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Main Advantages of Our Garden Buildings

Our standard cabin kits have so many premium features. You can hardly find a garden log cabin with similar quality and premium cabin equipment as our standard summer house sets.

German made tilt & turn systems with multi locking points

ensure the best user comfort and extended lifespan.

Toughened safety glass in doors and windows

ensures durability and safety. Toughened glass is five times stronger than regular glass and in the event of severe impact, toughened glass crumbles into small blunt pebbles and does not shatter into spikes or shards like regular glass. This significantly reduces chances of any injury, while regular glass, on the other hand, breaks into long, sharp spikes and can cause serious injuries.

Double glazed doors and windows with aluminium rain deflectors

significantly increase weather and temperature resistance in your cabin and enable you to use your cabin during colder periods. Double glazing is included in all our standard cabin kits with walls of 44mm thickness and above*. (*Excludes BBQ huts / Grillkotas which use a different system).

European made door hardware, door handles and locks

ensure excellent functionality and durability.

Metal storm braces and in-wall strengthening rods

provide better stability and more integral cabin strength (included in all cabin kits with 44mm wall thickness and above).

Heavy duty roof construction

ensures a minimum 120-200 kg / m2 roof load capacity for all our timber cabins and makes sure your cabin is strong, stable and will last for years to come.

Factory pressure treated foundation frame

timbers enable you to start installation immediately. All remaining cabin components require wood preservative to be applied after the assembly has been completed.

Factory pressure treated terrace boards

are highly durable and user friendly because they reduce the amount of extra work. Our deep pressure treated terrace boards do not require any additional treatment, just install and enjoy.

All cabin components are made of carefully selected slow grown dense Nordic spruce

which ensures better cabin strength and longevity compared to commonly used southern wood.

Weatherproof packaging

protects your cabin from moisture, sun, UV and other weather conditions. Your cabin pack can easily stay outside for several weeks, if you don’t install it immediately after the delivery.

Over twenty years of experience in design and production of wooden buildings

ensures we have a better knowledge and knowhow of producing and delivering premium quality cabins to our customers.

5 year factory warranty

on all wooden components.

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About us

Welcome to Summer house24, your premier destination for top-quality garden buildings at competitive prices. We specialize in crafting and delivering a wide variety of garden houses, including modern garden rooms, sheds, contemporary offices, pods, and outdoor storage furniture. Our expertise lies in creating summer houses, log cabins, and garden rooms using the finest timber. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of stylish and functional outdoor building solutions to meet all your garden building needs, all at affordable prices.

Summerhouse24 Production unit
Summerhouse24 display site at Devon, UK

Through our extensive years of dedication, innovation, and product development, we uphold our commitment. Directly delivering all our garden buildings from our factory sets us apart as we avoid purchasing third-party components. This approach grants us comprehensive control over the manufacturing process, ensuring familiarity and oversight of every element.

Employing cutting-edge wood processing technology within our factory empowers us to present an extensive array of prefabricated houses, garden log cabins and rooms renowned for their top-notch quality. Our team of specialists is readily available to assist you in choosing the perfect garden building tailored to your specific requirements.

Prefab Summer houses, Garden Rooms and More for Sale!

Welcome to Summerhouse24, where your dream of an idyllic outdoor retreat becomes a reality. Our extensive range of pre-built log rooms, prefabricated cabins, and summer houses are designed to blend seamlessly into any garden setting, providing you with the perfect escape right in your backyard.

Superior Materials and Construction Quality in our Garden Houses

Wood has been used for thousands of years as a key building material. From early Saxon huts to modern-day homes, wood is not only used because of its availability but also its excellent natural properties. That makes it an ideal material to use when building summer houses, log cabins and all sorts of garden buildings.

We use sustainable Nordic spruce for our kits, ensuring durability and a cozy atmosphere. From classic garden sheds to modern insulated summer houses, our range offers hundreds of designs for every taste and need. Our prefabricated log construction, complete with detailed instructions, makes DIY assembly a breeze. Alternatively, our assembly team can construct it for you.

It is important to consider the design when building a summer house or garden shed. Do you want it to blend to its immediate garden surroundings or perhaps a contrasting modern insulated summer house? We have hundreds of designs for prefab summer houses to choose from. If you are unsure, then give us a call and we can discuss your project or perhaps a bespoke cabin design.

For added protection against the elements, you can add one of our insulation kits to create an insulated summer house or home office. These kits will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You will need some form of heating in the winter months in addition to the insulation but then you are all set to use your Garden House 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Log Cabins Differ in their Construction

Our garden building construction is based on the classic design. The walls are made up of prefabricated wooden planks, which are pushed into one another using a simple tongue and groove system. The walls all interlock and are built up row by row which gives them excellent rigidity and durability. The cabin or summer house shed walls sit on top of pressure treated foundation timbers which are supplied in the kit. Many of our models also feature in wall metal strengthening rods and concealed storm braces.

