The 10 Greatest Advantages of a Garden Log Cabin – Part I

Garden Log Cabin Part I
Garden log cabins have become more and more popular in the UK in recent years and you not only find them in gardens but also on construction sites, in companies, on camping sites, on allotment garden areas, or anywhere in nice natural environments as holiday apartments. Although a garden log cabin offers a broad variety of possible usages, we would like to cover only garden log cabins in the private garden during the following .

Garden Sheds and Small Summer Houses in the UK – Usefulness and Maintenance of Value

Small Summer Houses
A garden shed, a small summer house or summer house shed can be found in evermore gardens in the UK. The shape and size of these buildings designed as storage space for gardening tools and machinery is often different from garden houses built to accommodate people most often by size. These garden sheds are in the UK often quite small, like under 4 sq m, they have no windows in order to maximize the .

Ken’s Garden Room “The Eva E with Veranda”

Garden summer house with Veranda Eva E
We are happy to share photos and nice feedback from our customer Ken, who has just completed assembly of his new garden room “The Garden summer house with Veranda Eva E”. It took about 3 to 4 weeks to complete. This isn’t a criticism but it did take longer than I expected. I was very fortunate and had good weather for pretty much all of the build. My brother helped for the first two .

A Summer House with Veranda – Holiday in Your Own Garden

Summer houses come in all shapes and sizes and the decision if to purchase one with or without a veranda surely involves some kind of vision about what you would like to use your new summer house for. No hard decisions are necessary though, because experience has shown that the originally assigned purpose can change with time and evolution of personal needs and ideas may occur. So if you plan to use the summer .

Garden Office will Improve your Creativity and Motivation

Garden Office
A garden office is often the better option for many who are working at home. The tranquillity of the own garden enables concentration and creativity, whereas work at the main house is too often interrupted by everyday stuff like ringing door bells, ringing phones, family members requiring attention or other kinds of distractions. For the rising number of people working from home, a garden office is the solution to crowded spaces at home, where .

10 advantages of a garden sauna cabin

10 Advantages of a Garden Sauna Cabin
A fountain of health And relaxation Be it a garden sauna cabin, a summerhouse with sauna, a full grown garden gym & SPA centre or just a simple small sauna shed: What ever make or size you prefer; it’s what a sauna can do to your physical health and your mental and physical relaxation that really counts. Imagine doing sauna in the beauty of your own garden: How nice would it be to sit .

Garden Summer Houses – the Best Tips to Make them Cosy and Inhabitable

Summer House
Garden summer houses are becoming more and more popular in the UK because they provide a valuable extension of living space for a comparably small budget and they use the private and picturesque background of your own garden to become a space to live in. Whether you plan to use this new space as a room for your hobby, a guest room, an office, a meditation retreat for yourself or a teenager’s den, you .

How to Make your Wooden Log Cabin Durable

Log Cabin
Buildings built from timber, like wooden log cabins can potentially last for many centuries. In Northern Europe or Japan, where building with timber is more common, there are many wooden buildings with ages of more than 1000 years. Can your wooden log cabin last that long, too? The answer is: Why not? Dry timber is almost unaffected by the years. Or to say it the other way round: Wood needs moisture to rot. So .

10 things you can do to help wild birds around the summerhouse

Help Wild Birds Around The Summerhouse
With spring nearly over and summer arriving in the garden around your summerhouse, the weather is warming up nicely and while spending more time outside and in the garden, you will probably have noticed a lot of bird activity. During the relatively short period of warmer weather birds need to raise their young, and eat as much as they can in order to prepare for the exhausting business of raising their offspring. Some species .

Garden Room Jacob E delivered and installed

Garden Room Jacob E with Veranda
The Jacob E log cabin with veranda (£4290) is a combination of a 4x3m garden room and 3x3m veranda. Three tall windows open up a good view to your garden and let plenty of day light in. Room and veranda are conveniently connected with sliding doors so that you can keep them open during warm summer days without being afraid of them slamming in the wind. Sturdy 44mm wall planks, double glazed doors and .

Small Garden Sauna Cabin

Small Graden Sauna Cabin
Martin’s sauna cabin is up and tested and we are pleased to receive positive feedback: “Just wanted to say thanks for your help during and after the purchase of our sauna cabin, we are very happy with it. We decided to roof it with Western red cedar shingles for a slightly different look. Still some work to do but it has gone together brilliantly. Martin“ The “Lisette“ sauna cabin is one of our most .

Your Very Own Garden SPA and Sauna Cabin

Garden Summer House with Sauna
We have installed another Hansa Sauna Lounge cabin for another SPA and sauna fan. The Hansa Sauna Lounge is a combination of a proper 2x2m Finnish sauna cabin for 3-4 bathers, separate 2x2m shower room, spacious 15m2 garden room and a large veranda for BBQs or placing a hot tub. This cabin has full sauna room equipment included in the standard kit as well as double glazed doors and windows. Building this garden SPA .

Gazebos, Arbours, Pergolas, Hexagonal and Octagonal Summerhouses – The Prettier Siblings of the Four-Sided Summerhouse?

BBQ Hut Seattle 9m2
Well, as the function of some of those, as for example arbours or pergolas are so much different from a classical summerhouse, it might be wrong to call them “siblings” even though they are all meant to provide some place to rest in the garden and mostly they are made from wood. So you might call them that. But are they really prettier?  Well many wooden garden buildings are pretty pretty these days. If .

New Garden Houses Installed in 2017

Garden log cabin
Our prime season is well underway and for the past few months we have already been busy delivering and installing garden rooms and summer houses. All our bestselling garden buildings with large verandas and a modern look, continue to be our customers preference and we are very happy that all our new garden houses and garden sauna models for 2017 have been very warmly welcomed by our German, UK, Austrian and Swiss customers. Our .

How to Set Up a Garden Office in the Summer House

Log Cabin Hansa Office
Would you not like to work in your own garden office? But how to set up one in your garden to enjoy the bliss of every morning comfort? With the increased popularity of flexible working in recent years, it’s no wonder more and more employees are taking advantage of their right to request it. As well as employees, employers also recognise the various business benefits of flexible working such as increased morale, productivity, creativity, .