10 Garden Sheds UK Essentials – How to Be a Pro


How to Be a Pro

For more decades than we care to count, the garden shed has been a place of storage, a space where you could go to fix something broken that was too messy to be handled in the main house. Or, of course an annex to your beautiful garden where all your tools had a space of their own. But things can get messy very quickly. Not to mention lost. So, with that in mind, what should you keep in there to cover the essentials of a garden shed? Here’s the ultimate list!

1. A First-aid Kit Fit for a Gardner

This needs to be at the top of your list. But not all first-aid kits are created equally, so make sure to personalize yours as well. You are a gardener, so everything in it needs to cater to a potentially problematic situation. Therefore, we suggest you keep something for sunburn, for cuts, for bug bites and poisoning issues. The last one is in case you run into poison ivy, sumac or oak. If not treated immediately, the rash could last for weeks.

2. A Trowel, Spade or Shovel

This might seem like an obvious choice, but we’re talking about making sure you invest in a high-quality shovel. This will make your gardening a lot easier and not give you a backache. In other words, you will need a shovel that has a very long handle as well as flat edges. They will create a lot of space for digging and placing your feet.

So far your garden sheds UK are looking fantastic, but you still need a trowel. The blade has to be very wide and as curved as possible. In this way it will fit better in your hand as you use it. Which brings us to this.

3. A Few Pairs of Gardening Gloves

Don’t get a single pair because anything can happen to it. While you work, it can rip, break or you can get it dirty or wet. This will inevitably lead you to stop your gardening work and run down to buy another pair. Having a few in your well-stocked garden sheds UK will prevent that.

Again, just like with the gardening tools, you need to invest in a high-quality pair of leather working gloves. You will see just how important their quality is when you run into thorns, very sharp twigs, pesky garden spiders or bees.

4. Pruners for Your Garden Sheds UK

This activity, pruning, is also called deadheading and it’s an all-year round task. The reason is that different trees, hedges, and flowers need to be pruned at different times. Therefore, you absolutely need to have a set of pruners in your garden sheds UK. Buy a set that is very sharp and which can make a clean cut in your plant without wrecking it.

5. Tools for Watering

The watering category of garden sheds UK essentials can include many things. We’re talking about a hose, watering cans, and everything in between.

If you’re planning on getting a hose, you should know that the best ones always have a mesh layer as a reinforcement as well as an opening of 5/8-inches. They will be able to handle a water pressure of 50 pounds if we’re talking about square inches.

Watering cans will do the trick for those little faraway places in your garden where the hose can’t reach.

6. A Cart or a Wheelbarrow

Of course, you can get both but common gardeners usually prefer one or the other. Plus it helps if you’re on a budget or if you don’t have that much space in your backyard to begin with. But independently of which one you choose, they will be of a tremendous help. Especially when you have to prune or do a spring cleanup. All the debris can be put in the cart and carried out. If not, you will have to carry it out by hand.

7. A Power Drill

This is not necessarily fit just for gardening purposes, but you will be surprised at just how versatile a power drill can be. You can use it if you want to mix paint, as an electrical screwdriver, as a hole puncher for bricks, or as a sander.

Not to mention the fact that power drills are not a ‘one size fits all’ type of deal. A short trip to your local hardware store will show you that they come in various sizes, shapes, as well as power degrees. This means you can tailor them for all your gardening needs. This is one tool that definitely needs to sit in your garden sheds UK!

8. A Peg Board

This is one of the greatest additions to your garden sheds UK for several reasons. You will find that it’s super cheap. Plus you’ll be able to fit it on your wall yourself because it’s so easy to do. Once there, you can hang all your tools and save a lot of space. Not to mention that you can adjust it as you go.

9. Solar Light for Your Garden Sheds UK

These LED fixtures spend all day in the sun charging up. They can then provide clean energy if you need to spend a few more hours working in the garden or in the shed itself. They work by pressing a classic switch except that now there are no more light bulbs you need to worry about all the time.

Apart from that, this idea can also save you some money if you don’t want to connect your garden shed to the main electrical line or to the power grid in your house. But if you do, here’s the ultimate essential you can add to your shed.

10. A TV that Flips Down

Yes, we know, this is a bit of a luxury, which is why it’s last on the list. It’s also definitely not mandatory like a first-aid kit or a shovel. But it would be a fantastic addition that could transform your gardening from a chore to an absolute delight!

Of course, this is just a basic list that has, as we mentioned, the essentials you could keep in your garden sheds UK. It’s a starting point to which you can add hammers, gardening books, nail guns, a chisel, safety glasses, and more. Let us know in the comment section below what you keep in your shed!


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