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  • Main Advantages of Our Timber Cabins

    Our standard cabin kits have so many premium features.
    You can hardly find a garden log cabin with similar quality and premium cabin equipment as our standard cabin sets.
  • German made tilt & turn systems with multi locking points ensure the best user comfort and extended lifespan.
    Toughened safety glass in doors and windows ensures durability and safety. Toughened glass is five times stronger than regular glass and in the event of severe impact, toughened glass crumbles into small blunt pebbles and does not shatter into spikes or shards like regular glass. This significantly reduces chances of any injury, while regular glass, on the other hand, breaks into long, sharp spikes and can cause serious injuries.
    Double glazed doors and windows with aluminum rain increase significantly weather and temperature resistance and enable you to use a cabin during colder periods, especially with our additional cabin insulation kits and light heating system. (included in all cabin kits with 44mm wall thickness and above).
    European made door hardware, door handles and locks ensure excellent functionality and durability.
    Metal storm braces and in-wall strengthening rods provide better stability and more integral cabin strength (included in all cabin kits with 44mm wall thickness and above).
    Massive roof construction ensures minimum 120-200 kg / m2 roof load capacity for all our timber cabins and make sure your cabin is stable and last for years to come.
    Factory impregnated foundation frame enables you to start installation immediately. Remaining cabin components shall be treated after the assembly has been completed.
    Factory Impregnated terrace boards are user friendly because they reduce the amount of extra work. Our deep impregnated terrace boards do not require any additional treatment, just install and enjoy.
    All cabin components are made of carefully selected slow grown dense Nordic spruce which ensures better cabin strength and longevity compared to commonly used southern wood.
    Weatherproof packaging protects your cabin from moisture, sun, UV and other weather conditions. Your cabin pack can easily stay outside for several weeks, if you don’t install it immediately after the delivery.
    Over twenty years of experience in design and production of wooden buildings ensures we have a better knowledge and knowhow of producing and delivering premium quality cabins to our customers.
    5 year factory warranty on all wooden components.