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A Garden Room as a Teen Den 12.05.2022

Garden rooms are often used as garden offices, studios, gyms, and guest bedrooms, but these versatile outbuildings can also be used as teen dens. If you are looking for a garden room, you surely want to create more space for your family, and this is a great way to offer your kids something they’ve always…

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Useful Tips to Prepare your Garden and your Garden Room for Winter 05.10.2021

Now that the last days of summer are behind us, it’s time to start focusing on preparing the garden and the garden room for winter. With its lovely colours, nice weather, and cosy vibes, autumn is a beautiful season. But don’t let the pumpkin pies and pumpkin spiced lattes distract you from doing some work…

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Decorate Your Garden Room with the Best Colour Trends of 2022 03.09.2021

Are you curious about what the future will bring in terms of home and garden design? We have great news! 2022 brings many cool microtrends, but it also embraces some of our favourite long-playing ones that we fell in love with over the past few years. If you’ve already furnished your garden room, you don’t…

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Garden Maintenance Guide for Summer 2021 02.07.2021

Having a beautiful outdoor area is key to enjoying time spent at home. The goal here is to ensure that your garden is a healthy and nice-looking environment perfect for entertaining your friends and family. If you own a garden office pod, having a neat garden is even more important because you will spend a…

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How to Keep Your Garden Office Secure 25.06.2021

A garden office is an outside building in the ground of your property that gives your home some extra space. These buildings are often used as professional workspaces or home offices. These buildings give your home extra floor space and help to separate work from domestic activities – all the more important with a work…

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Quick Guide to Starting a Glamping Business 14.06.2021

Glamping has become very popular over the past few years thanks to its many advantages. Glamping pods come in different shapes and sizes and they can successfully cater to a lot of travellers – from those who want to escape the city life and relax in nature to those who are looking for a more…

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5 Compelling Reasons to Have a Gym in Your Garden 01.06.2021

The fitness industry is generally considered a booming one as more and more fitness lovers choose to go to the gym over outdoor sports. However, the infamous coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on the industry and a lot of businesses had to close their doors. As a result, it has been quite difficult for…

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Why Are Garden Office Pods the Best Way to Work in 2021 21.05.2021

Did you know that garden pods might be the secret to becoming more productive when you work from home? It’s true! Whether you are a freelancer, a business owner, or an employee, these versatile structures can boost your creativity and keep you focused on your tasks. Over the past years, we’ve learned that the traditional…

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Garden Trends and Ideas for Summer 2021 13.05.2021

Summer is almost here, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share the biggest garden trends of 2021 with our readers. As we all know, the pandemic has changed the way we live, and it’s made us more interested in improving our home and our outdoor area. Many of us will spend this summer at…

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What Are Glamping Pods? Here’s Everything You Need to Know 22.04.2021

Over the past years, glamping pods have become more and more popular. They are a great alternative to the more traditional holiday accommodation options. They are much more luxurious than a regular tent but less expensive than a hotel. But the greatest thing about glamping pods is their versatility. In other words, just because they…

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Will a Garden Pod Add Value to Your Property? 14.04.2021

Garden pods are versatile structures that can be used in many different ways. Therefore, everyone has a different idea of what they want to do with their garden pod. For instance, some people prefer to use their garden pods as home offices, man caves, and garden bars, while others will turn their garden pods into…

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Have Fun at Home in Your Own Man Cave Garden Pod 17.03.2021

This year was tough on most of us. We had to learn how to adapt to the new social situation, how to live with different rules, and how to protect the ones we love. Having fun has been much more difficult and we had to find new and creative ways to enjoy our time at…

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What Can You Do With a Garden Pod – Top 3 Uses for Garden Pods 23.02.2021

It is no secret that over the past year, everyone was forced to spend more time at home. At first, we were scared and worried about the current situation, but then we had to learn how to enjoy what we have. More specifically, we had to find ways to make the most of being home…

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Quick Guide to Garden Pods – a Modern Solution to Modern Problems 09.02.2021

Garden pods are becoming more and more popular and specialists might even call them the latest trend in real estate/home improvement. These structures are versatile, affordable, attractive, eco-friendly – they have all the advantages (and pretty much no disadvantage). Their multi-functionality makes them great investments. Whether you’re looking for a home extension, a home office,…

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How to Set up a Perfect Garden Office 29.10.2020

If you are currently working from home, then you already know how difficult this can be if you don’t have a dedicated space. Working at your kitchen table might seem like a viable solution at first. However, after a few months of mixing your domestic life with your professional one, you’ll surely conclude that you…

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