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A large log cabin to live in might be your dream log home representing your desire for a carefree, rustic, and laid back lifestyle. For many, this is true, and not only do large log cabins showcase such a lifestyle to the outside with their classical timeless natural looks, they also provide an exceptionally healthy living atmosphere with clean resin-scented air, balanced moisture and temperature inside.

During the last decades, log homes have made evolutions from county weekend – or holiday cabins to primary residences as well as to professional and public uses for example as office buildings for companies, exhibition spaces, homes for sport clubs, classrooms, or practitioner’s practices.

Large log cabins nowadays still have the same rustic beauty, but with the evolution to fit different usages, functionality has increased, too.

With thousands of log structures built each year, customers have a large choice between different styles, sizes, floor plans, and added functionalities, and new designs for large log homes are introduced to the market frequently.

Your Own Large Log Cabin Home is Just a Few Steps Away

Building your own dream log cabin as a log home to live in will start with some research into the basics of inhabitable log cabins.

  • Use the Internet

Use the internet to find out everything you need for an informed decision to be able to finally wisely invest into a large log cabin without any worries.

  • Be Aware of Your Budget

Try to balance out the costs and what is offered with your budget. A large log cabin will only provide the shell for your new log home. As a rule of thumb, you might consider the cost for the large log cabin representing about 50% of what you will need to make it a fully functional primary residence.

  • Choose Your Style

As the devil is in the detail, try not only to choose a large log cabin with a look that fits your style, but plan for more. A fireplace can be made to fit into a rustic style or it can look modern, even minimalistic. Burning wood as a renewable energy source fits into an ecological, environment-aware lifestyle. How does furniture fit into the picture and how much will it cost?

Of course, your lifestyle may include more or less costly accessories. An energy pump like solar or geothermal might strain your budget more in the beginning, but offer lifelong low energy bills in the future. An open fireplace can be constructed by yourself in cooperation with your local fire authority and you could spare on your budget that way. Furnishing can cost very much if you insist on high quality, or you can spare money by building wall cabinets on your own.

Maintenance of Large Log Cabins

As a large log cabin needs maintenance, the question of how to paint your log home is one of wood preservation and style at the same time. There are basically 3 things about maintenance:

  • Wood Preservation from the Outside

Here you have several options concerning the kind of wood stain ranging from the type of solvent over colour to UV-protection. Your choices will also be a question of your style. A marine style would probably require white colours, a country style maybe a lacquer, a Scandinavian or alpine style might not use any UV-protection but let the outside fade to grey under the sunlight and develop its own protective layer. However, a preservation on the weather side or a preservation that enters the wood instead of establishing a protective layer on the surface might be a viable option.

  • Wood Preservation from the Inside

Wood treatment from the inside is not really needed. Here staining is more a matter of interior design. However, one of the great advantages of natural wood is its breathability. It takes up moisture from the air, it diminishes odors, it balances out temperature and even has a filtering effect concerning dust or pollen. Thus the general question for you is: Will you use a colour that keeps the pores open and maintains breathability?

  • Gaps and Cracks

They usually appear in large log cabins when the timber dries out and settles, or when it gets wet from the outside and dried by the heating from the inside. Also, the construction of your log home needs to be professional so that these changes don’t effect any load bearing parts. We recommend to only purchase large log cabins with a warranty of at least 3 years, and it would be ideal to have your log home constructed from kiln-dried timber, so that neither settling nor stress-cracks are to be expected.

Designing Your Large Log Cabin

Ready-built inhabitable log cabins offered by large, renowned manufacturers are not only the option to go with a limited budget, they also boast a broad portfolio of large log cabins for you to carefully choose the model from that will fit your desires and personal style perfectly.

Moreover, with your free choice of stains, colours or sheer-colours, and fitting accessories you can achieve just whatever style you always dreamed of. Some popular styles include:

  • Scandinavian
  • Rustic
  • Maritime
  • Beach
  • Minimalist
  • Vintage
  • Victorian
  • Contemporary
  • Asian

or many more. Search the internet, lifestyle magazines, interior architecture sites, or local furniture stores for inspiration.

Whether you use a large log cabin as a log home to live in, to rent it out, or for business purposes: large log cabins are like an open canvas, waiting for you to make it an expression of your own personal style.

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