, affordable building with high aesthetic qualities and these are just three of the many reasons, why wooden garages have gained more and more popularity in Great Britain. As the the name suggests, parking your car in it is one of the main purposes but most garages also offer the necessary space to store car accessories as winter tyres, .

Affordable Garden Room for so many good reasons

Log Cabin Hansa Office
Log cabin garden room  – all stages from planning to completion Building a garden room to get more use out of your garden and spending more time there instead of routine evenings and weekends home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to have more fun and joy with your family. Outdoor cooking, Alfresco dining, hot tub bathing, playing billiards, fitness workouts or maybe even a home sauna are just few good .

Garden Room Eva E with Veranda

Having a cozy summer house gives you the perfect excuse to spend more time in your garden instead of sitting home in front of the TV, PC or video games! By building an Eva E cabin with veranda you can create a peaceful oasis in your garden for relaxing and reading your favorite books, set up a garden kitchen with outdoor dining area, create a garden lounge with hot tub shelter and the list goes .

New “Hansa Line” Wooden Garages

Modern Garage D with Up and Over Door
We are happy to introduce you to our new „Hansa Line“ wooden garages. The development of these modern looking wooden structures was inspired by the huge success of our NEW look „Hansa Line“ garden log cabins. If you are looking for a garage, large storage room, spacious DIY room or an „all in one“ trendy log structure then our brand new wooden garage models are definitely worth looking at.

Building a Garden Room with Large Veranda and Storage Room

Garden Log Cabin Hansa Lounge XXL
We are happy to share a few photos from one of last week’s installations. The Hansa Lounge XXL summer house with generous 4x2m storage room and large veranda is one of our bestselling multifunctional log cabins. This modern looking log cabin could be a true friend in your garden. Large 4x4m garden room has 2 panorama windows to enjoy the view of your garden, good outdoors space under a canopy for BBQs and Alfresco .

Summer house Sophia

Summer House Sophia in Isle of Wight
We love hearing from our happy customers and seeing their pictures! For us, it brings the biggest satisfaction and really drives us to keep up the good work and try even harder. We are absolutely delighted with how Jasmine’s summer house Sophia looks on the large wooden decking and very thankful for her kind words and photos.

Wooden Garage: An Inexpensive and Stylish Haven for Your Car!

Wooden DIY garden buildings are the most affordable garden buildings and have the quickest assembly time. A wide range of models and many different design options, offer something for everybody when looking for a timber structure. Wood is also a very envirmonentally friendly building material, since it is a 100% renenewable source from nature. People in the northern countries, where the best wood comes from, love and take good care of their forests. Millions .