How to Turn Your 6×4 Shed Into an Industrial Chic Space

How to Turn Your 6x4 Shed Into an Industrial Chic Space
There’s nothing more enjoyable than decorating your garden shed and making it ‘your own’. If you are the lucky owner of a 6×4 garden shed, you already know how versatile these wooden structures are. They can be used as home offices, guest rooms, hobby rooms, granny annexes, man caves, garden bars, home cinemas – the possibilities are endless. But, choosing a style for your shed can be quite a challenge, but if you love .

What Can You Do With a Garden Pod – Top 3 Uses for Garden Pods

What Can You Do With a Garden Pod - Top 3 Uses for Garden Pods
It is no secret that over the past year, everyone was forced to spend more time at home. At first, we were scared and worried about the current situation, but then we had to learn how to enjoy what we have. More specifically, we had to find ways to make the most of being home all day and having more time on our hands. Some of us switched to working from home, while others .

Quick Guide to Garden Pods – a Modern Solution to Modern Problems

Quick Guide to Garden Pods – a Modern Solution to Modern Problems
Garden pods are becoming more and more popular and specialists might even call them the latest trend in real estate/home improvement. These structures are versatile, affordable, attractive, eco-friendly – they have all the advantages (and pretty much no disadvantage). Their multi-functionality makes them great investments. Whether you’re looking for a home extension, a home office, extra storage space, or a guest room, you need to consider garden pods. Building a home annex with bricks .

Quick Guide to Buying a Wooden Garage – Benefits, Costs, and More

Quick Guide to Buying a Wooden Garage – Benefits, Costs, and More
Investing in a brand new wooden garage is a big decision, but spring is almost here and now is the perfect time to decide what this year’s investments will be. Doing some research is crucial, especially when it comes to adding a new building to your garden or backyard. So why not take advantage of the last two months of bad weather to invest some time into reading a few articles about wooden garages, .

Our Log Cabins and Garden Buildings are now available in Denmark

Our Log Cabins and Garden Buildings are now available in Denmark
We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our operations to Denmark. All our log cabins, garden houses, sauna cabins, storage sheds, BBQ huts and garages are now available at Traehytter24. Our Danish speaking customer service team is available five days a week from 09:00 until 16:00. All our Danish customers are welcome to visit our showroom in neighboring Sweden. Our office in Viken is just one hour away from Helsingor area and .

5 Tips to Enjoy Winter in Your Wooden Summer House

summer house
Did you think that summer houses can only be used during the summer? This is a very common misconception. The best thing about wooden summer houses is that they can be used in any garden setting year-round, so maybe we should start referring to them as all-season houses. Although most outdoor activities are enjoyed during the warm summer months, there are plenty of things that you can do in a wooden log cabin during .

6 Interior Design Tips for Cozy Garden Log Cabins

log cabin
If you love nature, then you surely love garden log cabins as well. There’s nothing better than spending some quiet and relaxing time in a cozy garden room, surrounded by nature. Whether you want to embrace the rustic style or to follow a more modern and minimalist style, we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared a list of 10 interior design tips that will turn your garden log cabin into a unique space. So, if .

5 Creative and Clever Uses for Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds
As we’re preparing to say goodbye to autumn and starting to think about the winter holidays, we’re also growing a bit worried about the lockdown. All around the world things are a bit crazy and unusual but luckily, humans are creative beings. So even if we’re not happy about spending the following months at home, we’ll have to find things to keep our minds and our hands busy. Luckily, we’re creative beings and we .

Is a Garden Room Comfortable During the Winter?

Garden Room
Many homeowners worry that garden cabins are not warm enough to use during the cold winter months, so we’re not surprised if you asked yourself questions like: “Are garden rooms warm enough to be used during the autumn and winter?”, “If I use my garden room as a hobby room, gym, or home office, will I be able to use it in all seasons?”, “Will a garden room be as cozy as the main .

Large Garden Room D as Garden Living and Hobby Room

Large Garden Room D as Garden Living and Hobby Room
We’re grateful to see that our clients enjoy our products. We’ve just received a few photos from a customer who ordered our “Large Garden Room D” last year and we’re extremely happy to share them with you. The customer chose the standard log cabin set, grey roofing shingles, and the optional roof and floor insulation kit. Having installed the cabin a year ago, our client and his family had plenty of time to enjoy .

Quick Guide to Garden House Insulation and Winter-proofing

Quick Guide to Garden House Insulation and Winter-proofing
Garden houses are generally marketed as summer houses, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them all year round. If you’re currently thinking of investing in a garden house, but are worried about the cold winter months, we have great news! These versatile structures can be ‘winter-proofed’ and transformed into cozy spaces for work, leisure, creativity, and for pretty much anything you can think of. Working in a space that’s not properly insulated .

Quick Guide to Organizing Garden Storage Sheds

Organizing Garden Storage Sheds
If you want your garden to look tidy, pretty, and well-maintained, you’ll surely need a spacious garden storage shed. Outdoor garden storage sheds are extremely useful, especially if you have a lot of tools and equipment. Organizing a storage shed isn’t a difficult task, but we’ve decided to make it even easier for you by creating this quick guide. Read on to find out how to make the most out of your garden shed .

How to Set up a Perfect Garden Office

Perfect Garden Office
If you are currently working from home, then you already know how difficult this can be if you don’t have a dedicated space. Working at your kitchen table might seem like a viable solution at first. However, after a few months of mixing your domestic life with your professional one, you’ll surely conclude that you need to invest in a garden office. And that’s a great idea! Setting up a great garden office is .

How to Build Summerhouse24 Garden Room in One Day

How to install Timber 9m2 garden room with terrace. See all the assembly stages and get useful tips. 00:09 We install the cabin on a concrete pile foundation, which is a suitable base for almost all types of soil and any sized cabin, and widely used for sloped and uneven building spots. It is fairly easy to prepare and requires less concrete. 0:25 Screw together foundation frame according to the cabin plans and place .