Small Summer House Anita

We have just finished with another display cabin at our show site in Dartington. This DIY log cabin was installed within a day and coated with Remmers HK Lasur. Anita M outer dimensions are 2,5 x 2,5 meters (8′ 2” x 8′ 2”) and it has 5 m2 of space inside. This garden building is also widely used as a garden storage shed. Click here to view this sturdy cabin:

Summer, garden, garden house with terrace …

Garden house Nora E with terrace
Spring is here, summer is almost here and we are almost there with our new 2016 garden house collection! Taking last season’s trends in to consideration, we have designed 20 new garden houses, all of them with a large terrace to offer you maximum joy and comfort in your garden! Let us introduce you to our newest addition, the Nora E garden house. This summer house with its large 9m2 terrace is one of .

Find the right Modern Summer House for you, quickly and easyily

Log Cabins Nora E and Lucas E ground plans
Modern summer houses have been one of the hottest trends in our industry over last few seasons and this trend does not show any signs of cooling down. Nowadays, wood processing technologies enable us to produce more and more different design solutions without affecting the price of a garden building. For a quicker and more convenient search, we have created “Contemporary Garden Rooms” category for the Uk’s gardeners, who are looking for trendy garden .

Sunroom Technologies

A sunroom is an area that is attached or combined into a home, office, restaurant, or other building. They usually have lots of windows to allow sunlight and enjoyment of the outdoors while still sheltering their inhabitants from weather conditions.  These sun spaces serve three main purposes: a source of heat, an area to grow plants, and a relaxing space. Technologies Sunrooms have overgone many technological advances since they were first developed during the .

How to buy the right Wood Fired Hot Tub for you

How to buy the right Wood Fired Hot Tub for you
Wood fired hot tubs are mostly used in home gardens and holiday cottages. They are a less expensive alternative to standard outdoor whirlpool systems such as Jacuzzi©. Traditional wood fired hot tubs don’t have fancy lighting systems, hydro jets or massage systems, they are made to enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings while relaxing in hot water. Recommended bathing temperature is around  35°C, but it depends on your personal preferences. Hot tub .

Build your own garden office fast and inexpensively

Garden Office Hansa Lounge
More and more people are becoming self employed and need an office. A Home office instead of renting a space in a business center will free you from rental costs and give you a more flexible and economic alternative. A Home office in the garden is one of the best options to create a peaceful and comfortable working place, away from all the hustle and bustle at home. Click here to view our full .

4 New Storage Sheds for 2016

4 New Storage Sheds for 2016
We are proud to introduce you to the latest additions to our range of garden storage sheds. The new “Andy” line consists of four premium quality, large storage sheds, made from slow grown Nordic spruce. All four storage sheds come with sturdy 28mm thick walls. Floor boards, impregnated foundation beams, cylinder lock, wind braces and roofing felt are all included in the standard price! The smallest one, the Andy S, is 8’x6′ (2,5x2m) storage .

TOP 7 Bestselling Contemporary Garden Rooms in 2015

“Contemporary garden room” has been the name of the game in 2015. Modern looking garden buildings are gaining popularity among the English, German, Austrian and Swiss gardeners. We understand that many people are tired of looking at the same old style of traditional wooden summer houses and garden offices and would like to be able to buy something different and something new. Trendy looking log cabins are our top priority in 2016. We will .

New Garden Summer Houses & Sheds for 2016

New summer house models for 2016
The winter period for us, has always been the time to take stock of the previous season, make improvements to our services and product enhancements as well as developing new summer houses for the upcoming season. Taking 2015 trends and feedback from our clients into consideration, we have been focusing on the following garden log cabins for the 2016 season: Large wooden storage sheds Workshop sheds for gardens Contemporary garden rooms and modern garden .

BBQ huts for gardens. All year round BBQ season

Grillkota BBQ Hut
What is a Grillkota (Finnish BBQ Hut) and where do they come from? BBQ huts are among other great things like saunas, Nokia, ice skates, Santa Claus and Angry Birds that Finland has given us! Grillkota, the Finnish BBQ huts have their origin in the Arctic Lapland of Finland. BBQ Huts, also called Grillkotas and Barbeque Lodges, are very widely used garden buildings in Finland and Scandinavia. These buildings have been used for a .

Wooden storage sheds and workshop sheds

Log Cabin Double Shed Fred
Gardening tools, BBQ’s, garden furniture, bikes and other kinds of sports equipment are among the most common things to find requiring storage in UK gardens. These useful assets need a safe place to be stored when not in use or out of season. For a stylish solution to this issue,  you should consider a wooden garden shed. A wooden bike shed, storage shed or a workshop shed is a great ammenity for any garden .

Michael and his family’s outdoor Sauna cabin

Sauna Cabin Paula
Michael recently bought our most popular family sized sauna cabin “Paula” for his family to enjoy. Instead of self assembly they decided to use our installation services. They chose Remmer HK Stain in Teak for protecting the sauna cabin on the outside and a Harvia Moderna stove model for heating the sauna. Now, sauna bathing is one of their favorite ways to spend time all together, and enjoy their garden more than ever. They .

How to build a Finnish Sauna Cabin fast and inexpensively

Sauna Cabin Paula
Click here to see our best sauna cabins to buy or check our full range of garden SPA products DIY log cabins are the easiest and cheapest way to build your own sauna in your garden. Flat pack log cabins are supplied with prefabricated parts, fixings, all sauna room components as well as very detailed assembly instructions. All wooden details are numbered. Self assembly requires two people and takes no more than 2-3 days. .

10 useful tips about wooden summer houses and sheds before you buy

10 useful tips about wooden summer houses and sheds before you buy
You can see our full range of garden log cabins and summer houses by clicking here. Building regulations and planning permission “My garden and my rules” is unfortunately not exactly the way it works with setting up a summer house or any other building in your garden. Whether you need to apply for a planning permit or not depends on the size and height of the building, ways of use, location in the garden .