How To Clean A Wooden Shed 21.11.2023

At Summer House 24, we aim to guide wooden sheds owners, both old and new, how to clean inside and out, enhance functionality, secure safety, and upkeep shed aesthetics for a longer and loyal use. We walk you through comprehensive shed inspection, damage and condition assessments, tips on wood decay and structural integrity, general wear…

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Winter Sale 06.12.2022

It’s not just Santa giving gifts this season… Get up to £3000 off your order + additional Savings on stock cabins! Enter WINTER750 at checkout to get £750 discount off orders over £5000 Enter WINTER1500 at checkout to get £1500 discount off orders over £10,000 Enter WINTER2250 at checkout to get £2250 discount off orders…

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How Much Does Electricity Cost in 2022? 28.09.2022

It’s undeniable that the price of electricity has gone up exponentially in the last few years. In the United Kingdom, consumers are spending 2.5x more on electricity in 2022 than they were at the same time in 2021. What are the influences on the cost of electricity, and how can you minimise your energy spending?…

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Modular design for log houses: what you should know 04.06.2022

Over the years, modular construction has gained a lot of popularity around the world, as it offers solutions to many weaknesses of traditional construction. That being said, it’s not always the right method for every building. Today, we’ll look at the benefits and downsides of modular design and how you can make an informed decision…

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Storage Unit vs Storage Shed – Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantages? 12.05.2022

At Summer House 24 we know how big of a challenge it could be to secure additional storage space. Whether you have a big move coming up or need to declutter some of your stuff, we always need more physical room.

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How To Move A Garden Shed: Relocating Storage Units Made Simple 07.03.2022

At Summer House 24, we know whether you’re changing homes, your shoffice, need to redo the landscape, make more space in your backyard or garden,  your neighbours are having issues, moving your shed may be inevitable and you better get ready! First, ask yourself: Is the weather okay? Can you move the shed yourself? How many helpers…

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Residential Log Cabin Interior Design Trends for 2022 16.02.2022

The way we think about our home and outdoor space has changed considerably over the past two years. Being forced to spend more time at home has made us more open to making changes and investing our time, money, and effort into creating a cosy environment. In addition to that, we’ve also become more aware…

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How to Prepare Your Log Cabin Home for Winter 27.12.2021

Winter is right around the corner, and, as the cold weather is making its presence known, your log cabin will require some extra attention. The winter months can be delightful and the first snow is a much-awaited event, but it the increased levels of humidity and frost can also cause some problems. If you haven’t…

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Winter SALE 23.11.2021

It’s not just Santa giving gifts this season… Get up to £2000 off your order + additional MEGA Savings on stock cabins! Enter SNOW1000 at checkout to get £1000 discount off orders over £5000Enter SNOW1500 at checkout to get £1500 discount off orders over £10,000 Enter SNOW2000 at checkout to get £2000 discount off orders…

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SHOFFICES! Selected Garden Shed Office Designs & Backyard Pod Ideas 03.11.2021

With remote work and home office culture blooming, so does the demand for tranquil, functional and sturdy garden office quarters, also known by the trendy jargon of “Shoffices”. Explain What is a “Shoffice”? It’s uprising slang for: “Shed” + “Office” = “Shoffice” Shoffice stands for a previously underutilized garden shed converted with electricity installed, fully-furnished…

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5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Sports-Friendly in 2021 29.09.2021

If you’re a sports fan or you have kids who love their sports (or both), why not transform your backyard into a sporting space? Whether you love the idea of playing badminton with the family, want to have a couple of putts to relax after work, or want to surprise your football-mad kid with a…

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Garden Maintenance Guide for Summer 2021 02.07.2021

Having a beautiful outdoor area is key to enjoying time spent at home. The goal here is to ensure that your garden is a healthy and nice-looking environment perfect for entertaining your friends and family. If you own a garden office pod, having a neat garden is even more important because you will spend a…

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How to Create a Vertical Garden at Home 15.04.2021

Whether you have a large backyard or not, having natural green spaces made of plants in your home is not a problem anymore. There are so many ways you can use to have a perfect garden in your backyard or office. You can build garden rooms, or some garden log cabins in which you can…

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Hosting a BBQ this Summer? Here are the Essentials you Need 01.04.2021

With the weather getting warmer and warmer each day it seems, and things beginning to look a little more like normality, we are starting to get more excited about the prospect of hosting Spring and Summer BBQs in our garden. We can host family get togethers, host meals with friends or even invite our neighbours…

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How to Build a Tennis Court in Your Backyard 24.03.2021

Tennis court construction is an exciting process: you can see how the court is being built in front of your eyes. A private tennis court allows you to extend your training hours and play tennis immediately, just a few steps away from the front door! Besides, a tennis court will significantly increase the value of…

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