Garden Offices

As the traffic becomes more congested and technology improves, running a business from home is getting more popular and feasible. Happy, long mornings, no rental costs, more time for yourself and your family are just few good reasons to buy a stylish garden office shed from one of the best log cabin experts in the UK. Why not start working from garden home office? After all, by selecting your favorite log cabin model, your favorite colors and decoration, you are creating a very personal garden home office that brings a smile to your face and surprises your clients and business partners. Hansa Garden has nearly 100 DIY garden offices from which to choose.

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What are garden offices?

Garden offices are versatile spaces designed to improve your productivity and to make working from home a better experience. Located in your garden, just a few steps away from the main house, a garden office pod will allow you to focus on your tasks without being interrupted by the humdrum of everyday life.

As more and more people switch to working from home or to a hybrid work schedule, the need for additional space is on the rise. While it is true that you can set up a home office in any room of the house, it can be quite difficult to focus when you are surrounded by distractions. The best solution in this scenario is to invest in a garden office room.  Summerhouse24 offers a wide range of garden offices to suit different budgets, needs, and preferences.

If you are on the lookout for a cheap garden office pod in the UK, all you have to do is browse through our products and choose the one that is perfect for you. You can opt for a small garden office, a garden office with a shed, a garden office with a toilet, a spacious garden office, or a customized contemporary garden office. We offer free delivery to most parts of the UK, so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs.

Having a Garden Office Has Many Benefits

You save time, money, and effort

Going to work every day means spending countless hours in traffic, spending money on petrol, waiting for the bus, or struggling to find a seat on an overcrowded tube, especially on peak travel times. Regardless of what type of transportation you choose, you will either spend a lot of money, a lot of time, or a lot of effort. Avoiding the commute is a major reason that compels people to work from home.

Better work/personal life balance

The lack of commuting and always being at home can be extremely comfortable and you’ll soon realize that you have more free time for out of work activities. Instead of rushing to get to work every morning, working from a garden home office will allow you to have breakfast with your kids, to spend lunch break at home, and to be there when they need you.

Even a small garden office will do the trick. While all of the above can also be achieved by working from the kitchen counter, you’ll find that being surrounded by people and distractions can make it impossible to focus on your work. So, for a great life/work balance, it is very important to have a designated separate space to focus on your work and a garden office pod is the best option.

Less stress and better productivity

Several studies have shown that working from home can be more productive than working in a traditional office setting. According to a 2021 report from Owl Labs, people can be 47% more productive when they work from home. This means that having a more flexible work arrangement can be synonymous with getting more work done. This is owed to the fact that being in a familiar and comfortable environment, such as a garden room office and not having to worry about being late, lowers your stress levels.

Affordable prices

Most people think that self build garden office sheds cost a lot. If you’re wondering how much a garden office costs, you’ll be happy to learn that these versatile structures are extremely affordable. Our prefab garden offices are made of slow-grown Nordic spruce which is the best material in terms of resistance and price. In addition to that, our garden office sheds are designed by experts, so we don’t waste any materials. Our production process is 100% optimized allowing us to offer high-quality cheap garden office pods. With proper care, a Nordic-quality garden home office will last for decades and you can equip your garden office with a toilet, or even with a kitchen.

If you have a small budget, our small garden offices are the best option and we offer a wide variety of designs. In our online shop and our cabin display sites in Devon and Leeds, you’ll find the best garden offices UK has to offer. All of our products last a lifetime, so, if you ever change your mind about having a garden office, you can easily transform it into whatever you need, be it a hobby room, a man cave, an extra bedroom, or storage shed.

An insulated garden office can be used year-round

Before investing in a garden office room, it’s important to think about whether you need to use it year-round or not. In most cases, the answer is yes, so it’s highly recommended to equip your garden office room with insulation. Wondering how to insulate a garden office? If you plan on purchasing one of our products, adding insulation is very easy. All you have to do is check the box for Floor & Roof Insulation Kit before you add the product to your shopping cart. Our garden office buildings insulation kits provide comfort and protection against the elements year-round.

If you have more questions on how to insulate a garden office, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists.

How to build a garden office

All our flat pack log cabins are 100% DIY garden offices that most people can assemble. Our products provide a quick and easy solution to build your own garden office for the lowest possible cost.

Our garden office kits are wrapped into weatherproof packaging before leaving the factory and delivered to you in a truck with a “Piggy-Back” forklift so we can unload your log cabin as soon as it reaches your desired location. A standard garden office kit includes all prefabricated wall logs, roof boards, floorboards, impregnated foundation planks, doors, windows, metal storm braces, strengthening metal rods, nails, screws, roofing felt, cabin plans, detailed assembly manual as well as all other necessary components to have your log cabin assembled. Two adults with previous experience can successfully build a garden office. If you opt to build it yourself, it will take about 2-4 days to n have the garden office installed in your backyard, or you can book our installation services and our team of experts will have your garden office built within a day or two.

A proper all year round garden office requires insulation. Floor and roof are the most important areas to be insulated. Place mineral wool panels or another type of insulation under the floorboards and beneath the roof boards. Insulation materials are not a part of our standard garden office kit but can be bought for a very reasonable price from your nearest building store.

