Inhabitable Log Cabins in Tourism and as Main Residence

Inhabitable Log Cabins in Tourism and as Main Residence
Log cabins often pop up during searches for holiday homes, weekend cottages, or hot tub holidays. Compared to the general occurrence looking at main residences, log cabins seem to have a greater prevalence in tourism related homes. Why is this? Favourable prices, quick construction periods, easy maintenance, high value for money ratio? Or is it the special feeling connected to a holiday in a log cabin, the smell of nature, the natural environment, the .

New upgraded cabin doors and windows for 2019

We have made significant upgrades to our cabin doors and windows. These new upgrades have now been launched and will apply to all cabin orders placed from December 2018. After these implementations and upgrades, we can proudly say, that our bestselling 44mm garden rooms and offices as well as all 58-70mm log cabins and timber lodges will be equipped with one of the best, if not the best door and window operating systems that .

A Short History of Log Cabins

History of Log Cabins
Log Cabins have not always been as popular as they are now. During past centuries it seems that it was more important to possess a “modern house” whatever that meant during the respective period. It seemed more important to make an impression with a house that aimed at looking most expensive than having the comfort and cosiness at mind that a log cabin can offer its inhabitants. The conscious abstinence from status symbols and .

Garden Buildings in High Quality

Garden Buildings
Garden buildings tend to become a permanent part of their owner’s daily lives as soon as they are in use for some years. Garden rooms, gazebos and canopies, garden offices, garden sheds, garden saunas, or log cabins: an extra space in the garden, dry, safe, and often times either cosy, very functional, or both will always be welcome to their owners not only to expand the living space that the main house can offer, .

Some Interesting Facts About Our Timber of Choice for Summerhouses – The Nordic Spruce

Some Interesting Facts About Our Timber of Choice for Summerhouses – The Nordic Spruce
From summerhouses over garden sheds, wooden garages or garden saunas to inhabitable log cabins: We build all our wooden buildings from Nordic spruce. More than enough reason, we think, to eventually have a closer look on this kind of timber, and at the tree that we get the timber from. What kind of tree do we build our summerhouses from? Spruces are large, evergreen trees that can be found all over the globe. They .

The 7 Greatest Advantages of Wooden Summer Houses

The 7 Greatest Advantages of Wooden Summer Houses
Wooden summer houses are becoming very popular now worldwide. Originally, they were intended for use during the summer. A simple timber construction would do, usually no heating or insulation would be necessary. Water and electricity would increase the comfort for use during the evenings, for watering the plants or a quick hand-wash after the gardening. However, contemporary wooden summer houses have introduced new features following the popular demand. New usages as guest rooms, holiday .

Large Garden Room D Installed and Insulated

Large Garden Large Garden Room D installed and insulated 1Room D installed and insulated
We have installed and insulated another Garden Room D log cabin for our customer Mr Davids. This large garden room with massive 70mm walls has 38m2 of inner area and is widely used as a snooker room, fitness room, office, dining room at camping sites and country clubs or as a conference room. Our customer used a local building company for laying down concrete pad. Then our fitters completed the cabin installation together with .

Prepare for Winter at the Garden Shed

Prepare for Winter at the Garden Shed
For those with orchards or vegetable gardens, the garden shed might be the centre of dealing with the harvest right now. Boiling down fruits and veggies might be less stressful in the garden shed than in the kitchen. A small camping cooker would do, the conserved goods might just be stored in the garden shed if it is heated or at least frost-free during the winter time. Fermentation containers might foster alcoholic fermentation if .

A Garden Room For Extra Space

A Garden Room For Extra Space
Does your garden have a garden room? And if not, why not? Ask yourself the following questions: Could your home use some more space? Have you ever thought about plans or dreams that you had, but your home was just one room too small to fulfil your dream? Would you like to have a library? A room to store the seeds and garden materials in? A room to hang out in with your friends .

Your Garden Room Comes To Life

Summerhouse24 has launched a fully interactive showroom in virtual reality
Summerhouse24 is proud to have launched its first interactive showroom in virtual reality. One of a kind in the industry, Summerhouse24 is utilising the very latest HTC Vive virtual reality glasses, our customers can now get a real feel for our garden buildings including scale, house measurements, wall thickness, lighting and space. They can walk around inside and out of the building, change the building type, roof style, colour and furniture etc. Learn more: .

A Small Garden Office for Tiny Gardens

Small Garden Office
If you could use a work space, and you have just a tiny garden, we have a range of small garden offices to offer that would fit into the smallest garden. Does your house offer not enough space for you to expand the way you need to become fully productive? A safe and dry room in the garden of just 4m² could serve as a fully functional office space. We have designed several models .

Large Log Cabins – A Lifestyle Choice

Log Cabins
A large log cabin to live in might be your dream log home representing your desire for a carefree, rustic, and laid back lifestyle. For many, this is true, and not only do large log cabins showcase such a lifestyle to the outside with their classical timeless natural looks, they also provide an exceptionally healthy living atmosphere with clean resin-scented air, balanced moisture and temperature inside. During the last decades, log homes have made .

Log Cabins With a Wood Stove or a Fireplace

Log cabins with a wood stove or a fireplace
A log cabin with a country-style design as well as in contemporary styles always profits a lot from an open fireplace or at least a wood burning stove with a glass door or glass walls that let the fire shine through. Just as log cabins are an ideal home for nature lovers, for people who want to thrive in a natural environment, a visible fire is the ancient traditional method of heating up a .