The Nora D Garden Room with Canopy – An Affordable Upgrade for Your Garden

The Nora D Garden Room with Canopy – An Affordable Upgrade for Your Garden
Summer House Nora D with Canopy can be purchased for as little as £2990. This premium quality DIY garden building has many great uses and offers flexible outdoor space. For example, our customer prepared a solid wood decking and our installation team installed the cabin within a day. The cabin is now mostly used as an extra space offering overnight accommodation for his kids and friends coming over for weekends. The BBQ shelter with .

Garden Sheds in The UK – A Wide Variety of Types And Sizes to Choose From

Garden Sheds in UK
Garden sheds get more and more popular in the UK, and due to their popularity, the assortment has become so rich, that there is probably one for you already out there that exactly fits your requirements. Let’s have a closer look on the basic considerations playing a role in the choice, before jumping to purchasing one. Usage, style and construction materials, size, treatment, location, and – last but not least – your budget will .

Window Sills in The Wooden Log Cabin

Wooden Log Cabin
Most wooden log cabins are offered without external sills. The reason is of course that the wall thicknesses usually are about the same than the thickness of the window frame. So external sills are not needed to protect the wall beneath the window against rain, like in buildings with thicker walls. Another thing is it when you have a wooden log cabin made of really thick round logs, of course. So, for most wooden .

What are the most popular base types for garden buildings?

How to prepare a Pedestal Foundation?
A level, firm and stable foundation is one of the most important stages, if not the most important stage and starting point for building a summer house, shed or any other garden building. A good base ensures stability of the cabin, smooth assembly, longevity and a good look. A poor and improper base results in the reverse outcome and puts a great pressure on the whole cabin which will lead to a shorter life .

Contemporary Garden Offices – A New And Growing Trend For Homeowners

Contemporary Garden Offices
The growing trend for contemporary garden offices is linked to the growing trend to self-employment in the UK. This number has reached 2.5 million workers recently and continues to grow. The internet has changed the way we work. Electronic connections enable networking in companies as well as in between different businesses. If nearly all communication during a working day is via new media be it at the computer workstation or via smartphone, then it .

A Summer House With Shed – The Perfect Solution to All Needs

Summer House with Shed
Before somebody invented the first summer house with shed, the simple summerhouse often had to serve many purposes: As a garden room it was an expansion of the living space of the main house and as a storage shed it had to take gardening tools, bikes, garden furniture, toys, old furniture from the house and many more things. So it was always a little cramped in the summer house and somehow the stored things .

Contemporary Garden Rooms – Modern Looks And Affordable Prices

Contemporary Garden Rooms
Contemporary garden rooms are becoming a more and more popular choice in the UK to expand the room of the main house for a large variety of purposes from a garden office to a comfortable garden lounge or a sauna, a fitness room or just simply a place you can fully make your own without having to care about styles or rules in the main house. As a result of the increased demand manufacturers .

The Right Flooring for Your Garden Shed in the UK – Options And Considerations – Part II

Garden Shed
In the first part we have covered the pros and cons of having a wooden floor in the garden shed and given some tips and information about preparations of the ground and how to construct the underfloor. In this part we will look at different options for flooring and how usage and flooring go together in a garden shed. Of course the usage you have set aside for your garden shed is the determining .

The Right Flooring for Your Garden Shed in the UK – Options And Considerations – Part I

Garden Shed
If you want to buy a shed, a summer house or a garden shed in the UK, you will often have the choice to decide between a shed with a wooden floor and sheds offered without a floor. You could spare some money, if you decide for the option without floor. because the materials for the floor are among the more expensive ones. The bearers are often boiler-pressure impregnated by the manufacturers because they .

The 10 Most Important Advantages of Garden Houses – Part II

Garden Houses Part II
In the first part we spoke about the different types of usage for a garden log cabin, the environmental friendliness of timber as a building material and how it reduces the carbon footprint, that it is processed nearby the place where it is harvested, the selection of garden log cabins on the Internet, as well as the advantages that you can get when you develop a garden log cabin into a living space that .

The 10 Greatest Advantages of a Garden Log Cabin – Part I

Garden Log Cabin Part I
Garden log cabins have become more and more popular in the UK in recent years and you not only find them in gardens but also on construction sites, in companies, on camping sites, on allotment garden areas, or anywhere in nice natural environments as holiday apartments. Although a garden log cabin offers a broad variety of possible usages, we would like to cover only garden log cabins in the private garden during the following .

Garden Sheds and Small Summer Houses in the UK – Usefulness and Maintenance of Value

Small Summer Houses
A garden shed, a small summer house or summer house shed can be found in evermore gardens in the UK. The shape and size of these buildings designed as storage space for gardening tools and machinery is often different from garden houses built to accommodate people most often by size. These garden sheds are in the UK often quite small, like under 4 sq m, they have no windows in order to maximize the .

Ken’s Garden Room “The Eva E with Veranda”

Garden summer house with Veranda Eva E
We are happy to share photos and nice feedback from our customer Ken, who has just completed assembly of his new garden room “The Garden summer house with Veranda Eva E”. It took about 3 to 4 weeks to complete. This isn’t a criticism but it did take longer than I expected. I was very fortunate and had good weather for pretty much all of the build. My brother helped for the first two .