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Residential Log Cabin Interior Design Trends for 2022 16.02.2022

The way we think about our home and outdoor space has changed considerably over the past two years. Being forced to spend more time at home has made us more open to making changes and investing our time, money, and effort into creating a cosy environment. In addition to that, we’ve also become more aware…

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Decorate Your Garden Room with the Best Colour Trends of 2022 03.09.2021

Are you curious about what the future will bring in terms of home and garden design? We have great news! 2022 brings many cool microtrends, but it also embraces some of our favourite long-playing ones that we fell in love with over the past few years. If you’ve already furnished your garden room, you don’t…

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3 Affordable Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home 09.08.2021

Whether you want to sell or to make the most of your property, increasing its value is always a great idea. It might be a bit scary to think that only major changes can improve your home and make it more valuable. The good news is that there are many simpler and more affordable changes…

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Is a Garden Summer House Office the Right Choice for You? 02.08.2021

More and more people are searching for ways to make working from home easier and more convenient. If you are currently considering making some changes yourself but are not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. A garden summer house office might be exactly what you need – more space, peace and…

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Transform Your Summer House into a Stylish Home Office 26.06.2020

A lot of business owners who prefer to work from home admit that turning their summer house into a cozy home office is a dream come true. In this day and age, setting up a business that allows you to work from home is a popular choice. Working from home has many benefits: you waste…

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5 On-trend Design Themes for Your Summer House 28.04.2020

Do you need a quiet place to work, a private space where you can relax and enjoy your hobbies, a gardening hub, or a guest house? Then you should consider investing in one of our multi-purpose garden buildings. Made entirely out of wood, more specifically of slow-grown Nordic spruce, our summer houses are modern, practical,…

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Customer photos of a Garden House Hansa Lounge XXL with Storage Room and Terrace 04.11.2019

Here are some photos of a newly built Hansa Lounge XXL which is now used as garden room together with hot tub shelter. This modern looking garden building also features a large 4 x 2m garden storage shed. This multifunctional garden building requires only 6 x 8m space in your garden and therefore is also…

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Edible Gardens – How Can I Grow One Next to My Garden Summer House? 14.08.2019

There’s much to be said about edible gardens. But the most important thing is the opportunity they give us of growing our own vegetables right in our backyards, next to the garden summer house! As the younger generations are becoming more and more aware of the carbon footprint we are leaving on the environment, edible…

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How to Turn Your Garden Summer House into a Kitchen 28.06.2019

The outdoor kitchen is becoming a bigger trend by the minute. Wherever you look on the internet or social media you can see the stories of people who have successfully managed to turn their garden summer house into a kitchen. It could be either because they love to cook or bake or because they want…

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Paris in Your Backyard – How to Make Your Garden Rooms Feel Like France 03.06.2019

If you’ve ever been to Paris, then you’ve probably noticed that the city is filled with secret gardens. Every single corner you turn, every street you follow to its winding end, every courtyard you cross leads to the same thing. Patches of green that glitter in the Parisian sunlight like molten green gold. So it…

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7 Tips on How to Turn Your Insulated Summer House into a Guest Bedroom 23.05.2019

There’s a new trend in town and we’re jumping on it! In fact, to be more precise, we want to help you jump on it. It’s the idea of turning your insulated summer house or garden shed into a guest bedroom in case you don’t have enough space in the main house. Just think about…

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Dos and Don’ts for the Perfect Wooden Summer House 26.03.2019

A wooden summer house with a great design can quickly become your favorite place to hang out in the warm season. It’s a small, perfect structure where you can work away from the bustle of the main house, you can relax while reading a good book or listening to your favorite music or where you…

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How to Decorate Your Contemporary Garden Rooms on a Budget 26.03.2019

Contemporary garden rooms are a fantastic way to make you feel like you’re spending quality time with your family, your partner or by yourself in a little corner away from home when, in fact, you’re right in your backyard. But we all know just how expensive it can be to furnish and decorate an entire…

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The 7 Greatest Advantages of Wooden Summer Houses 19.11.2018

Wooden summer houses are becoming very popular now worldwide. Originally, they were intended for use during the summer. A simple timber construction would do, usually no heating or insulation would be necessary. Water and electricity would increase the comfort for use during the evenings, for watering the plants or a quick hand-wash after the gardening….

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Log Cabins With a Wood Stove or a Fireplace 15.10.2018

A log cabin with a country-style design as well as in contemporary styles always profits a lot from an open fireplace or at least a wood-burning stove with a glass door or glass walls that let the fire shine through. Just as log cabins are an ideal home for nature lovers, for people who want…

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