Using this prefabrication method we can construct almost any size or shape building, from a corner summer house through to an Octagonal BBQ hut. Many of our summer house kits are suitable for DIY assembly depending on your ability and prior experience. So, if you are wondering how to build a summer house step by step but not sure where to start, then choose one of our cabin kits. The standard kit includes step-by-step instructions, plus everything you need from double-glazed doors and windows, door furniture, screws and decking boards if featured on your chosen model. However, if you don’t feel like doing it or don’t have the time, you can have the garden houses, saunas and wooden garages built by our assembly team. Feel free to contact us for specialist advice if you have any questions!

Finding Your Ideal Garden House

Ask yourself what functions you need this building to fulfill. For example, Do I need a summer house shed combined? These models are a great way to create additional space for entertaining or hobbies as well as valuable storage in your garden on a small footprint. Is it a classic arbor or a garden house in a modern style I would like? At Summerhouse24 you will find garden houses of all sizes in different styles, as well as tool sheds, sauna houses, wooden garages, BBQ huts and carports. Which garden house model will be your ideal choice depends on your usage requirements. What needs does your garden house have to meet? If you are not yet sure of this, our examples below might help:

Diverse Garden Structure Uses for Every Lifestyle

– Living Room Oasis: Our summer houses with verandas offer a peaceful escape to relax and enjoy in your garden.
– Party Central: Spacious, well-equipped garden log cabins, perfect for hosting events and storing party essentials.
– Guest Haven: Comfortable, insulated prefab bedroom cabins ideal for accommodating guests, usable year-round.
– Wellness Retreat: Choose our outdoor sauna cabins or barrel saunas for a home spa experience, complete with relaxation spaces.
– Work and Hobby Hub: Ideal for a quiet home office, creative studio, or hobby room, adaptable to various activities.
– Garden Storage Solution: Efficient storage for tools and furniture in our well-lit, spacious garden sheds.

Discover the ideal garden building to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Embracing Summer’s Warmth: The Magic of the Best Garden House

As the golden hues of summer gently unfold, it’s time to turn our attention to the heart of our gardens – the garden house. This cherished space, whether it be garden rooms, garden log cabins, or traditional summer houses, becomes a sanctuary of tranquility and joy during these sun-kissed months.

The Charm of Garden Rooms

Garden rooms stand as a testament to our love for the outdoors. These spaces, often best enjoyed in the warmth of summer, offer a seamless transition between home and nature. Imagine sipping your morning tea, surrounded by the soft whispers of nature in your very own garden room – it’s a simple yet profound pleasure.

Garden Log Cabins: A Rustic Retreat

For those who yearn for a touch of rustic charm, garden log cabins are a perfect choice. These structures, with their sturdy logs and warm wooden interiors, provide a cozy retreat from the hustle of everyday life. They are a reminder of simpler times, a space where one can unwind and reconnect with the simpler joys of life.

The Versatility of Prefabricated Summer Houses

Prefab summer houses are a marvel of modern convenience – easy to install, yet so rich in the joy they bring. These summer houses are not just about practicality; they are about creating spaces where families gather, laughter echoes, and memories are made under the summer sky.

A Symphony of Nature in Easy-to-Install Prefabs Garden Buildings

The beauty of these prefabricated garden houses lies in their simplicity. Easy to install, they can transform an ordinary garden into a haven of relaxation and enjoyment in no time. Imagine a space where you can retreat to enjoy the long, lazy days of summer, surrounded by the beauty of your garden.

Conclusion: A Summer of Memories

As you prepare your garden house for the coming summer, remember that it’s more than just a structure in your garden. It’s a canvas for your memories, a backdrop to the moments that define the joy and beauty of summer. Whether it’s a garden room, a log cabin, or a prefabricated summer house, these spaces are where the magic of summer truly comes to life.


How big should the garden building be?

Once you have established how you want to use your log cabin, or summer house shed, you need to know how much space you have available to ensure you select the right model. In our shop you can filter all prefab garden houses according to their size in square meters: starting with small versions through to large annexes with a floor area of over 30 m².

In addition to the overall size of a garden house, there are further requirements to consider:

  • One large room or, better, two, possibly several rooms? Two-room garden houses are particularly popular; in addition to the living room, they also have a small equipment room with an extra door for use as a shed.
  • Do you need an undercover terrace or veranda that integrates with the room to easily allow for lots of guests regularly?
  • Some garden houses have a sleeping loft as a second level thanks to their height. This expands the living space to include an overnight stay. Children especially love sleeping in lofts because they find the loft-like an exciting den for their adventures. Our two-bedroom wooden lodge with a sleeping loft Dallas 7 x 7m cabin is a popular choice

The light in the garden house also plays a role in the “perceived size”. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows, possibly on several sides such as in our corner garden room Hansa B 3 x 6m give the impression of greater space than small windows or just a glazed door. It is important to note that any building over 30m2 may require planning permission and you will need to consult with your local planning office to confirm this.
What wall thickness does your garden house need?

