BBQ Huts & Grill Cabins

Our Scandinavian style BBQ Huts and a traditional Lappish grill cabins are a 6-15 m² hexagonal or octagonal wooden garden buildings with a central charcoal BBQ grill, a table fitted around the grill, an adjustable smoke extraction hood, a chimney and a chimney cap set, and fixed wooden bench seating. All our luxury BBQ huts are supplied with attractive and practical granite tables instead of wooden tabletops to add elegance, make cleaning so much easier, and save you from changing the table every two years.

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Scandinavian Style BBQ Huts and Grill Cabins

All our BBQ huts and grill cabins are an easy DIY installation. Each building comes with a five-year guarantee.

BBQ huts and grill cabins can be used year round. But, during the colder and darker time of the year, you can get the best use out of them. Forget about electricity and lamps! Burning charcoals do the heating and lightning. In cooking this way, you create that special centuries-old Nordic atmosphere. Now it is time to gather around the grill table, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy snacks while your delicious BBQ meals are cooking on the grill.

Smaller 6,5m² BBQ huts accommodate up to ten persons around the table, while larger 9,5 m² grill huts and grillkotas are comfortable for up to fifteen persons.

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