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  • SKU G0189

    Modern Double Wooden Garage F with Up and Over Doors / 70mm / 6 x 7 m

    710x575 cm
  • SKU G0188

    Modern Double Wooden Garage F with Flat Roof / 44mm / 6 x 6 m

    573x553 cm
  • SKU G0187

    Wooden Double Garage E with Up and Over Doors / 70mm / 5,5 x 7 m

    573x553 cm
  • SKU G0186

    Wooden Double Garage E with Double Doors / 44mm / 5,5 x 5,7 m

    573x553 cm

How to Choose the Perfect Wooden Double Garage

Selecting the perfect wooden double garage for your needs can feel like a bit of a headache.

With so many choices to pick from and aspects to consider, it can quickly become complicated and confusing.

Here, we will look at what you need to consider when picking your wooden double garage to ensure you choose the perfect one for your specific needs.

Why Do People Opt for Wooden Garages?

Pressure treated Wooden Garages are Cost Effective

As you might imagine, a wooden double garage is much cheaper than a double garage made from other materials.

At Summer House 24, we offer a range of double garages to choose from to ensure an option is available for anyone, no matter their budget.

Several Uses

One of the main reasons people opt for a wooden double garage is its various uses. You can park two cars in your double garage or park one car and use the other side for other activities.

The wooden walls make it easy to paint different colours, allowing you to separate your double garage into one half for parking cars and one half for hobbies and recreational activities.

Added security

Opting for a wooden double garage also provides plenty of additional security to protect your car(s). If you currently park your car on the roadside, it might worry you that there is a chance it could be broken into or damaged by passers-by.

With a wooden double garage, these concerns go away, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your vehicles are safely locked up in your wooden double garage.

Another added benefit of more security is that it will likely reduce your insurance fees. Companies often lower insurance fees if a car is locked in a garage at night rather than on the street.

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing your Timber Garage

Will you use your log garage for storage?

If you plan on also using your wooden double garage for storage, this will impact the size of the garage that you choose. Ensuring you have enough room for each vehicle and any other garden equipment you want to store in your wooden garage is essential before making a purchase.

What is your budget?

One major factor you must consider is your budget. As with any significant purchase, you need to establish how much money you are willing to spend on your chosen double garage.

As mentioned, we offer a variety of wooden double garages at different price points to ensure everyone has access to a high-quality double garage, regardless of their budget.

How many cars do you have at your home?

How many cars are you planning on storing in your double garage? It might be that you have one car currently, but you are planning on getting another one soon, and you want a wooden double garage suitable for protecting them both.

Or maybe you plan on using your wooden double garage to store one car and storage for other equipment or even a home gym.

All of these scenarios should factor into which wooden double garage you decide to choose.

Single Garages or Double Garages, Which is Right for You?

Ultimately, deciding whether you want a single or double garage will come from personal preference, budget, and requirements.

As you would expect, single wooden garages are often cheaper but also have several downsides. Even if you only have one car you plan on housing in a wooden garage, a double garage offers you plenty of space for other things you might want to store and future-proofs your building in case you ever purchase a second vehicle.

Do I need planning permission for a wooden double garage?

You shouldn’t need special planning permission for almost all wooden garage kits. However, each case will be different, and you must check the rules and requirements of your local area before beginning construction.

Will a Summer House 24 wooden double garage have space for two cars?

All of our double garages have plenty of space for two cards. You could also use one of our double wood garages for one car and storage, using the other side of your garden building to store gardening equipment. The double doors will make it easy to access when needed.

How do I maintain a wooden double garage?

Our timber garages are built to last, but even high-quality garden buildings require maintenance. Frequent checks of all windows and doors, and the timber itself, will help you stay on top of any potential impact the elements may have on your garage.