The 5 Best Tips For Saving Energy in the Log Cabin

The 5 Best Tips For Saving Energy in the Log Cabin
Residential log cabins, though cheaply available and quickly built have basic costs, and one of these are costs for energy. Of course, they are dependent on the usage of the log cabin as well as the frequency of usage. If you have a log cabin in the garden as a guest room, a garden sauna, a workshop, if you have built a log cabin somewhere in a nice natural environment for hot tub holidays, .

What Kind of Garden Office is Right For You?

Garden Office
A garden office is a great way to create your own workspace in the inspiring background of your own garden, a way to make some room in your home if you had your workplace crammed in somewhere, or a good start for some self-employed work. The new global village is tightly connected and the need for daily commutes through heavy traffic to an office workplace becomes more and more obsolete. And who would not .

Some Important Advantages of a Wooden Garage

Wooden Garage
The wooden garage is gaining more and more popularity throughout the United Kingdom, and there surely are some reasons to that which we want to explore in the following article. Of course, wooden garages obviously fulfill their main function which is to store the car safely and dry away from pollen, dust, wind, leaves, bird’s feces, rain, hail, snow and out of the reach of thieves. However, there must be some more advantages compared .

Customers’ photos of the Hansa Lounge XL Garden Room

Customers photos of the Hansa Lounge XL Garden Room
The Hansa Lounge XL is one of our bestselling garden rooms. All the cabin components are made from the finest Nordic wood and all doors and windows are double glazed. The walls are made from sturdy 44mm thick planks, with solid floor boards and terrace decking at 28mm thick. The cabin set also includes four metal rods inserted throughout the entire wall in four corners as well as additional strengthening metal rods in some .

Two More Display Cabins in Devon

Display Cabins in Devon 1
Our installation team has finished another two cabins at our display site in Devon. By now our customers can view five popular cabins with 28, 44, 55 and 70 mm wall thickness. Visitors can also see examples of different roof finishes. The Hansa Lounge XL is one of our bestselling garden office buildings. It is also widely used as garden room, studio and ancillary accommodation for visiting friends. This cabin gives you a good .

Prepare Your Garden Shed for the New Gardening Season

Prepare Your Garden Shed for the New Gardening Season
The holidays are over and with the awakening of nature in view, the garden shed commands attention so that it will be perfectly prepared to take the center stage as the logistical  hub for the  upcoming new gardening season. The shed may for some more time during the first months of the year do its duty as garden storage space for the garden furniture, but rather sooner than later you will need some gardening .

Some Early Gardening Around The Summer House This Year

Some Early Gardening Around The Summer House This Year
Have you brought your summer house or your garden shed – whatever it is – in shape for the next garden season yet? If not, read our previous article about how to make your summer house or garden shed fit for spring! As soon as this is done, you might as well start gardening right away. How to work in the garden in late January and February? We will show you some sensible things .

Four NEW Multifunctional Garden Buildings

Garden Room with Shed and Veranda Super Jacob E 18m² / 44mm / 9 x 3 m
We have designed and launched four new log cabins. All of them combine a garden room, 3x3m veranda with 28mm terrace decking and 2x3m storage room in one high quality garden building. The Super Eva and the Super Jacob cabins have 12 m2 rooms for garden living, working or for your hobbies, while the Super Lucas and the Super Nora models are 1m less in width and come with a 9 m2 garden room .

15 Bestselling Garden Rooms in 2017

Garden summer house with Veranda Eva E
Another year for us is in the history books, and here are the fifteen bestselling garden rooms of 2017. Nearly half of the list is made up from our brand-new models, that where only launched last year. As a continuing trend we are seeing more and more larger cabins making the top seller list, as well as a strong and growing demand for thicker walls and double glazing in doors and windows. Garden buildings .

How to Use Your Garden Shed for Your New Year’s Eve Party

How to Use Your Garden Shed for Your New Year's Eve Party
Why should anybody use a garden shed for a party anyway? As a matter of fact, not everybody has a home well suited for parties, and if you have one, why not try something new for New Year’s Eve like a garden party in the middle of winter? Doesn’t sound that comfortable to you? Imagine a heated and nicely furnished garden shed or summerhouse with food and drinks, maybe some hi-fi equipment, a big .

A Sauna Cabin in the Garden – A Fountain of Relaxation, Comfort and Health

A Sauna Cabin in the Garden – A Fountain of Relaxation, Comfort and Health
Sauna bathing was introduced into Europe from the cold North. The word “sauna“ is Finnish and means “sweat hut“. It is quite comprehensible that after weeks and months of darkness and cold weather it becomes a very enjoyable experience to sit in a very hot sauna cabin and feel the warmth enter the body, activate the sweat glands, flush out toxins from the skin, and finally face the uninhabitable, frosty outside naked, laughing at .

Garden Sheds UK Growing Strongly With Always Greater Relevance to British Economy

Garden Sheds UK
Some new figures and statistics show that garden sheds play a growing role for the economy in the UK and that they represent a growing sector of the British economy. Sales of garden sheds in the UK, although a ‘mature’ market segment with around 14 million buildings worth about £5 billion to the economy, are still projected to continue to grow at a rate of 2-4% each year until 2020. A steady and growing .

Garden Summer Houses Get More Popular in the UK

Garden Summer Houses
Not so long ago garden summer houses could not really compete with simple garden sheds when it comes to popularity. The garden shed functioned as the workhouse in the garden, the place to store the gardening tools and those needed for all DIY, and in many cases, it was not only there for storage but also contained the workshop with a workbench and a vice. In some cases, it was also the place to .