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  • Fast deliverySALE
    SKU G0158
    Fast delivery

    Contemporary Garden Log Cabin with Veranda Lucas E 9m² / 44mm / 6 x 3 m /

    318x578 cm
  • SKU G0105

    Garden Room Sophia with Veranda 10m² / 44mm / 3,5 x 8 m - Featured on Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

    778x328 cm
  • Fast deliverySALE
    SKU G0149
    Fast delivery

    Garden Room with Veranda Nora E 9m² / 44mm / 3 x 6 m

    318x278 cm
  • SKU G0139

    Modern Summer House Jacob E 12m² / 44mm / 4,2 x 3 m

    418x305 cm
  • SKU G0138

    Modern Garden Room Jacob D 12m² / 44mm / 4,2 x 3 m

    418x298 cm
  • SKU G0134

    Modern Garden Office Lucas E 9m² / 44mm / 3 x 3 m

    318x305 cm
  • SKU G0174

    Garden Office-Garden Room Mini Hansa Lounge 9m2 / 44mm / 3 x 3 m

    447x397 cm
  • SKU G0059

    Finnish BBQ Hut Seattle 6m² / 55mm / 3 x 2,6 m

    300x260 cm
  • SKU G0060

    BBQ Hut Seattle 9m² / 55mm / 3,6 x 3,3 m

    360x330 cm
  • SKU G0157

    Modern Garden Log Cabin with Canopy Lucas E 9m² / 44mm / 3 x 3 m

    318x305 cm
  • SKU G0148

    Summer House with Canopy Nora E 9m² / 44mm / 3 x 3 m

    318x305 cm
  • SKU G0325

    Small Garden Room Noah 7m² / 2.9 x 2.9m

    288x288 cm
  • SKU G0311

    Mini Garden Office-2 9m2 / 44mm / 3 x 3 m

    298x298 cm
  • SKU G0142

    Garden Workshop Eva F 12m² / 44mm / 3 x 4 m

    298x418 cm
  • SKU G0129

    Modern Log Cabin Nora E 9m² / 44mm / 3 x 3 m

    318x305 cm
  • SKU G0093

    Outdoor Sauna Cabin Lisette 7m² / 70mm / 2,3 x 3,9 m

    365x208 cm
  • Fast deliverySALE
    SKU G0368
    Fast delivery

    Contemporary Home Office Olivia ALU / 44mm / 3.8 x 3.8 m

    385x385 cm
  • SKU G0326

    Garden Room Elias With Veranda 7m² / 5.7 x 2.9m

    567x288 cm
  • SKU G0310

    Mini Garden Office 1 9m2 / 44mm / 3 x 3 m

    298x298 cm
  • SKU G0239

    Garden Sauna Cabin Finland 11m2 / 3 x 4 m / 70mm

    398x298 cm
  • SKU G0146

    Garden Summer House with Canopy Eva E 12m² / 44mm / 3 x 4 m

    318x418 cm
  • SKU G0153

    Summer House with Veranda Nora D 9m² / 44mm / 3 x 6 m

    578x298 cm
  • SKU G0145

    Workshop Shed Jacob F 12m² / 44mm / 4 x 3 m

    298x418 cm
  • SKU G0345

    Corner Summer House Fargo A / 44mm / 12 m2 / 3,5 x 3,5 m

    359x359 cm

Choosing the Perfect Small Summer House

A small summer house is ideal for relaxing, entertaining, storage, and offering additional living space. In truth, the possibilities are endless.

But how do you choose the right small summer house for your needs? Here, we will look at how to select a suitable summer house for your outdoor space.

Any garden building is a significant investment for most people, so we will discuss different shapes and sizes for any price range.

Searching for the perfect garden room? Need a specific home office space? Looking for more outdoor storage? You’ve come to the right place.

Uses for a Small Summer House

While a small summer house can be used for almost anything, there are a few specific reasons why they make a great addition to almost any back garden.

