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  • SKU HG21162

    Wooden Lodge Tori 49m2 / 11 x 5 m / 92mm

    1130x453 cm
  • SKU G0375

    Garden Room with Loft Bruno 2 / 26m2 / 5 x 4 m / 70mm

    497x395 cm
  • SKU G0374

    Garden Room with Loft Bruno 1 26m2 / 5 x 4 m / 70mm

    497x395 cm
  • SKU M0600

    Garden Haven Isabella - 9 to 14 m²

    12, 14.3, 9.7m2
    300x400, 323, 477 cm
  • SKU M0500

    Garden Retreat Chloe - 9 to 14 m²

    12, 14.3, 9.7m2
    300x400, 323, 477 cm
  • SKU M0400

    Modern Garden Pavilion Elysium - 9 to 14 m²

    12, 14.3, 9.7m2
    300x400, 323, 477 cm
  • SKU M0001

    Premium Glass Greenhouse Stella - 9 to 14 m²

    12, 14.3, 9.7m2
    300x400, 323, 477 cm
  • SKU G0364

    Outdoor Sauna Cabin "Simply Sauna 3” / 70mm / 2 x 2 m

    230x230 cm
  • SKU G0363

    Outdoor Sauna Cabin "Simply Sauna 2” / 70mm / 2 x 2 m

    230x230 cm
  • SKU G0362

    Outdoor Sauna Cabin "Simply Sauna 1” / 70mm / 2 x 2 m

    230x230 cm
  • SKU G0116S

    Garden Log Cabin Nora B 8,5m² / 40mm / 3,2 x 3,2 m

  • SKU G0359

    Two Bedroom Log Cabin Holiday R / 40 m2 / 8 x 8 m / 70 mm

    800x820 cm
  • SKU G0356

    Log cabin with one bedroom Stefan 2

    738x393 cm
  • SKU G0354

    Garden Golf Simulator Room Cabin 4 / 6 x 4 m / 70 mm

    618x468 cm
  • SKU G0344

    Wooden Garage J / 70 mm / 6 x 5m

    513x598 cm
  • SKU G0343

    Wooden Garage with Storage Room / Model Q / 70mm / 6 x 6,5m

    648x598 cm
  • SKU G0342

    Wooden Garden Gazebo B / 4 x 3 m

    380x290 cm
  • SKU G0341

    Wooden Garden Gazebo A / 3 x 3 m

    290x290 cm
  • SKU G0328

    Small Garden Room With BBQ Noah 7m² / 2.9 x 2.9m

    288x288 cm
  • SKU G0322

    Log Cabin with Two Bedrooms and Sleeping Loft - Holiday Max 2 (85m2 / 12 x 7,5m / 92mm)

    1198x748 cm
  • SKU G0321

    Two Bedroom Log Cabin with Sleeping Loft - Holiday Max 1 (85m2 / 9 x 12m / 92mm)

    1198x898 cm
  • SKU G0316

    One Bedroom Timber Lodge Holiday M / 8 x 4 m / 30 m2 / 70mm

    798x398 cm
  • SKU G0317

    Social Distancing Special Cabin Liam 16m2 / 6 x 3 m / 44mm

    575x300 cm
  • SKU G0314

    Two Bedroom Wooden Lodge with Sleeping Loft Dallas / 42 m2 / 7x7m / 70mm

    708x799 cm

Find the Perfect Summer House for Your Home

Are you searching for your dream summer house?

Perhaps you have recently moved into a new home and need a small summer house for additional garden storage.

Maybe you want a larger summer house that you can use to entertain guests or even have friends stay in when they visit.

Or maybe you need a place to escape to at the bottom of your garden, where you can momentarily get lost in your thoughts.

Whatever the case might be, you’ve come to the right place. SummerHouse24 offers you a host of summer houses you can choose from to ensure you get the perfect one for your needs.

To help you choose the ideal summer house for your home, here are some factors to consider based on what you plan on using it for.

Summer House Ideas

For hobbies

Summer Houses As Hobby Rooms

One of the best reasons to get a brand new summer house is that it makes a fantastic hobby room all year round. There is a wide range of ways you can use your summer house as a hobby room, including:

  • DIY
  • Exercising
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Other creative activities

Using a garden summer house for these hobbies can be much more productive than completing them in your house due to how quiet and isolated they can feel. Choosing a wooden summer house with double glazing will offer you the peace and quiet you need to finally get started with that personal project you have been putting off for years.

