Log Cabins With a Wood Stove or a Fireplace

Log cabins with a wood stove or a fireplace
A log cabin with a country-style design as well as in contemporary styles always profits a lot from an open fireplace or at least a wood burning stove with a glass door or glass walls that let the fire shine through. Just as log cabins are an ideal home for nature lovers, for people who want to thrive in a natural environment, a visible fire is the ancient traditional method of heating up a .

Wooden Summerhouses – Which Kind is Best For You?

Wooden Summerhouses – Which Kind is Best For You?
Wooden summerhouses are a booming part of the economy for several reasons: First of all, gardening becomes more and more popular. Growing your own organic, healthy, and pesticide-free food is just one motivation. Studies that have proven that gardening can improve a variety of physical and mental disorders have been published, and, last but not least, a garden offers the opportunity to create something that shows your style and makes a statement about your .

Wooden Double Garages – A Worthwhile Investment

Wooden Double Garages – A Worthwhile Investment
Double garages are trending for several reasons. First of all: nowadays it is difficult to find a family with less than two cars as often times both partners are working. In other cases one partner has to take the children to school, do shopping etcetera while the money earning partner has commuted to his workplace in the other car. So with the numbers of cars per household constantly increasing, it is not surprising that .

An Insulated Garden Office – A New Way to Work

Insulated Garden Office
Working from an insulated garden office instead of a desk crammed somewhere into a room of your house that has originally been dedicated to other purposes, like a bedroom, or a living room certainly has some advantages to you and the quality of work that you can provide as well as to the house and the rooms that will be tidier and less crammed as soon as you have moved into your own garden .

Winter Vegetables at the Garden Shed

Winter Vegetables at the Garden Shed
Late August and September is harvesting-time around the garden shed. Luckily, harvests were good in many gardens and will continue to be that. Harvesting and conserving excess products that cannot be eaten or cooked on the spot is a lot of work that keeps the gardener busy. Days are getting shorter and for many, this time means that the gardening season is already closing in. However, for many more experienced gardeners this season’s chores .

Ideal DIY Wooden Cabin for Camping / Glamping Sites or Holiday Rentals with quick return on investment.

Hansa Holiday Camping Cabin
We are delighted to have recently delivered and installed three of our new 20m2 “Hansa Holiday Camping Cabins”. Each holiday cabin has three rooms, a 10m2 living room with a small bedroom and separate toilet / shower room, as well as a 3 x 3m veranda from which to enjoy breakfast and evening drinks. All three cabins were installed in just under two weeks and then had electricity and services connected before the final .

Three Garden rooms, Sauna Cabin and BBQ Hut on display at our site in Totnes, Devon

Garden rooms, Sauna Cabin and BBQ Hut on display at our site in Totnes, Devon 4
Earlier this year we installed another three cabins on our display site in Totnes (Devon) and have completed painting, roofing and decoration works as well as furnishing. The display area and cabins are really looking great. We are excited to show our customers these five very different garden buildings with different wall thicknesses, cabin features, glazing options and roofing types to show examples available for very different reasons and uses. Our display site in .

DIY Log Cabin as Guesthouse

We have delivered and installed a 12m2 DIY log cabin with a 3x3m canopy for our customer Susan. This is a slightly modified garden summer house with canopy Eva E, with sliding doors replaced with double French doors. Everything else is all standard features of the Eva E garden summer house. Standard cabin kit includes 44mm wall planks, impregnated foundation beams, 18mm roof boards, 18mm floor boards, double glazed doors and windows, 4 metal .

Using Our Log Cabins as Classrooms or Kindergartens

Using Our Log Cabins as Classrooms or Kindergartens
Using log cabins or large garden rooms as classrooms, kindergartens, nurseries, studios, or offices is a viable, and very affordable solution. It can be realized short term, but will provide valuable space for a long period into the future. Offices for multiple employees, buildings to house administrations, and classrooms will, of course have to have a certain size, which would extend that of an average summerhouse. Also, the floor plans will have to fit .

Building an Insulated Garden Room or Garden Office

Insulated Garden Room
The majority of Summerhouse24 garden log cabins are used all year around by our customers. Whether you are after a log cabin office to work in, garden gym, yoga room, garden room, snooker room, games room, guest house or a dining room, you still don’t want to limit its use to five or six months a year. Building an Insulated Garden Room or Insulated Garden Office which can be used all year around is .

Building a Playing Field Near the Log Cabin

Building a Playing Field Near the Log Cabin
Log cabins are often used as club houses for sports clubs. Making playing fields suitable for verifiable competitions with other clubs in many team sports be it football, basketball, American football, handball, tennis, badminton, or others requires specialists that know exactly about the exact specifications of the playing fields, possible surfaces, elasticity, how high a ball has to bounce off from the surface and many more specifics that have to be in a certain .

10 FAQ for Garden Sheds in The UK

Garden Sheds UK
The questions that buyers of garden sheds in the UK come up with before they finally decide for a certain model are mostly always the same. One question is, of course, always decided before the other questions arise, and that is the question of what to use the garden shed for. A certain need is the trigger for the whole idea of purchasing a garden shed. Mostly it has to do with limited space .

How to Create a Beautiful Garden Summer House in 5 Simple Steps

Summer House
Garden summer houses have regularly proven to be a good investment for any property owner due to a remarkable increase of property market values for those properties. A cosy outdoor living space makes the whole property so much more desirable that the property value will take an immediate boost. However, how can you create such a building in the best way? What features does it need to really make a difference? How do you .

Build a Granny Annex or Home Extension fast and cost-efficiently

Build a Granny Annex or Home Extension fast and cost-efficiently
Perhaps you have an elderly relative you need to care for or are looking to generate rental income. Or maybe you want to regain your peace and quiet and home noisy teenagers a safe distance away! Need more space? Don’t want to / Can’t move? Read our article about adding a prefabricated log cabin annexes to your home and we may just have the solution for you. Why choose a log cabin for building .