Garden Storage Sheds

How To Clean A Wooden Shed 21.11.2023

At Summer House 24, we aim to guide wooden sheds owners, both old and new, how to clean inside and out, enhance functionality, secure safety, and upkeep shed aesthetics for a longer and loyal use. We walk you through comprehensive shed inspection, damage and condition assessments, tips on wood decay and structural integrity, general wear…

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How to Throw an Awesome Party in Your Garden Shed 22.05.2021

Summer is almost here and we can finally enjoy some good weather. And luckily for us, the COVID-19 restrictions are more permissive, which means that we can throw an awesome garden party with up to 5 people. A party is like a breath of fresh air after many months of harsh restrictions. Because we know…

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How to Turn Your 6×4 Shed Into an Industrial Chic Space 26.02.2021

There’s nothing more enjoyable than decorating your garden shed and making it ‘your own’. If you are the lucky owner of a 6×4 garden shed, you already know how versatile these wooden structures are. They can be used as home offices, guest rooms, hobby rooms, granny annexes, man caves, garden bars, home cinemas – the…

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5 Creative and Clever Uses for Garden Sheds 25.11.2020

As we’re preparing to say goodbye to autumn and starting to think about the winter holidays, we’re also growing a bit worried about the lockdown. All around the world things are a bit crazy and unusual but luckily, humans are creative beings. So even if we’re not happy about spending the following months at home,…

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Quick Guide to Organizing Garden Storage Sheds 02.11.2020

If you want your garden to look tidy, pretty, and well-maintained, you’ll surely need a spacious garden storage shed. Outdoor garden storage sheds are extremely useful, especially if you have a lot of tools and equipment. Organizing a storage shed isn’t a difficult task, but we’ve decided to make it even easier for you by…

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5 Signs You Need to Rent a Storage Space 02.09.2020

Households that have loads of home equipment need a designated place to keep their stuff. Although not typical, most contemporary home owners consider renting a storage space to complement their home stores. Signs you need storage space may either be a cautionary or strategic move. Cautionary involves taking care of valuables from prying eyes while…

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Choosing a Log Cabin – Which One Is the Best for Me? 24.08.2020

Are you a homeowner who is currently considering investing in a log cabin? Then you already know that there’s a huge variety of summer houses and garden buildings available on the market. So choosing the right one might be a challenge. Log cabins come in a wide range of sizes, from tiny storage units to…

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Building a Garden Shed 101: Quick DIY Guide 22.08.2020

If you are a practical and organized homeowner, you probably thought about building your own shed more than once. A garden shed is a versatile structure that reflects your taste, provides extra storage space, and makes your wife happy as she won’t trip over gardening tools and lawnmowers. Not to mention you’ll finally be able…

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How to Declutter Garden Storage Sheds – Easy and Quick Ways 13.02.2020

Garden storage sheds are a fantastic way to extend the storage space of your main house. You can keep anything in this extra space or annex from food to toys to clothes that are out of season to books and tools. But let’s be honest for a second. How easy is it to let a…

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Collection, Mess or Hoard – What’s in Your Garden Sheds UK? 26.09.2019

At Summer House 24, your UK one-stop for wooden garden summer houses, we know that for many homeowners in the UK, garden sheds can be valuable extra storage space where one can keep everything from childhood toys to designer handbags and old magazines, and that’s a fact. We live in a world centred on consumerism,…

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How to Turn Your Garden Sheds UK into a Pantry – Tips & Benefits 07.05.2019

There are as many DIY projects online as there are stars in the sky. That’s a fact. But the truth is maybe only a handful are truly useful in the sense that you could actually benefit from them in a real-life situation along with your family. This is one of them. Turning your garden sheds…

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10 Garden Sheds UK Essentials – How to Be a Pro 30.04.2019

For more decades than we care to count, the garden shed has been a place of storage, a space where you could go to fix something broken that was too messy to be handled in the main house. Or, of course an annex to your beautiful garden where all your tools had a space of…

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How to Turn Garden Sheds UK into Whimsical Playhouses 12.02.2019

Think about it this way. Why have a simple garden shed in your backyard when you could have a fantastic playroom where your children and their friends could have fun all day long in a safe and creative space? If this sounds like a great idea to you, then keep on reading because we’ve created…

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Garden Sheds in the UK – Sensible Investments for Most Garden Owners 10.01.2019

There are still some gardens out there that do not yet harbour a garden shed in the UK. Even though their numbers are shrinking constantly, mainly because it becomes more and more common knowledge that a garden shed changes a garden to the better. Garden sheds make gardens of all sizes more inhabitable, they improve…

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The 10 Best Reasons to Buy Wooden Garden Sheds From us Now 14.12.2018

Garden sheds are practical buildings, as you will probably already know, and the rising market sales of garden sheds in the UK clearly show that this seems to be common knowledge, but what are the main reasons for this trend? And why buy garden sheds now? Why buy them from us instead of somewhere else?…

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