Large Log Cabins

Modular design for log houses: what you should know 04.06.2022

Over the years, modular construction has gained a lot of popularity around the world, as it offers solutions to many weaknesses of traditional construction. That being said, it’s not always the right method for every building. Today, we’ll look at the benefits and downsides of modular design and how you can make an informed decision…

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What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Large Garden Log Cabin? 01.11.2021

Large garden log cabins come with many benefits and over the past years, their popularity has increased substantially. They are affordable, easy-to-install, versatile, and can be used for many different purposes. If you want to know whether investing in a large garden log cabin is a good idea, keep reading. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss…

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Quick Guide to Buying a Garden Log Cabin 24.10.2021

If you are currently looking for the perfect garden log cabin but you feel like you need more information on the topic, you’ve come to the right place. Searching for a log cabin for your garden can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve already looked around and noticed that there are so many different…

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The Benefits of Using Log Cabins as Classrooms 05.08.2020

The Government has decided – when the school starts, children will attend class in smaller groups. The maximum number of students allowed to study in the same classroom is 15 and schools have been advised to find effective solutions to ensure that student groups will keep a safe distance to prevent and limit the transmission…

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Log Cabins – the Solution to Overcrowded Classrooms 07.07.2020

On July 7th, Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary announced that all schools and colleges will reopen in September. As COVID-19 infection rates are dropping, some of the current restrictions that prevent people from gathering indoors will be lifted to allow nurseries, schools, and colleges to open their gates. However, a series of new safety measures…

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Two New Large Garden Log Cabins 28.02.2020

We have just launched two of our biggest single room log cabins, both with 43m2 of internal area. They are two identical cabins, with the only difference being the roof type. The Garden Snooker Room I, has a pent roof and The Garden Snooker Room II has a classic apex roof. Both log cabins have…

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FAQ Time – Everything You Need to Know About Large Log Cabins 11.02.2020

Large log cabins have a subtle way of helping you rediscover how charming nature and simple wood structures can be. The smell and the texture of the logs bring you closer to the forest right in your backyard in a straightforward yet undeniable way. This is one of the main reasons why large log cabins…

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How to Stay Warm in Winter in Your Log Cabin Home – 7 Tips 19.01.2020

Making your way through the long, cold winter months can really make one miss the warm, breezy summertime. However, those of us lucky enough to have a log cabin won’t have to give up on those sunny dreams yet. That’s because such an annex to your main house can be the perfect way to soak…

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Cozy Log-Home Living: 5 Tips for Winter-Proofing Your Home 20.11.2019

Ah, the thought of spending a cozy, warm winter season next to a toasty fireplace, surrounded by all of those beautiful décor elements that make a modern bedroom log cabins so great, why, it’s the stuff of dreams. But it can also be a reality, provided that you bring form and function together and make all…

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Log cabin homes from Summerhouse24 30.08.2019

In response to our customers growing demand for large log cabins for offices, homes and holiday cottages that they can use all year round, we have developed a brand new range of fully insulated residential log cabins. These new cabins meet energy class requirements, building regulations and have been designed for all year round use….

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The Owner’s Guide on How to Maintain Your Garden Log Cabins 12.08.2019

So you bought a garden log cabin, installed it in your backyard, and there it sits. You might now be wondering, why should I maintain it? What are the benefits of that? Maintaining your garden log cabins will offer them a prolonged life and make sure you get to enjoy your beautiful outdoor rooms to…

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Deliveries of Summerhouse24 garden rooms, log cabins, sheds and residential cabins to Ireland 23.02.2019

After experiencing increasing demand for our cabins from Irish customers, we have worked out a cost-efficient way to deliver cabins from our UK warehouse to Ireland. We are happy to announce the launch of Summerhouse24 log cabin retail sales and deliveries to Ireland. By doing so, we can also eliminate dishonest log cabin dealers, poor…

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How to Upgrade a Garden Cabin UK Style 11.02.2019

Very popular in rural areas, garden cabins UK based and everywhere else are now gaining a lot of traction. People all around the world are moving further and further away from the idea of working in an office, wanting to work from home instead. Yes, the revolution in employment and how people see it has…

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Inhabitable Log Cabins to Live in – Stylish, Close to Nature, Ecological, and Inexpensive 11.01.2019

Inhabitable log cabins are becoming more and more popular not only as holiday homes, but also as primary residences. Plenty of reasons can be made out for that: Wooden houses, especially log cabins open up an option to create living space for a price per square metre that is much below that achievable with stone…

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Large Log Cabins in Tourism and as Main Residence 06.12.2018

Log cabins often pop up during searches for holiday homes, weekend cottages, or hot tub holidays. Compared to the general occurrence looking at main residences, log cabins seem to have a greater prevalence in tourism related homes. Why is this? Favourable prices, quick construction periods, easy maintenance, high value for money ratio? Or is it…

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