Using Our Log Cabins as Classrooms or Kindergartens


Using Our Log Cabins as Classrooms or Kindergartens

Using log cabins or large garden rooms as classrooms, kindergartens, nurseries, studios, or offices is a viable, and very affordable solution. It can be realized short term, but will provide valuable space for a long period into the future.

Offices for multiple employees, buildings to house administrations, and classrooms will, of course have to have a certain size, which would extend that of an average summer house. Also, the floor plans will have to fit the specific needs.

We will introduce you to two large log cabins that are especially suitable for these kinds of usages. However, if you will have a look at our selection of large garden rooms, you will find many more possible candidates for these kinds of usage.

The Log Cabin Classroom is specifically designed as a classroom or nursery

On a total floor area of 60m2 (5x12m), the log cabin Classroom offers 45m2(9m out of the total 12m length) as the main classroom. It has a comfortably large double-glazed double door as a main entrance and four large double-glazed double windows, nicely looking with sash bars.

One smaller entrance to the main classroom is in the back leading to a door in the back of the large room leading into a corridor with doors to 3 smaller rooms of about 2,35m2 each with an additional window that are open for any usage as toilets, showers, storage, or whatever you need.

The wall thickness of 70mm guarantees a sturdy construction, a long life span, and constitutes an excellent basis for effective insulation which would be advisable for all year round use.

As one recent example shows, a complete construction inclusive of insulation and all installations can be realized within a £30,000 budget during an installation period of less than one week.

In spite of its name, the classroom log cabin can be used for a variety of purposes from shops over exhibition rooms to conference rooms.

The Two Bedroom Summerhouse Dune

The Two Bedroom Summerhouse Dune is a large garden room that has also already been ordered by schools to serve as an additional classroom. It even has altogether four rooms which makes it suitable to house several groups of children or one or two additional teacher´s offices, wardrobes, storage rooms, or whatever your enterprise needs.

The central main entrance with a large double door leads directly into the main room with 37m2. From there two more well-usable rooms of 12.5m2 each are accessible and one small room of 3.1m2 that could contain a toilet and a sink, or a storage room for teaching materials. The overall space is 70m2 under a roof spanning over 75m2. This large log cabin therefore offers a bit more classroom space than the Classroom cabin itself. To calculate exactly: It offers 16% more space, but with a price tag of only £17,500.00, it takes just £1,000 (6%) more out of your budget compared to the Classroom log cabin.  And this extraordinarily low price does not indicate any loss of quality: Wall thickness is 70mm as well, windows are opening and double glazed, the front door even can be changed from fully glazed to half glazed or completely solid and, of course, all our models do have cylinder locks for the doors in the standard package.

For garden rooms to be used as classrooms or nurseries, we include special features

All large log cabins can be modified for their specific use. Just contact us with your idea and your favorite model, and we can plan any necessary modifications together. We can also do bespoke classrooms, offices, or whatever you need. If you need a dry, cozy, safe room quickly and on a small budget, just talk to us! We know very well how to fulfill your needs.

For all classrooms, we offer all the glass surfaces with tempered glass by default. Safety must be a number one concern when working with kids. And, of course, feeling well, cosy, and at home in an environment made from a natural, breathable, and even fragrant material like timber is important for the learning success of children and the well-being and comfort of your staff alike.

If we could inspire you to think about the use of a large, wooden building for your purposes, be it office space, classrooms, nurseries, studios, sales, or whatever, please have a look at our collection of large log cabins and do not hesitate contact us with your ideas or call us directly at 020 3807 0369!