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Virtual Reality Showroom

Your Garden Room Comes To Life

Summerhouse24 has launched a fully interactive showroom in virtual reality, bringing your personalised garden room to life!

One of its kind solution, the software lets you interact with the environment and experience our beautiful garden rooms and log cabins in real-life. Using HTC Vive latest and most innovative virtual reality glasses, you can now walkthrough the building and change the layout and colour, windows, doors, furniture and more! The new digital walkaround capability provides an immersive preview of the space, making it easier to visualise your ideal garden room the way you want. Come and see us at our display site in Totnes, Devon and let our virtual reality experience helps you make your perfect space become a reality.

If you are a current HTC Vive user, you can download the free software now
and turn your living room or workspace into a virtual showroom
Developed by:
Leader Estonia
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