Log Cabin Holidays In Your Own Log Cabin With Hot Tub


Log cabin holidays are very popular in the UK, and every holiday season a lot of money is paid to rent log cabins with hot tubs as romantic getaways or family holidays during the cold season. Even a specific term has been coined for this: “Hot tub holidays” promise relaxation in the hot water after days of experiencing nature or fun with the family.

Against this backdrop, we would like to announce that we have log cabins for sale so that you are able to build your own log cabin to live in.

So even though log cabins in the Lake District or log cabins in Scotland seem to be especially popular for such a log cabin holiday, or just a hot tub break for the weekend, let’s face the fact that with one investment of a few thousand pounds, just a small fraction of what you would need to build a regular house, or as much as you would spend for the rent of – let’s say 6 months – on a regular holiday cottage with hot tub, you could build your own holiday home with one of our log cabin kits anywhere or even in your own garden.

Lodge holidays for free in your very own log cabin with hot tub

If you decide to buy a log cabin to live in as a log cabin kit from our portfolio of large log cabins for sale, you just need to buy or rent a place somewhere in a natural surrounding near your regular house. This could be a camp site, a place on a farm or in a forest. If it is not too far away, you get the chance to use it for log cabin breaks on the weekends or even for short cheap hot tub breaks after work.

Consider the financial side of the investment as just one part. The investment will amortize through the rent you will spare on your hot tub holidays plus – as holiday cottages with hot tubs are very popular in the UK – you will probably easily find tenants to rent it out to using internet platforms at times when you don’t use it for yourself. One far more important part may be the increase in quality of life for you and your family.

Imagine how good it will feel to have the easy option to break away from everyday life, to look at its problems from a healthy distance, relaxing in a chair on the terrace of your log cabin in the woods after a hot bath in the hot tub. Moreover, it will be your own holiday cottage. No worries what could break, and how to explain it to the landlord, no burdening thoughts about the money you had to spend on the rent, and if it was really worth it.

Building a log cabin with one of our log cabin kits will offer you the chance to design your own holiday cottage in your very own individual style

Building and maintaining your own log cabin will show you the truth of the saying: “The journey is its own reward”. In this case: planning the whole project, finding a suitable place for it, assembling the log cabin kit, installing the hot tub, and then adding your own touch to it is as rewarding as finally having this wonderful place in nature at your hands to use at your convenience.

Such a residential log cabin will not only suit you for your hot tub holidays, but it will be a hobby, a constant chance to realize your creativity. Building a log cabin is just the first step. Decorating it, furnishing it, building a fireplace, develop it into something functional and beautiful at the same time is a great way to boost your creativity and use your free time sensibly.

The outside can always be developed: Hooks for the hammocks between the tall trees, swings fixed on very high branches that swing slowly and can enjoy not only children, a natural pond to swim in, ropes from one tree to another can be used to balance on them and train natural reflexes, a storage shed can take gardening and building tools.

Log cabins with thick walls will be easy to insulate for all-year use

Look for log cabins with wall thicknesses of 58mm or even 70-92mm wall thickness, and be amazed by the possibilities, and the very affordable prices. You are looking at holiday cottages to live in at prices of one tenth to one-twentieth of regular small houses.

These wall thicknesses will allow for affordable heating already, but you can even spare more energy costs if you insulate them further. Especially an insulation from the inside is easy to do, and we do provide a guide on how to insulate your log cabin for you to use on your new holiday home.

Also, note that we have listed some options for heating your log cabin.

You don’t really need much to make your residential log cabin a low-energy house as timber has excellent heat-insulating capabilities in itself. If you decide to buy a log cabin kit with a wall thickness of 70mm, you will already have the same heat-insulation as you would achieve with a 42cm thick stone wall.

Also, as you probably love nature, a log cabin will offer you the possibility to construct the whole building with eco-friendly materials, without plastics or poisonous substances. Timber is a natural, breathable building material and the atmosphere in a log cabin is balanced in temperature and moisture. Using rock wool, cotton, wood fibre, hemp, or aerogel will keep these precious natural properties. Interior panelling could even be made using natural materials from the area, like for example clay or wood, but also natural stones or tiles can make a nice contrast to the wooden background.

Consider our log cabins for sale to create your very own space for hot tub holidays in your own holiday home.