Garden Log Cabins

The Advantages of Owning Summerhouse24 Garden Log Cabins 12.10.2022

Over the past few years, garden log cabins have become synonymous with working from home. This type of working schedule became very popular as people realized its many advantages. Avoiding traffic, being less stressed about arriving at work on time, and saving money on the commute, are just a few notable benefits of working from…

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Quick Guide to Residential Log Cabins UK 20.04.2022

Residential log cabins are a modern solution to modern problems. Built from high-quality materials, equipped with insulation, and designed to fit all needs and purposes, these attractive outbuildings are enjoying a lot of popularity nowadays. Commonly referred to as log cabins or log houses, these structures can now be found under many different names such…

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7 Common Foundation Mistakes to Avoid When Building Garden Log Cabins 25.03.2022

The foundation is the most important part of building a sturdy structure. The main purpose of the foundation is to hold your garden log cabin up. Without it, the whole cabin might sink into the ground unevenly and it might be severely damaged. A good foundation should provide support and should protect the entire building…

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