The Benefits of Using Log Cabins as Classrooms


The Benefits of Using Log Cabins as Classrooms

The Government has decided – when the school starts, children will attend class in smaller groups. The maximum number of students allowed to study in the same classroom is 15 and schools have been advised to find effective solutions to ensure that student groups will keep a safe distance to prevent and limit the transmission of COVID-19.

This decision will have a huge impact on all educational institutions that need to find viable solutions to overcrowded classrooms fast. Without much time for planning, many teachers and parents admit that they don’t want children to return to school just yet. Most teachers have shown a great deal of concern about keeping students apart – a difficult task especially when it comes to young children and teenagers.

We understand that the educational system is now facing a major challenge. The global pandemic is forcing schools to act quickly and on a tight budget. So is investing in building new classrooms a viable option in these circumstances? It can be, especially if schools start considering the log cabin classroom, which is by far the best option available on the market at this point. From pre-school to colleges and universities, log cabins provide versatile spaces that are a great fit not just for conventional classes but also for libraries, laboratories, common rooms, canteens, IT labs, etc.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of investing in log cabin classrooms.

Benefit #1: Log cabin classrooms are a good investment

Log cabin classrooms are built using only natural materials that are extremely durable and will last for many years. A little known fact, but a very important one – wooden structures that are well-maintained and repainted on a regular basis will surpass the average lifespan of structures made from stone and other construction materials.

Benefit #2: Log cabin classrooms are eco-friendly

The younger generations are very environmentally conscious and well-informed on the current environmental problems that our planet is facing. It’s safe to assume that most students will be very pleased to know that their school invests in eco-friendly classrooms.

Built entirely out of Scandinavian pine, which is a high-quality and durable type of wood, log cabins are more environmentally-friendly than port-a-cabins, which are designed to be movable rather than permanently located.

As mentioned above, log cabin classrooms are made entirely out of Scandinavian Pine, which grown responsibly and is a renewable resource. In addition to that, log cabins are carefully insulated and sealed to ensure maximum energy efficiency and a reduced energy bill.

Benefit #3: Log cabins are versatile.

Our team of experienced log cabin designers focuses on matching the client’s needs, so our log cabins can be adjusted and built to accommodate any kind of lesson or school activity. Log cabin classrooms can include bathrooms, kitchens, changing rooms, showers, different types of flooring, heating systems, AC, and pretty much anything you need.

There is no doubt that log cabin classrooms are extremely versatile and all of our clients were surprised to see how well these structures work for their schools. Our standard log cabin classroom measures 60m2 (5×12) and it includes one large space (designed to accommodate 10 desks), and two smaller spaces that can be used as toilets, showers, storage rooms, etc.

Benefit #4: Log cabin classrooms can be permanent

Log cabins are a better choice than port-o-cabins because, although they can be installed in just 4-5 days, they are designed for permanent use. So, instead of paying for a rented room that will be returned after a certain period of time, you can purchase a log cabin that will be yours forever. Furthermore, the cost of a log cabin classroom can even be lower than the cost of a port-a-cabin. Adding to the fact that log cabins are built of long-lasting and eco-friendly materials, they undoubtedly make great investments for schools.

Benefit #5: Log cabin classrooms are made from breathable materials

The only building material for log cabins is wood which is naturally breathable. This means that moisture will not get trapped within the walls. Instead, it will be absorbed and expelled through evaporation. Moreover, wood provides natural insulation which is extremely useful as it keeps the classroom cool during summer and warmer during winter.

With log cabin classrooms, you won’t have to worry about the level of humidity and you can rest assured knowing that the students are learning in a pleasant and healthy environment.

Benefit #6: Log cabin classrooms can be assembled quickly

When you order the standard log cabin classroom kit, our assembly team will install it within just 4-5 days. It will probably take a few more days to prepare the classroom by adding insulation, flooring, furniture, etc. You can order as many log cabins as you need and you can have them built during the summer vacation. Our assembly team can manage the whole project and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Considering the options available on the market and the tight budgets that most schools have, it’s reassuring to know that the average cost of a log cabin classroom is three times smaller than the cost of a classical structure. Our standard log cabin classroom costs £16,500.00, but some of our clients found that the Large Garden Snooker Room XL (£10,800.00) is a good fit for a classroom as well. So you can take a look at all of our log cabin designs and choose the one that fits your needs and your budget best.

Another reason why a log cabin classroom makes a great investment is the fact that it is extremely versatile and can be easily repurposed and it can even be moved (with some disassembly and heavy equipment).

Other great uses for log cabins include a garage, storage space, leisure room, game room, hobby room, office, library, shop, etc.