Container Houses

Our eco-friendly, multi-use recycled shipping container houses are made for all year-round use. These container-houses are delivered 100% ready-to-use, plug and play! The standard house comes with closed cell PUR foam insulated walls, roof and floor, exterior wooden cladding, beautiful oak flooring, premium quality double glazed doors and windows, electric sockets, LED-lights, as well as wooden interior cladding. All our container house models can be amended accordingly to suit your needs, including door and window positions, cladding materials, colours as well as other components. Whether you are looking for an office, studio, accommodation cabin, garden gym or a garden yoga room, our premium quality container houses are hassle free, and can easily be moved to a new place if you decide to move and want to take it with you.

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Container Houses – Leading the Tiny House Movement Across the UK

Container houses are an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of people. They offer an eco-friendly way of life, an easy and comfortable way to enjoy more space and can be used for almost anything.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to joining the tiny house movement, and shipping container homes are an incredible option. But are they the right choice for you? This article will answer all your container home questions, so you can be confident that you’re making the right decision.

What Are Shipping Container Homes?

Shipping container homes are made from upcycled shipping containers. The huge metal containers you see on ships transporting goods around the world.

They’re built to last. As you can imagine, shipping containers need to be strong and sturdy. They have to withstand harsh weather conditions and long journeys. And because they get stacked on top of each other, they need to be durable.

Once they come to the end of their life cycle at sea, there’s still plenty of life in them. The long-lasting structure and spacious, secure design make them perfect for living spaces. Using the highest quality natural materials means that they’re an eco-friendly, comfortable, and eye-catching way to transform your living space.

What Can You Use Shipping Container Homes For?

Shipping container homes have a multitude of uses. They offer you an easy way to create extra space without the hassle, mess, and expense of building work.

Container houses make perfect garden offices as more and more people look for ways to work from home. They offer practical office solutions and mean you can keep your home and work life separate.

They can also be used as garden gyms, studios, sheds, and they make for a perfect extra bedroom for when you have guests over. Basically, if you need more space, shipping container homes give it to you stress-free.

Shipping containers also have a huge commercial appeal. Businesses across the UK are taking advantage of their mobility, square footage and ease of personalisation. They’re regularly used as offices, receptions, and visitor centres.

There’s also been a huge rise in shipping containers being used for retail and hospitality. With pop-up shops and cafes benefiting from the budget-friendly premises solution they offer.

How Long Do Shipping Container Homes Last?

Shipping containers are generally used at sea for about ten years. When they’re well looked after and maintained, they last for over 35 years. This means that you can enjoy your tiny house for over 25 years with a little tender loving care.

Shipping container home’s life expectancy is another reason they’re so eco-friendly. Because instead of them going to waste once they’ve finished at sea, they’re given a new lease of life and provide over 25 years of pleasure.

Think of the materials, labour and cost this saves you. Rather than having the inconvenience and expense of building work, you can have an ideal tiny house instead.

Are Shipping Container Homes a Good Investment?

One of the great things about recycled shipping containers is how they retain their value. When they’re well maintained and looked after, they last for over 35 years. And because they’re limited in number, they’re always in high demand, so they make for a great investment.

You can transport them almost anywhere in the UK. So, even if you only need a shipping container home for a short time, you can be confident that you’ll be able to resell it fast and for a great price.

Can You Use Shipping Container Homes All Year Round?

Not only are shipping container homes strong and sturdy, they’re also comfortable and well insulated. They’re insulated with Polyurethane, known as PUR, insulation. This high-class thermal material means that your container home keeps you warm and cosy all winter.

The hardwearing Corten steel, known as weathering steel, helps your shipping container home withstand even the wettest, coldest weather. While the open plan style means that it remains cool and comfortable in summer. So, you can enjoy your shipping container home all year round, no matter what the weather may be.

What Materials Are Used to Recycle Shipping Container Homes?

Each shipping container home is completely refurbished and restyled using beautiful natural materials. These help them look incredible and it means they’re great for the environment.

The exterior is fitted with stunning spruce cladding to help keep the cold away and add beauty to your garden. Premium quality double glazed doors and windows add to the splendour and help bathe the tiny house in light.

Inside has Spruce cladding complemented by luxury oak flooring. With LED lighting and plenty of electric sockets for your every need. Every aspect of the container house’s décor has the environment in mind. Making sure that each container home is as eco-friendly as possible.

Can I Personalise My Shipping Container Home?

Each container house model can be amended and personalised according to your needs. The doors and windows can be positioned to make access and natural light easy for you. You can choose your cladding materials and colours to perfectly complement your garden.

And of course, you can add your own style and taste to the décor to help create an eye-catching feature as well as a functional new space. When it comes to personalising your container home, the sky is the limit. You’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration for your tiny house décor here…

Do Shipping Container Homes Need Planning Permission?

Another fantastic benefit of shipping container homes in the UK is that they generally don’t need planning permission. Although it’s always best to check with your local authority beforehand. You can check your planning permission status here…

What Preparation Do I Need for a Shipping Container Home?

We’ll deliver your shipping container house to you 100% ready-to-use. So, you can start enjoying it instantly! Because your container home will be in situ for a long time and carries a lot of weight, it pays to ready the ground in preparation.

A solid foundation gives your shipping container home a lifetime of support. It will raise it from the ground to ensure that it’s not sat in water. A good foundation also helps with airflow underneath your shipping container home, helping to keep the underside dry.

We recommend you use either a solid concrete foundation or poured concrete footings for your container home. Both solutions help to give your container home a flat, sturdy and long-lasting foundation. This will help lengthen the lifespan and increase ease of use.

The Perfect Space Creating Solution

As you can see, the benefits of shipping container homes go on and on. With the ever-increasing attention on the health of our planet and the need for eco-friendly solutions, the demand for shipping container houses in the UK is going to soar.

So, whatever you need your extra space for, you can be confident that not only have you found a fast, economical and hassle-free solution, you’re also choosing the most eco-friendly option as well.

Contact us today to discuss your shipping container home needs. With our wide range of options and solutions, we’re sure to have the perfect choice for you.