7 Garden Offices with Roofs Under 2.5m to Evade Planning Permission

Garden Office
Why commute every morning through heavy traffic if a walk through the garden into your own fancy garden office could do the trick? In these times of change, many get the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes in their contemporary garden offices. We introduce seven of our best garden offices for you to choose from. 1.The Mini Hansa Lounge This stylish flat roof building is the smallest model of the Hansa .

Garden Sheds on a Budget in The UK

Garden Storage Shed
Garden sheds are becoming more and more popular in the UK. As a matter of fact, such a garden room is an invaluable addition to any garden, but it needs to fit into one’s budget. Finding the right balance between price and quality can be tricky. With this in mind, we have narrowed down our solutions for you to provide you with some of the best garden sheds on a budget currently on the .

Wooden Garden Shed, Plastic, or Metal? Which Material is The Best Choice for Your Shed?

Which Material is The Best Choice for Your Shed?
Building an outdoor garden shed, a storage shed, or a garden room is probably the easiest way for most to add much-needed storage space or living space. However, the traditional wooden shed has got competition by sheds from metal or even plastic, promising easy construction and maintenance-free usage. Even though the decision for a certain material is always also influenced by the targeted usage, like for example a garden lounge would be more welcoming .

Summer Houses in the UK – 10 Ideas For Function and Decoration

Summer Houses in the UK are used increasingly as individual extensions of our living space As much as a summer house looks nice just by itself; there are still some possibilities to decorate it in a certain style. Here are some ideas of how to make the summer house more attractive, or add some new functionality. Navy Style: Make it look like the bridge of a traditional sailing ship. Keep it white and blue, .

Maintaining Your Wooden Garage – How to do it Right

Wooden Garage
Wooden garages are becoming more and more popular mainly because they just look much better than most alternatives. Wooden beams and planks are a natural material of great strength, durability, sturdiness and beauty, just fine for a structure like a wooden garage, and they have a number of characteristic features that make them an optimal material when it comes to storing objects that profit from dryness and a steady microclimate. Moreover, wooden garages are .

Heating Your Summerhouse – Options for The Colder Season

Options for The Colder Season
Summerhouses gained popularity with the rise of garden centres and DIY stores in the 1980s and have continued to become more and more popular ever since. Garden buildings serve a wide variety of uses as a studio for writing, painting of crafting, a garden office, a gardening hub, a permanently inhabited extension of the living space, storage space, workshop or simply a place to be used for fun, relaxation and enjoy leisure time in .

Garden Gym Fitness Room and Sauna Cabin Karina

Garden Gym Fitness Room and Sauna Cabin Karina
We are feeling super pleased to have just finished assembling our Karina Log Cabin for our customer Paul. This massive 70mm cabin is a combination of a spacious sauna area, 10m2 garden room, 5 x 2m upper loft and 3 x 1,5 m veranda. The 10m2 garden room can be used as a gym, office, or for ancillary accommodation, summer kitchen or for many other good uses. Extra thick walls, double glazed windows and .

How to Make Your Wooden Log Cabin a Weekend Cottage

How to Make Your Wooden Log Cabin a Weekend Cottage
Do you already own a wooden log cabin or do you consider buying one to make it a weekend cottage? If you think of buying one you will rather think of choosing a larger size because a weekend cottage needs to have all the amenities of a normal house – maybe even more. Of course, there is also a trend to “micro-homes” that offer everything on incredibly small spaces like for example a kitchen, .

A Home Gym in The Garden Shed – Some Useful Suggestions

A Home Gym in The Garden Shed – Some Useful Suggestions
A garden shed could be a perfect solution to maintain your fitness and build muscles during the winter time. Right now it is easy to get some training. Running, biking, trekking or playing badminton in the garden. Summer is a good time for outdoor fitness activities, but what will you do once winter has arrived? With gym memberships having increased by up to 50% in recent times, buying a garden shed, and making it .

Garden Storage Sheds – Online Sale

Garden Storage Sheds
Garden storage sheds create a safe and dry place for gardening tools and materials, garden furniture, or whatever you want to keep safe in the garden. They provide the garden storage space just where it’s needed. Summerhouse24 carry a wide range of garden storage sheds of all shapes and sizes with and without windows for you to choose from according to how much space and security you need.  Click here to find our portfolio .

Garden Summerhouse Maintenance Guide

Garden Summer House
Although we have a long experience producing quality garden summerhouses, garden sheds, garden storage and related wooden garden buildings, and we also follow the performance of our products by our usual five-year warranty so that we know that the products have a good durability and a long life span, regular maintenance will still help to get the most out of your investment and prevent damages before they can happen. So, here is a guide .

Meditation in The Garden Room – How to Set Up The Garden Shed For Mindfulness

How to Set Up The Garden Shed For Mindfulness
Garden sheds and summerhouses provide room in the garden for so many purposes. Such a broad variety of interesting hobbies are to be tried out there, from the traditional gardening to building and modifying air drones, Yoga, or even collecting antiques, soap carving, or handcrafting things, and they are not only providing a self-directed activity balancing everyday work life, but are also taking up space which all to often exceed the capacities that the .

Summer House Lucas E as a Bar in the Garden

Bar in the Garden
Here are some pics of our summer house as promised, we chose a ‘Lucas E’ from your extensive range as it suited our needs and the price was reasonable compared to others on the market. Your company laid the base and installed the cabin for us which was all done very efficiently and as of yet we have not had any problems. As the wood was such good quality we decided not to paint .

Preparing Your Summerhouse For a Rainy Autumn

Preparing Your Summerhouse For a Rainy Autumn
Autumn is often the time when we sit in the summer house and hear the rain splattering or drizzling onto the roof. Nobody really loves rain, but every gardener will know its value for nature. Nature will always be much better able to cope with too much water than with too little. Water is the underlying substance of all life on this planet so we should be grateful for every drop of it.  However, .