New Year, New Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Backyard and Garden Rooms


New Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Backyard and Garden Rooms

Let’s face it. Winter is not an easy season to love. Especially when everything in your backyard is covered in dead leaves and snow, your lawn is frozen, and all your trees are undressed of their gorgeous foliage. However, there are ways in which you can decorate both your backyard and garden rooms in an appealing way that will get you all the likes you want on Insta! Here are some ideas for you.

1.  Evergreens everywhere

Not only is this a gorgeous idea, but it will save you a lot of money as well. Plus, it’s waste-free. This is a great way to reuse your Christmas tree after the holidays. Cut all the branches you need, in different lengths, and make flower arrangements out of them for your garden rooms and backyard.

Decorate the evergreen arrangements even further with some pinecones that you might already have in your garden. You can also use holly, mistletoe or poinsettias that you have left over from Christmas. Cut out branches and leaves and arrange them in different shapes that don’t necessarily speak of Christmas. Same materials, different aesthetic!

2.  Hearts and wreaths

The second most important period of festivities in wintertime after Christmas and New Year is Valentine’s Day. So start preparing your backyard decorations as soon as possible.

Building on the idea above, you can use some branches from your Christmas tree to make an evergreen wreath. Decorate it with red paper hearts and hang it on the door of your garden rooms.

You can also tie some ribbon bows around all your light fixtures and add a red and pink outdoor rug. It will brighten up your whole backyard during the remainder of the cold season and it will put your entire family in a Valentine’s Day mood.

3.  Natural elements as decorations

Let’s move the party inside. Your garden rooms will need a bit of a makeover after the Christmas holidays, that’s for sure. But there is still quite a lot of winter ahead of us. Therefore, the decorations have to be less Christmassy but still on theme with the weather outside.

A simple way to go about that is to use natural elements as interior decorations. For example, you can fill large bowls of chestnuts or pine cones and set them on your dining table or on a window sill. This, of course, works with any type of nuts that convey the idea of a rustic garden room in the middle of winter.

4.  Go for bold patterns

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. Especially when it comes to interior design. One way in which you can bring some cheer inside and combat all the white and dreariness you can see outside is by using bold patterns to decorate.

For example, if you have linens or china in a cheery pattern, now is the time to use it. Some color combinations that work best in wintertime are red and white, red and purple and, of course, red and green.

5.  DIY sweater pillows

The age of the mighty DIY projects hasn’t passed yet. Which means you can still try your hand at some of them. A great idea that will also serve to decorate your garden rooms is to convert old sweaters into covers for throw pillows.

This DIY concept has quickly become a fan favorite online because it promotes recycling as opposed to waste. Plus, it encourages people to start making more things for themselves. Not to mention that these throw pillow covers are extremely easy to make once you get the hang of it.

6.  Repurpose your Christmas wreaths

This idea follows the one above, in the sense of not wasting and recycling as much materials as you can. Especially when they are natural. Therefore, if you used Christmas wreaths this holiday season, there is no point in throwing them out.

You can simply strip them of baubles and tinsel and redecorate them with something less Christmassy. For example, you can use pine cones, berries, and even apples. Not to mention a whole plethora of flowers that will dry down beautifully on your door. Plus, this gorgeous wreath of evergreens, flowers and fruit will make a superb transition into spring.

7.  Grow winter flowers

Many people wrongly believe that their gardens should be barren just because it’s winter. That’s not the case at all. There are plenty of plants and even flowers that actually bloom in late autumn and all through the cold season. Not to mention all the flowers you could be growing in pots in your garden rooms.

Some examples include the following. Snowdrops will produce their delicate white blooms through the snow in January and February. Since they adore the cold and shade, make sure to plant them right next to your garden rooms.

English Primroses also bloom all throughout winter and produce small and beautiful yellow flowers. You will absolutely love the way they look in your backyard against the white backdrop of the snow. Not only that, but primroses also smell sweet and citrusy, almost like ripe oranges.

You can also try growing Winter Jasmine this year. Of course, the name says it all here and you can see why this will make a great choice for decorating your backyard. Winter Jasmine produces superb yellow flowers. However, unlike its summer sister that you might be more familiar with, Winter Jasmine’s flowers do not smell at all. But the flowers will still look amazing in a vase or in a wreath.

There are many ways in which you can turn your backyard or your garden rooms into a veritable winter wonderland this year. Even after Christmas. It’s all in the decorations you use, and your imagination and creativity, of course. And the tips we provided for you!