For storing garden tools

For starters, a small summer house makes an ideal location for storing garden tools. Sometimes, when you don’t have a garage, or it is used for another purpose, it can be hard to find somewhere to store your larger garden tools, such as a lawnmower.

The right small summer house is perfect for this job. When you pick a small summer house like the Workshop Shed Jacob F, not only can you use the double doors to wheel in and

For a garden office

Another highly popular option for a small summer house is when it is used as a garden office. Many of us now work from home, at least part-time, but not all of us have the space at home to work effectively.

Enter the small summer house! With the right insulation and wall thickness, like the Mini Garden Office, you can turn your small summer house into a garden office all year round.

To protect garden furniture

Have you got your eye on a beautiful set of garden furniture to host amazing summer parties or lounge around in the summer?

One of the main concerns for people purchasing large garden furniture sets is that there is nowhere to put them during the colder months.

A small summer house is an excellent solution, as it protects your furniture and keeps it in pristine condition for summer.

The Wooden Workshop Nora F is a great option if this is what you need your summer house for.

As a garden getaway

Modern life has many benefits, but it can get quite hectic from time to time. It is vital for anyone’s mental health to have a place they can go to where they can escape the noise and return to their roots.

The right small summer house is perfect for this. You could even opt for a cabin like the Summer House with Canopy Nora E, which has space to add a hot tub for ultimate relaxation.

For entertaining

You can’t put a price on quality time spent with friends and family! This summer, be the hostess or host, and utilise the space and features a small summer house has to offer to hold the perfect family or close friend get-together.

The Contemporary Garden Log Cabin with Veranda Lucas E is perfect for hosting. You can enjoy a delicious meal on the veranda before retiring to the garden room for a summer night film-fest.

Come and Say Hello to the Team


When you are considering purchasing a summer house, chances are you want to view it in person before purchasing.

This is especially true for anyone who is short on space and needs a small summer house for their garden.

We have two display sites, one in Devon and one in Leeds. You can see a range of our cabins at these sites to see which one perfectly suits your needs.

In Devon, we are open from Monday to Friday, or you can organise a weekend visit if you call in advance. For our Leeds site, please call in advance to talk to an expert during your visit.

You can find directions to our Devon location here.

You can find directions to our Leeds location here.

Get in Touch Today

SummerHouse24 offers free delivery on flat-pack log cabins throughout most of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Click here to check out our free delivery zones.

Can you have a summer house in a small garden?

Absolutely! Our small summer houses are perfect for fitting into any garden. You can also get a fully bespoke summer house made if none of our models suits the shape of your garden.

Do I need permission from the council for a summer house?

You don’t need planning permission for a small summer house so long as it:

  • Isn’t for permanent residential use
  • Is a single story
  • Is not taller than 4m
  • Isn’t over 50% of your garden
  • Is in your back garden

Can I build my own summer house?

Almost all the summer houses we sell can be built at home, but we strongly recommend you only attempt to assemble your own with adequate prior experience.

If you have any queries about if you should assemble your own summer house, get in touch with us first, and we can chat about whether or not it is the right option for you.

Are your summer houses sustainable?

Summer House 24 ensures all of our summer houses are strong, sturdy, and high-quality but also sustainably built.

Our summer houses are built with slow-growing Nordic spruce, which is sustainably sourced from Estonia, Finland, and Sweden.

Do you offer extra protection?

When you purchase a small summer house, you want to be confident that it can withstand all types of weather. Unfortunately, we do not have sunny weather all year round, and the cold weather can last for several months!

We provide additional insulation kits that offer a further layer of insulation for our summer houses to ensure it is usable all year round.

This is especially important if you use your small summer house as a garden office.

Our insulation kits keep the temperature manageable in summer and warmer in the winter.

Alongside additional protection for your garden summer house, our garden homes are also crafted to handle whatever weather is thrown at them.

Walls are built with interlinking prefabricated wooden plans, held together using a tongue and groove system, and our houses are built on pressure-treated foundation timbers.