Small Garden Office

What are the Benefits of a Garden Office? 21.03.2023

Are you considering investing in a garden office? Garden buildings are an excellent option for your home office and are a great use of any outdoor space you have on offer. A garden building can have many uses, but one of the most popular ways to use them recently has been as a garden office….

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SHOFFICES! Selected Garden Shed Office Designs & Backyard Pod Ideas 03.11.2021

With remote work and home office culture blooming, so does the demand for tranquil, functional and sturdy garden office quarters, also known by the trendy jargon of “Shoffices”. Explain What is a “Shoffice”? It’s uprising slang for: “Shed” + “Office” = “Shoffice” Shoffice stands for a previously underutilized garden shed converted with electricity installed, fully-furnished…

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How to Make a Small Garden House Feel More Spacious 27.07.2021

Small garden rooms come with many benefits. They fit perfectly in any garden or outdoor space, they can be used for many different purposes, and they are the most affordable option if you are looking to add some extra space to your home. In addition to that, small summer houses are easier to maintain and…

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10 Environmental Benefits of a Garden Office 12.10.2020

With more people working from home, the question of home office setup is gaining more importance than ever. Garden offices give you a place to go, so you can be present at home during your off hours and better focused on work when the time comes. That’s not all: Here are ten more benefits of…

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Garden Office Maintenance Guide for 2020 04.06.2020

Summer houses are extremely versatile and useful as they provide homeowners with extra space. Over the past few months, as more and more people had to move their offices at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, summer houses became the perfect solution. The ambiance of wooden summer houses makes them ideal garden offices. Not to…

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7 Good Reasons to Invest in a Garden Office 04.04.2020

The recent technological advancements allow people to work remotely. Therefore, more and more professionals who work from home choose to invest in a garden office. And many compelling reasons support their choice. If you are unsure whether working from home is a good idea, keep on reading. We will convince you that having a successful…

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I Have a Small Garden Office – What Garden Plants Are Dangerous for Me? 23.07.2019

First of all, congratulations are in order for taking the leap of breaking away from the bustling life of corporate work and setting a small garden office for yourself! No more wasted hours in traffic on the commute or on the subway every day, no more spending time away from your family! You can make…

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Boost Your Career With a Garden Office 11.01.2019

A garden office is not as difficult to create as you might think. Basically any kind of garden room could be made into an office in the garden, and there is such a wide choice that it is nearly impossible to not find a solution to improve your current situation. Let’s think a little about…

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A Small Garden Office for Tiny Gardens 29.10.2018

If you could use a work space, and you have just a tiny garden, we have a range of small garden offices to offer that would fit into the smallest garden. Does your house offer not enough space for you to expand the way you need to become fully productive? A safe and dry room…

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An Insulated Garden Office – A New Way to Work 29.09.2018

Working from an insulated garden office instead of a desk crammed somewhere into a room of your house that has originally been dedicated to other purposes, like a bedroom, or a living room certainly has some advantages to you and the quality of work that you can provide as well as to the house and…

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What Kind of Garden Office is Right For You? 03.02.2018

A garden office is a great way to create your own workspace in the inspiring background of your own garden, a way to make some room in your home if you had your workplace crammed in somewhere, or a good start for some self-employed work. The new global village is tightly connected and the need…

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How to Work from a Garden Office 14.11.2017

Garden offices get more popular in the UK by the day for some good reasons. Starting a business from a place that you already own, or you are already paying for removes a lot of the financial burden from the new business. Especially the start-up phases are often accompanied by financial hardships or the need…

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The Top 7 Uses For Your Garden Room 14.11.2017

For most people, their limited space at home is the most important obstacle to develop their lives, find new hobbies, get creative or simply evolve their pastimes along with their evolving personalities. Living in confined spaces makes people search ways to the outside using TV or the Internet instead of developing their real life. If…

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7 Garden Offices with Roofs Under 2.5m to Evade Planning Permission 22.09.2017

Why commute every morning through heavy traffic if a walk through the garden into your own fancy garden office could do the trick? In these times of change, many get the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes in their contemporary garden offices. We introduce seven of our best garden offices for you…

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A Garden Office For a Creativity Boost — Walking to Work Every Morning 26.07.2017

Walk to Work Day is over. Have you ever walked to work? Sure it would be nice to be able to walk to work every morning instead of punching your way through heavy traffic, but for most people that remains a dream. Walking or riding a bicycle to office is a good fresh start into…

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