Summerhouse24 Premium Folding Doors


We are delighted to introduce you to our new folding door system. We developed and tested these new doors during 2019 and they are now available for Summerhouse24 customers. These premium end folding doors are included in a number of cabins with 70mm wall thickness and they can be ordered as an upgrade across our 44mm log cabins to replace the standard sliding doors. They can also be ordered with all bespoke and tailor made cabins.

These large glass paneled doors let plenty of daylight inside and enable you to enjoy warm summer days by opening entirely, creating and aperture of nearly 2 x 3 m in total. For colder days and seasons you can rely on its double glazing and draft excluders, which ensure superb thermal resistance and keep the cabin warm with minimum heating costs. Our sliding doors are made of the finest Nordic pine and offer exceptional user comfort and a very long life span. The doors come complete with German made Gretsch-Unitas Fold&Slide hardware and locking systems.