The Large Garden Hobby Room Barbados is a great choice for this.

As a tool shed

Summer Houses As Tools Sheds

A large summer house can also operate effectively as a fantastic tool shed for large garden tools like lawnmowers and hedge trimmers.

You can also utilise the space to store large garden furniture over winter or potted plants during the colder months.

The Octagonal Summer House Albatross summerhouse is perfect for this due to having windows on each side, exposing your plant to plenty of natural light.

For hosting parties

Summer Houses For Hosting Parties

Is there anything better than a summer barbeque? With the sun shining, drinks flowing, and all of your best friends in one place, a summer house is a perfect addition to your summer gatherings, offering you an excellent space for entertaining with plenty of storage for winter.

If you opt for a corner summer house like the Corner Garden Room with Large Veranda Hansa B, you will have plenty of space for searing and serving your guests while enjoying the summer sun on your summer house veranda.

As a garden office

Summer Houses As Garden Offices

Ever since the pandemic, the way that most of us work has changed completely. Many of us now spend at least one or two days working from home. Without a designated work area, getting into a working mindset can be extremely difficult, to the detriment of your productivity.

The right summer house is a perfect solution for this and can help you get a quiet and focused area for you to work from.

An excellent example of a garden office could be the Modern Garden Office Lucas E.

For visitors

Summer Houses For Visitors

As we get older, friends sometimes go on their own journey, often taking them out of the local area.

However, one excellent way of keeping in touch with those closest to you is to provide them with a beautiful summer house to stay in when they visit.

Not to mention that it can become a handy second income if you rent out the space when you don’t have visitors!

If you pick a summer house like the Large Garden Room with Sleeping Loft Sweden J, you can use it as a guest house all year round due to the thick walls and double glazing.

As a living space

Everyone needs a place they can go to unwind and get away from their busy modern-day lives. Garden summer houses are the perfect place to sit back, relax, and momentarily forget about worries and responsibilities.

A summer house with a veranda offers the perfect solution, creating a space where you can listen to music, read a book, or sit with your own thoughts.

For relaxation

Summer Houses For Relaxation

Summer houses come in all different shapes and sizes, and some even come with an additional room you can use as a sauna.

This wooden summer house creates the perfect opportunity to build your own home spa, with a sauna room and hot tub on the veranda. If this sounds like your cup of tea, summer houses like the Garden Sauna Cabin Paula are perfect.

Come and Say Hello to the Team


We know that purchasing a summer house is not a cheap investment for most people. That is why we set up a SummerHouse24 display site in Devon, where you can see a wide variety of our cabins to find the right one for your needs.

We are currently open from Monday to Friday as standard, but you can book weekend appointments in advance. Call us in advance if you want to see a specific model. With well over 300 different summer houses on offer, we sadly cannot showcase them all (as much as we would love to!)

On-site, there is also a Virtual Reality program you can use to change the cabin and test your interior design skills.

This tool will let you create your dream summer house and allow you to bring your vision to life. It is also an excellent tool to ensure you don’t purchase the wrong summer house for your needs.

Don’t worry. Even if that does happen, we have an excellent returns policy to ensure all of our customers are happy with their purchases.

You can find directions here.


Due to our continued expansion, we have also opened a new site, forming part of Garforth Garden Centre by Klondyke Group. At the site, we have several garden buildings for you to come and check out, including:

  1. Garden Offices
  2. BBQ Huts
  3. Sauna Cabins
  4. Corner Summer Houses
  5. Guest House Cabins

Seeing our summer houses in person will give you a much better understanding of just how high-quality these cabins are and allow you to pick a style that perfectly suits your needs.

There is abundant free parking and a cafe within the garden centre to take advantage of while you discuss your favourite summer houses.

You can find directions here.

Get in Touch Today

SummerHouse24 provides free delivery of our flat-pack log cabins across most of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Click here to check out our free delivery zones.

What materials do you use?

Traditional materials are at the forefront of our design plans when we build our summer houses. Wood is one of our essential building materials and has been at the heart of outdoor buildings for many years.

