Is a Luxury Wooden Garden Room Something For You?


Garden Room

Garden rooms come in all forms, shapes, and sizes and if you are looking for a garden room for your own garden, you should spend some time to find the right choice that really enriches your garden and family life before ordering one.

The first view often goes to the price tag, but it might be worth to invest in a garden room that can be used all year round even if these garden rooms will not always represent the cheapest options.

Size and floor plan will mostly be determined by the function that you want to allocate to your new garden room, but choosing a cheap model with a lower wall thickness might result in reducing the time of usage to just a few warmer months of the year.

Timber has its price and more wall thickness means a higher consumption of timber and therefore higher prices. But if you plan a use as a garden office, a workshop, a guest room, a gym, or a garden sauna, you will want to have a sufficient wall thickness that increases the thermal insulation value by itself and is much sturdier, longer lasting and easier to insulate for usage during the wintertime.

Some luxury garden rooms from our portfolio

Take the Summerhouse With Shed Paula: You get

    • 3 usages in one cabin
    • a garden room of 6.6 m2 with two large floor to roof windows with 3mm real glass and decorative glazing bars usable as a garden office
    • a studio
    • a garden lounge up to your own needs and liking with a large veranda with railing on one side of 7.7m2 to sit and relax or have al fresco dinners with friends and family during the hot summer evenings
    • plus a light, large shed of 5.7m2  with 2 windows and an own 1.43m double door to the outside.

So there is room for garden life, shed-working and gardening tools, inclusive bigger ones like wheelbarrows or lawnmowers all under one roof for a very attractive price.

Wall thickness is 40mm, so it should be insulated further to make it fit for all year-round usage.

And insulating a garden room is not that much of a deal. It can be accomplished in one or two days even by average DIYers. We have created a manual on how to insulate your garden room for you to follow just some easy steps.

However, if you plan  to insulate your garden room, you might be better off looking for greater wall thicknesses right away. There are garden rooms with 44mm, 50mm, 58mm, and even 70mm. A 70mm thick wooden wall will already have an excellent thermal insulating capability comparable to a 42cm thick brick wall. Also, from 44mm upwards, the wall planks will be connected with each other by double groove and tongue joints so the walls will be absolutely tight.

Let’s have a look at a garden room with 70mm walls: The Large Garden Summer House Oklahoma boasts 3 rooms with a total of 27m2 living space and additional 10m2 upper loft usable as a bedroom or for storage purposes. This garden room is a perfect guest house or holiday cottage with different rooms as bedroom, bathroom and living room with a large veranda in front of the entrance.

The windows are double-glazed and the thermal insulation is so good that some manufacturers would consider the garden room fit for winter usage even without additional insulation.

However, we would still encourage you to insulate your garden room even more just to be able to get along with astonishingly low energy costs. According to HouseBuyers4u, commodity additions can heavily increase the value of any property, regardless if you want to buy or sell.

Create the garden room tailored to your needs and wishes

Our garden rooms are planned mostly in a modular way so that you can decide which way you like to have windows and the entrance. Moreover, in many cases, we can also modify wall thicknesses as well as windows and doors from our portfolio following your wishes and needs.

Some of our larger garden rooms, suitable also for permanent living or as holiday log cabins even boast 92mm wall thickness. Just remember: if you plan a year-round usage of your garden room, a thicker wall will make a highly effective insulation much easier and continue to spare money for heating costs year after year.

If you need some inspiration on how best to heat your garden room, you can find some inspiration in our article about ways to heat a garden room.

Moreover, if you like quick and effective decisions: Please study our portfolio of garden rooms now and order your new garden room now!

If you need any help with your decision for your perfect garden room, please contact us or call Oliver at 020 3807 0369!

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