Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Wood-fired hot tubs are made for year-round outdoor bathing. The recommended bathing temperature is 35 °C. With most the wood-fired hot tubs available in the UK (common wooden bathing barrels made by “specialists”) it takes up to five hours to heat up the water. But when we are talking about Kirami products, we are talking about the best-selling hot tubs in their homeland, Scandinavia. These efficient heaters require only about two hours’ heating time. All the fuel that’s needed is just one sack of wood to have your bath ready for your garden SPA treatment.

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How to Choose the Right Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Kirami has a wide product range with different materials, sizes, and colors available. Construction material is the biggest price consideration.

Kirami Woody bathing barrels are made of thermo-wood. This is already a huge step forward compared to the hot tub barrels made of oiled wood. Thermo wood bath barrels have an old-fashioned look. They are the most affordable ones. Thanks to thermo-wood construction, they have a life span of 8-10 years. (The average life span of wooden bathing barrels is 2-4 years.)

Kirami Easy and Cozy plastic wood-fired hot tubs are the most popular ones. They are very easy to maintain. Their life span is at least 15 years. The price is more than affordable. You can choose among three different colors for the inner bath as well as three colors for the outer decorative paneling.

If you are looking for nothing but the best, then you should consider an aluminum wood-fired hot tub. Kirami Optima and Ultima hot tubs are the royalty of the wood-fired hot tubs. Inner baths are available in white, blue or turquoise. For the outer decorative paneling, you can choose among Night Sky Black, Stone Gray, and Thermo-wood colors.

All models are available in several sizes. Kirami Easy M, Woody M, Ultima M and Cozy M tubs are convenient for family use. They accommodate 4-5 bathers. Woody L and Ultima L tubs are suitable for 6-8 persons. If you are looking for a party experience, Kirami Optima L and XL aluminum wood-fired hot tubs can offer SPA bathing for the entire the football team—including the coach.

Finally you can add some useful extras to your bathing barrel. Plastic hot tub covers and insulating covers keep the water free from leaves and dirt when not using your tub. Drink holders and headrests maximize the ultimate joy of hot tub bathing.

Hot tub bathing is a great way to relax after a busy day or you can grab your favorite drinks and spend a lazy afternoon with your friends and family.