For starters, wood is one of the most accessible materials, but it is also one of the most natural materials you can choose to build a summer house with.

Wood is also the perfect material for summer houses as it is excellent and balances humidity and temperature. So long as it is well maintained, a wooden summer house will last for many years.

From an aesthetic perspective, wood also creates the perfect atmosphere. You need a summer house that allows you to feel like you are getting in touch with nature and taking you away from the busy lifestyle of concrete buildings and metal structures.

Therefore, wood is perfect for summer houses, garden buildings, and other outdoor structures.

We only use the best possible wood for our summer houses, which is why our cabins are made from slow-grown nordic spruce. Grown in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, is grows slower due to the colder climate, which makes the wood stronger and more sturdy.

Are your summer houses sustainable?

At Summer House 24, we are conscious of our carbon footprint. We value the materials we use to bring your dream summer house to life, and we always ensure we do everything we can to create robust, high-quality buildings with sustainability in mind.

That is why we use sustainable slow-growing Nordic spruce wood due to its durable qualities.

What design should I choose?

When you are choosing your summer house, it is essential that you consider which design meets your needs.

For example, are you interested in purchasing a summer house that seamlessly blends into the natural surroundings of your garden?

Or are you more interested in a summer house that provides a modern look and feels and contrasts the other aspects of your garden?

Whatever it may be, it is essential that you have a clear idea in your mind of what you are looking for when you consider purchasing a summer house.

We have well over 300 different styles for you to choose from, so if you are unsure or want to speak to an expert about any queries or concerns, please feel free to call us. We will be happy to talk you through the process and help you find the perfect solution to your summer house needs.

And if you can’t find a model that suits your needs, we also offer fully bespoke solutions. We’ve helped many clients with small changes like a change in door or window placement, but we also offer fully bespoke cabins, where you can draw out your dream summer house, and we will bring it to life.

Do you offer extra protection?

When you think about purchasing a summer house, chances are you think about days of sunbathing on the veranda, barbeques with your friends and family, or summer evenings on your own.

What you probably don’t think about is the miserable British weather! Unfortunately, we don’t get the blazing heat all year round, and you don’t want to find your summer house too cold to use in the winter.

To counteract this, we offer special insulation kits which help add a layer of insulation to your summer house for when the temperature drops in the winter.

These insulation kits also help keep the temperature manageable in summer. With record heatwaves in summer last year, you don’t want to find your summer house uncomfortable on days when the weather is at its best.

These insulation kits will ensure you can use your summer house all year round and are perfect if you plan on using it regularly, whether for work or pleasure.

As well as additional protection, our summer houses are built to endure every form of weather we have come to expect from the UK.

Our summer house designs mirror the classic log cabin design, with walls built using prefabricated wooden plants interlinked via a tongue and groove system.

This system interlocks the walls tightly, which offers fantastic durability and rigidity so that your summer house can handle whatever weather is thrown at it.

All our summer houses are built on pressure-treated foundation timbers, and many feature concealed storm braces and wall metal strengthening rods for additional support.

Can I assemble my own summer house?

Absolutely! Almost all of our summer house kits can be assembled by our customers. Still, we advise that you only do so if you have a reasonable level of prior experience and ability.

For some people, we know that building the summer house is as much fun as enjoying the finished product, which is why we offer cabin kits.

Our cabin kits include instructions for you to follow alongside all the materials you need, such as decking boards, screws, windows, and doors.

That said, we know that building a summer house is not for everyone! That’s why we have an expert in-house assembly team who can do the job for you.

If you have any questions about whether or not you should try to build your own summer house, please feel free to contact us, and we will walk you through the process to see if it is feasible.

After all, we want to ensure that you have a summer house that’s built to last!

Do I Need Planning Permission for A Summer House?

One typical query customers have is whether or not they need planning permission to build a summer house in their back garden. Fortunately, almost all garden buildings are allowed under ‘Permitted Development’, especially any smaller summer houses.

You can be confident you do not need any additional planning permission for your summer house if it meets these requirements:

  • It will not be used for permanent residential use
  • Your garden summer house is a single story
  • It is no taller than 4m
  • It does not take up more than 50% of your garden
  • You build it in your back garden, not the front garden