Before the installation of the garden office can start you need a good proper base on the site. There are many suitable bases for garden office buildings, but Rapidpads base and concrete base are the most common ones among our UK customers. A concrete base is the most expensive and time-consuming type of foundation to prepare, but it is stable, long-lasting and probably the best possible base for a garden office as it suits any size and type of garden building.

Rapidpads base on the other hand can be achieved for almost three times less budget compared to a concrete base. Since it is still a very stable and safe base for almost any type of garden office, Rapidpads are gaining huge popularity.

The Summerhouse24 assembly team can take care of the base, installation, insulation as well as certified electrical works.

Once your garden office has been built it is necessary to coat it with paints or wood preservatives. This protects its wooden components from mould/mildew, rotting, UV as well as from other external conditions and at least doubles up its life span. Well-chosen paints and wood preservatives can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your garden office.

Types of garden offices

Hansa Garden has models for all tastes, needs, and budgets. Starting entrepreneurs can build their first garden home office for slightly more than £2500-3000. To find a small and affordable log cabin, click on Small Garden Offices and check out our smallest models. To open a beauty salon, a small bakery or a modern garden office that can accommodate several people consider our Large Garden Offices from 8 m² and up to 15 m², 25 m² or even larger.

For our customers who prefer the newest technology, the most innovative solutions, and the most modern lifestyle, we have a selection of modern garden offices. Our newest design elements include big panorama windows and special details to give garden log cabins a very trendy and modern look. Check out our luxury garden cabins Hansa Lounge and Hansa Lounge XL.

During those warm summer days, being the owner of a garden office with a terrace will make your business days even brighter. Morning coffee, lunch or meetings on the veranda are the things that most people working in business centres can only dream about. Have a look at our choice of garden office sheds with veranda or request a terrace added to any of our garden log cabins.

If you are looking for something elegant, have a look at our octagonal and hexagonal summer houses that can also be used as a home office. Any of our log cabins can make a perfect garden office. It is just a question of required space, style, and budget.

Bespoke garden offices

Many of our customers request changes to our standard garden offices or even have a different size and style in mind. Summerhouse24 is not just a log cabin dealer, we have our own design team and production unit, so we can supply almost any type of bespoke garden office. These tailor-made garden offices have a 15-20% higher price tag and a little longer delivery time compared to similar standard cabins but your bespoke garden office will correspond exactly to your needs and requirements to run your business smoothly, with comfort and in style.

Summerhouse24 is not just a place where you can find cheap garden offices for sale. We also focus on offering valuable information on topics such as gardening, interior design, home improvement, and anything garden office related, so make sure you check out our blog regularly. By checking our website regularly you can also find affordable prefab garden office pods for sale in UK, offers, and discounts. We are available seven days a week and our friendly customer service team is on hand and ready to answer all of your questions.

Do you need planning permission for a garden office in the UK?

Wondering what size garden home office you can build without planning permission? When it comes to garden office sheds in the UK, size does matter, especially in relation to your outdoor area. If you have plenty of space available, chances are you can get a larger garden pod. If you want to avoid requiring planning permission, you need to ensure that your pod is single-storey, doesn’t take up more than 50% of your free space, doesn’t have verandas, balconies, or raised platforms that exceed 0.3m in height.

When placed closer than 2 meters of a boundary, your office pod shouldn’t be taller than 2.5 meters and you can’t install it further forward than your main house. If you are searching for garden offices that don’t require planning permission, check out our special category ‘cabins that are less than 2.5 m’.

Quick Tip: All the prefab garden office kits available in our shop are designed with the aforementioned restrictions in mind.

How much does a garden office cost?

At the moment, the cheapest small garden office that you’ll find on our website is Small Garden Room Noah and it costs £3,650.00 (without insulation) and the most expensive garden offices that we offer can cost over £30,000. The prices of a garden office will vary based on size, layout, wall thickness, and the number of windows and doors.

Is a garden office a good investment?

A garden office is a great investment and not just because it can make your life so much easier. Aside from getting to enjoy the additional space for a very long time, a garden office will also make your property much more attractive to potential buyers. A property with a garden office has real potential, especially since this type of garden building can be used for many different purposes.

How much does a garden office add to the value of the house?

According to real estate specialists, a garden office can add around 5% to the value of a property, and assuming that you choose a high-quality contemporary garden office, its value can increase by 50% and it will fully cover the costs of having it installed.

Can you sleep in a garden office?

Yes, you can sleep comfortably in a garden office as long as it is properly insulated and equipped with a heating system. But, it is important to mention that a general garden office building doesn’t require Planning Permission, whereas a building that has a residential purpose does. So, to be able to sleep in your garden office regularly and legally, you must comply with Building Regulations.

Can you put a toilet in a garden office?

Yes, as long as you can run fresh water from the mains, equipping your garden office with a toilet is possible. Many of our garden office kits, such as this Eco-friendly Tiny House, have a bathroom included in the layout, and you can opt to have a Kitchen Kit included as well.

Can you extend your Wi-Fi to your garden office with shed?

Wondering how to get internet in your garden office? A lot of people ask us if and how to get Wi-Fi to a garden office. The most secure and reliable method to get an internet connection to your garden office is by running an Ethernet cable from the main house. You can also get a Wi-Fi extender which has a range of approximately 30 meters, or a Wi-Fi PTP, which is more reliable and has a better range.