How Much Does Electricity Cost in 2022? 28.09.2022

It’s undeniable that the price of electricity has gone up exponentially in the last few years. In the United Kingdom, consumers are spending 2.5x more on electricity in 2022 than they were at the same time in 2021. What are the influences on the cost of electricity, and how can you minimise your energy spending?…

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Can I put solar panels on my summer house? 07.07.2022

If you’re like most people, you probably use your summer house as a getaway – a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But what if there was a way to make your summer house even more relaxing? What if you could use it as a source of renewable energy?…

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How to Paint a Wooden Garden Shed in 7 Easy Steps 29.06.2022

Painting a garden shed might look like an easy task, especially when you watch DIY videos or when you see your next-door neighbour doing it. If you don’t have a lot of experience with DIY projects, painting might seem like a straightforward job that consists of grabbing a brush, dipping it in paint, applying it…

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10 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Garden House 23.06.2022

Are you curious to learn more about garden houses? These modern outbuildings have become incredibly popular as people discover their many advantages. A garden house is a great investment for many reasons and regardless of where you live and how much space you have in your garden or backyard. In addition to that, garden houses…

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Creative Garden Office Uses from our Clients 16.06.2022

We are huge fans of working from home – we believe that it is an awesome trend and that everyone should enjoy the luxury of working from a comfortable environment. Working from home comes with many benefits, and we’ve already discussed the many benefits of garden offices in our previous articles. However, for many, working…

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Modular design for log houses: what you should know 04.06.2022

Over the years, modular construction has gained a lot of popularity around the world, as it offers solutions to many weaknesses of traditional construction. That being said, it’s not always the right method for every building. Today, we’ll look at the benefits and downsides of modular design and how you can make an informed decision…

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Top 7 Decorating Trends for Kids’ Bedrooms in 2022 25.05.2022

It’s no secret that children’s bedrooms can be a challenge to keep up with the latest trends. And if you’re like most parents, you want your child’s bedroom to be a fun and inviting space where they can relax and sleep soundly. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 7 decorating…

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A Short Guide To Getting A Patio Built For Your Home 16.05.2022

Is your home lacking a cosy outdoor space? Do you have nowhere to sit on a summer’s day when family and friends come over? We have a solution for you. Perhaps it is time to start considering a patio design to add outdoor living space to your house. Undertaking an outdoor project can seem daunting,…

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A Garden Room as a Teen Den 12.05.2022

Garden rooms are often used as garden offices, studios, gyms, and guest bedrooms, but these versatile outbuildings can also be used as teen dens. If you are looking for a garden room, you surely want to create more space for your family, and this is a great way to offer your kids something they’ve always…

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Storage Unit vs Storage Shed – Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantages? 12.05.2022

At Summer House 24 we know how big of a challenge it could be to secure additional storage space. Whether you have a big move coming up or need to declutter some of your stuff, we always need more physical room.

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Top 8 Benefits of Parking Your Car in a Home Garage 22.04.2022

Car parking in a garage seems like an outdated concept these days. Homeowners today are using their garages for various other purposes such as a storage room, home workshop, and even an additional living space. But if you want to protect your newly bought Suzuki Ignis from the harsh outdoor elements and keep it in…

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Quick Guide to Residential Log Cabins UK 20.04.2022

Residential log cabins are a modern solution to modern problems. Built from high-quality materials, equipped with insulation, and designed to fit all needs and purposes, these attractive outbuildings are enjoying a lot of popularity nowadays. Commonly referred to as log cabins or log houses, these structures can now be found under many different names such…

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How to Organize and Declutter Your Garden Shed 28.03.2022

If you are looking for a great solution to keep your home and garden organized and tidy, you should consider investing in a high-quality garden shed. It is a well-known fact that garden sheds can make it easier to protect and organize tools, equipment, and different items that you don’t want to see lying around….

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7 Common Foundation Mistakes to Avoid When Building Garden Log Cabins 25.03.2022

The foundation is the most important part of building a sturdy structure. The main purpose of the foundation is to hold your garden log cabin up. Without it, the whole cabin might sink into the ground unevenly and it might be severely damaged. A good foundation should provide support and should protect the entire building…

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6 Amazing Designs To Keep An Eye Out For When Purchasing A Display Home 15.03.2022

Buying a house can be exciting, and even more so when you purchase a display home. A display home is a great investment property, and depending on the style of the home it can very easily be your dream home. You can contact Buildi to find out more about different display homes. Display homes come…

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