Residential three bedroom log cabin Tania-120

Price: £93,800.00
Finance option

The Tania-120 is a three bedroom log cabin home with an impressive 120 m2 inside space. Sleeping and living areas are well divided and located in two different wings of the house for more comfortable living. These two wings create a very functional 6 x 6 m outside area behind the house, this will provide great protections from winds allowing the perfect area for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Depending on your local climate and the intended use of your cabin, you can choose between three wall options: 134 mm, 134 mm + wall insulation and cladding or go for massive 204 mm thick walls. The last two wall options ensure the required energy class to help meet with UK building regulations and will also see great heat/energy savings if you are building it for residential use. All cabin windows and doors are equipped with premium quality German made window systems and door locks.

IMPORTANT! Cabin dimensions and plans shown on product page are for guide only. Please email us for detailed dimensional plans to use for base preparations and to help decide if the cabin is suitable for your intended use. Plans can be requested from [email protected]
Delivery estimation: 12 - 14 weeks


External Size:16 x 10 m
Wall height:2.7 m
Ridge height:4 m
Wall thickness:This cabin is available in three wall options: A) 134mm; B) 134mm walls beams + insulation and wooden board cladding and C) 204mm. Insulation between logs – self adhesive insulation tape. Options B and C ensure the required energy class for all year round use.
Internal Area:120 m²
Roof:Standard cabin roof comes with rafters; insulation 200 + 50 mm, wind and vapour barrier membranes,  internal ceiling boards, eave boards, soffit boards and roof boards. We recommend and supply the following roofing materials: metal roof, stone tiles and bitumen roofing.
Floor:Standard cabin has no floor. Customers can use their own flooring options, such as tiles, carpet, hardwood, laminate etc. We offer offer and install prefabricated 28mm wooden floor boards made of pine as well as OSB floor onto which you can install tiles, laminate, or carpet etc.
Doors:External doors – wooden doors, glazed with 2x heat-insulating glass sealed units, insulated, lock ASSA. Terrace and balcony doors – 2x heat-insulating glass sealed units, Dreh-Kip opening, ROTO fittings. Internal doors – wooden doors, knotty pine, Fiskars hinges, lock and handles by Boda.
Windows:Standard cabin windows are made of Nordic pine, they are triple glazed and come with Triple glazing 42 mm (U ≥ 0,56 W/m²K), Frame: 78 x 78 mm
Material:All wooden components are made of Nordic spruce or pine.
Additional information:Most of the cabin components are numbered. Wall logs grooved, pivoted, marked, holes for electrical wires drilled. All cabin kits  come with detailed plans and instructions. Our cabin installation is available in all parts of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Wooden cabin components come untreated, exterior and interior wooden surfaces must be treated after the cabin has been installed. We offer UK made Protek and Thorndown paints, wood oils and other wood preservatives.


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