Garden houses made of wood are available in different wall thicknesses. Basically, the thicker the walls, the more stable a wooden house is. The wall thickness required for your garden room or shed, depends primarily on the planned use:

  • 28 mm: This wall thickness is sufficient for large tool sheds and small garden sheds. You can even spend the night in a 28-millimeter-wall-thick garden house in summer, but not in cooler seasons. This really is an entry-level thickness used on cheap summer houses and we do not produce any models in this wood thickness.
  • 44 mm: the medium and best-selling wall thickness. Countless models in all sizes are available. These houses offer a high level of stability and with the use of a small heater to guard against frost are suitable for frost-free wintering of plants or to keep snug for year-round use.
  • 70 and 92 mm: These wall thicknesses meet the highest requirements, provide excellent protection against overheating in summer and maintain heat well in winter months. An insulated summer house in the uk with some form of heating means you can use your Garden House 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ideal for holiday homes, bedroom cabins and offices. Many of our Sauna houses are also manufactured with a wall thickness of 70 mm for better heat retention and to create that true Finnish log cabin feel.

You can conveniently filter the garden building models according to wall thickness and style.

The shape of the cabin roof: gable roof (Apex), flat roof, or pent roof?

One of the main distinguishing features of Summerhouse24 is the roof. Its shape determines whether the log cabin looks classic or modern or whether it becomes an eye-catcher with a very special roof shape. The following variants are available:

The flat roof is the simplest type of roof. Contrary to the name, it’s not exactly level. For the rainwater to drain off well, flat roofs also have a minimal gradient of up to 3 degrees, which is not visually noticeable. The garden house with a flat roof has become more and more popular in recent years, modern summer houses and ultra-modern models are available such as our Modern Garden Office Hansa Lounge 5x5m.

The pent roof differs from the flat roof in that it has a greater gradient of up to 15 degrees. It is reminiscent of the shape of a lectern and is also playing an increasing role in modern garden house architecture. Our Garden Log Cabin with Storage Room Barbados Plus 8 x 4m is a good example of pent roof summer house.

The gable or apex roof is a roof that adorns garden houses in the classic traditional style as well as modern models. Two sloping roofs meet at the roof ridge, which results in a comparatively high interior space. Additional windows in the gable or even a second level (sleeping loft) are possible variants.

The pitched roof, also called a tent roof, is common in garden houses with a square or pentagonal floor plan. Four (sometimes more) roof surfaces meet in the ridge point at the top. Its shape makes it particularly appealing. Our Garden Room Sophia with a veranda 3.5 x 8m is a fine example of this style and also featured on and episode of Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh.

The hipped roof also has roof surfaces on the gable side. The slope on one side with a hipped roof is usually less than that of the gable roof which means there is more room height in the interior, but it is not enough for a second level. We use this roof style on our Corner Summer house models.

Don’t forget: Every roof needs the right cover. Various roof coverings can be ordered as accessories for our garden houses. For flat and pent roofs, we recommend Firestone rubber EPDM roofing kits. For all other roof shapes, we offer high-quality ICOpal Firesmart roof felt or ICOpal bitumen roofing shingles available in four colours: Black, Coal Grey, Forest Green and Brick Red.

Do we customize garden buildings?

If you cannot find your dream garden house in our shop then talk to us. Bespoke garden summer houses are no challenge for us and we can manufacture your model according to your ideas and requirements. Whether it is a sauna house, wooden garage, or snooker room you are looking for, we can custom-build any model for you.

You may have found a model that you like in our range but want some changes made. For example, you want to change the wall thickness, number of windows, or door location. No problem! We can tailor-make a summer house for you. Give us a call or send us an email with a sketch of what you are looking for and we’ll plan your dream garden house together with you.

Do you need planning permission for a summer house?

Before buying, you should check whether you need to obtain planning permission, a certificate of lawfulness, or if the building you are considering comes under permitted developments. The answer to this depends on where you live, how close to the boundary of your property the building will be assembled, the type of use, and the size of the building you are considering. You may also need to apply for building regulation approval in some cases.

Looking for an affordable Summer House?

Check out the Sale section! Anyone looking for a reduced-price garden house will find what they are looking for in the Summerhouse 24 sale section. Models of all sizes and styles are on offer here with no compromise on quality.

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