A Garden Room as a Multi-Purpose Home Extension


Garden Room

A room in the garden is a great idea for all who need more space to live, but who would face a lot of time-consuming trouble, costs and administrative duties when extending their main house. Some houses are just simply not built in a way that allows uncomplicated extensions, and others have unfavourable locations for this kind of enterprise, for example squashed into a row of other houses so that there is no usable free space directly next to the house.

The good news is: You just need a little free space in the garden to be able to quickly and inexpensively erect a multi-purpose garden room to provide space for a huge variety of purposes. This is a fantastic alternative because these garden rooms come pre-fabricated in many styles, sizes, and floor plans, and there is a huge variety of them to be found on the internet.

Additional space in a garden room can increase your quality of life

If you just need a garden room for storage then you miss the best. Have a look at how cosy a garden lounge can be. Soft armchairs and sofas arranged around a table to serve snacks and drinks will make the hours after work a little holiday time every day.

A sofa bed can offer the opportunity for guests to stay after the party or even to rent it out for cash. There are plenty of options to find paying guests for such a guest room in the garden.

A laptop and printer connected to the internet via Wi-Fi could make the garden room a great garden office.  A fitted cupboard could take the paperwork when guests are expected.

Some dumbbells or a home gym could make the room your private fitness-centre. A terrace or veranda could invite to sit with a garden view when the weather is sunny and warm and if you like gardening you might prefer a model with a side shed for gardening tools.

All these possibilities and lots more would give you opportunities and room for your natural individual evolution of interests.

Heating and insulation will make your garden room fit for all year usage

For all year usage, it would be good if your garden room had insulation and heating. If you choose a wooden garden room you will have a very good natural insulator that will require only a little additional insulation, before you can put a heating in there. Remember to choose a garden room with double glazing for that purpose. Also, a greater wall thickness would help a lot. If you can choose for example 70mm instead of 44mm you will have great natural insulation already plus increased sturdiness and lifespan compared to only 25mm.

Electricity and water would be a plus as well as a toilet, especially if you think of using your garden room as a guest room.

Interior and furnishing is completely up to you. You could really use your creativity and put your own individual style to it. As a garden room is not part of the house you are free to finish it just the way you like it best.