Tips and Tricks for a Romantic Wedding in Your Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms
Summer is here so let’s talk about budget weddings in your garden! That’s right, there’s no need to spend an inordinate amount of money on an expensive location if your house already has a garden or backyard that also happens to be furnished with some garden rooms. With just a few tips and tricks that we have prepared for you below you can turn this space into a veritable ‘Great Gatsby’ setting where you .

How to Turn Your Garden Summer House into a Kitchen

Garden Summer House
The outdoor kitchen is becoming a bigger trend by the minute. Wherever you look on the internet or social media you can see the stories of people who have successfully managed to turn their garden summer house into a kitchen. It could be either because they love to cook or bake or because they want to start a business and they need the dedicated space. No matter the purpose, the truth is that hiring .

Say Hello to Summer in the City – Start with Your Garden Buildings

Say Hello to Summer in the City – Start with Your Garden Buildings
Here’s the fact of the day for you – summer gets incredibly hot in the city. There’s just something about the scalding concrete beneath your feet as you walk every day to and from work and the ripples of heat you can almost see radiating between the tall buildings. That’s when you wish you were somewhere in the countryside, in the open air, with grass under your bare feet. But that’s not possible. Instead, .

Large Garden Room Hansa B – Installed and decorated

Large Garden Rooms
We are delighted to have received a lovely photo with positive feedback from our customer, Alexander. We produced and delivered a 38m2 Large Garden Room Hansa B with 70mm wall thickness, premium German made Roto windows and all our best cabin features for Alexander. Additionally, we supplied a gutter set as well as a floor and roof insulation kit. Outer and inner wood preservatives and paints were bought locally, and a local building company .

How to Clean Your Decking without a Pressure Washer?

10 useful tips about wooden summer houses and sheds before you buy
If you’ve recently made the smart choice of extending and bringing you indoors outside with a trendy decking as part of a wooden log, garden room, wooden office, timber-made shed, veranda or BBQ gazebo, then, most certainly, you will want to learn how best to maintain it and keep it clean without using a pressure washer. However, the wooden surface will inevitably suffer spillages, dust accumulation, water stains and general adverse effects caused by .

Paris in Your Backyard – How to Make Your Garden Rooms Feel Like France

Make Your Own Garden Rooms Feel Like France.
If you’ve ever been to Paris, than you’ve probably noticed that the city is filled with secret gardens. Every single corner you turn, every street you follow to its winding end, every courtyard you cross leads to the same thing. Patches of green that glitter in the Parisian sunlight like molten green gold. So it was only natural to take this wonderful and romantic city and use it as inspiration for your own backyard. .

Decorating My Wooden Summer House – What Flowers are in Season?

Wooden Summer House
April showers bring May flowers? Ok, we’ll stop it with that. But there is no joke or no denying for that matter that seasonal flowers are the best way to go if you want to decorate your wooden summer house. It’s the best option you have for a number of reasons, which we will delve into before we actually list the flowers themselves. Buying seasonal flowers is cheaper, sustainable, and protects the environment. Let’s .

7 Tips on How to Turn Your Insulated Summerhouse into a Guest Bedroom

7 Tips on How to Turn Your Insulated Summerhouse into a Guest Bedroom
There’s a new trend in town and we’re jumping on it! In fact, to be more precise, we want to help you jump on it. It’s the idea of turning your insulated summerhouse or garden shed into a guest bedroom in case you don’t have enough space in the main house. Just think about it! Right now, it’s simply a shell that’s waiting to be transformed into a useful space with only a few .

How to Turn Your Garden Sheds UK into a Pantry – Tips & Benefits

Garden Sheds UK
There are as many DIY projects online as there are stars in the sky. That’s a fact. But the truth is maybe only a handful are truly useful in the sense that you could actually benefit from them in a real-life situation along with your family. This is one of them. Turning your garden sheds UK into well-stocked pantries with non-perishable foods will not only save a lot of space in your main house .

Let’s Talk about Hardscaping and Garden Cabins UK – The Basics

Garden Cabins UK
So you want a garden cabin. We get it. Who wouldn’t? Gardening is now trendier than ever. Plus a lot of people are choosing the comforts of working from home rather than bustling every day through traffic or crowded subways to get to work. You might have also seen some garden cabins UK style and thought just how amazing they would look as a personal space in your backyard. But hold your horses because .

6 Cool Design Ideas for Contemporary Garden Offices

6 Cool Design Ideas for Contemporary Garden Offices
There was a time when work meant proudly putting on a power suit or a tie and going to work every single morning. But times change. And people are now starting to turn their backs on crowded offices full of strangers, traffic that’s impossible to navigate, stuffy subways, dress codes, and having to be away from their family for the best part of the day. And that means one thing – contemporary garden offices. .

Can Bedbugs Infest Wood Furniture? Can You Prevent This And is Your Garden Furniture Safe?

Can Bedbugs Infest Wood Furniture?
Help! I Got Bed Bugs on My Outdoor Furniture Bed bugs have this specific name for a reason. It prompts us to assume that they can be found in our beds only, right? But this can’t be any further from the truth. Truth is, bed bugs can hide in one too many places (“preferably”, near their food source, of course) and can easily infest any type of furniture. This includes outdoor furniture too. Now .

How to Turn Your Garden Rooms into the Perfect She Shed?

Garden Rooms
She sheds appeared at first as the feminine response to man caves. But quickly enough, helped by women’s limitless creativity and magic touch, they turned into fascinating little spots right in your backyard where you can truly feel as if you’re on holiday. Even though all you did was walk through your back door. So we thought we’d put together a series of creative ideas that will help you turn your garden rooms into .