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  • SKU G0177

    3-Room Log Cabin, Garden Guesthouse Oscar 21m2 / 70mm / 5 x 6 m

    633x573 cm
  • SKU G0305

    Timber Lodge Mia 2 with internal shower room WC / 5 x 3 m / 15m2 / 44mm

    516x306 cm
  • SKU G0302

    Log cabin with internal shower room and WC Martin I / 6 x 3,3 m / 15 m2 / 70mm

    339x620 cm
  • SKU G0241

    Large Garden Room Malaga II 22m2 / 7 x 4 m / 70mm

    698x398 cm
  • SKU G0209

    Two bedroom Log Cabin Summer House Ireland 43m2 / 70mm / 6 x 7 m

    618x718 cm
  • SKU G0350

    Large Garden Room with Sleeping Loft Sweden J / 35m2 / 7 x 4 m / 70mm

    738x393 cm
  • SKU G0281

    Corner Log Cabin with Two Bedrooms Devon-2 / 40m2 / 70mm

    748x748 cm
  • SKU G0265

    Wooden Lodge with Bathroom Sweden A 23m2 / 6 x 4 m / 70mm

    628x393 cm
  • SKU G0238

    Three Bedroom Log Cabin Cottage Hansa Holiday G 100m2 / 14 x 7m / 70mm

    1358x758 cm
  • SKU G0361

    Two-Room Garden Building Amelia 22 m2 / 44mm / 8 x 4 m

    822x338 cm
  • SKU G0324

    Garden Room with Storage Room Liam Plus (3 x 8 m / 44 mm / 22 m2)

    775x300 cm
  • SKU G0267

    Wooden Lodge with Bathroom Sweden C 22m2 / 6 x 4 m / 70mm

    628x393 cm
  • SKU G0263

    Wooden Lodge with Two Bedrooms Murcia 47m2 / 11 x 4,5 m / 70mm

    1098x453 cm
  • SKU G0358

    One bedroom timber cabin Stefan 3

    738x393 cm
  • SKU G0358-1

    1x Bespoke timber cabin Stefan 3 / 70mm / 7.5 x 4m - £11,900.00 - RM23433

    738x393 cm
  • SKU G0357

    One bedroom log cabin Sweden G / 4 x 8 m / 70 mm

    778x378 cm
  • SKU G0355

    Log cabin with sleeping loft Stefan 1

    738x393 cm
  • SKU G0351

    Log Cabin with Sleeping Loft Sweden Q / 35m2 / 7 x 4 m / 70mm

    738x393 cm
  • SKU G0319

    One Bedroom Log Cabin with Sleeping Loft Hansa Holiday Q 55m2 / 70mm

    798x698 cm
  • SKU G0308

    Timber Cabin with sleeping loft "Sweden F" 35m2 / 7×4 m / 70 mm

    738x393 cm
  • SKU G0304

    Wooden Lodge Mia 1 with internal shower room WC / 5 x 3 m / 15m2 / 44mm

    516x306 cm
  • SKU G0270

    Large Garden Office Hansa II 40m2 / 70mm / 4 x 10m

    998x398 cm
  • SKU G0269

    Timber Lodge with two bedrooms Holiday K 40 m2 / 6 x 10 m / 70mm

    998x573 cm
  • SKU G0266

    Wooden Lodge with Sleeping Loft Sweden B 30m2 / 6 x 4 m / 70mm

    628x393 cm

Granny Annexe UK

Finding the perfect granny annexe can be very stressful.

Chances are, you are considering a granny annexe rather than a garden office as you have a close family member you would like to come and live with you.

That process is already incredibly time-consuming and stressful before you even begin thinking about what type of granny annexe you need!

So we’ve done some of the hard yards for you. Here is everything you need to know about a granny annexe to help you choose the perfect one for your requirements.

The Benefits of a Granny Annexe

Find more time to see loved ones

Modern-day life is incredibly busy and stressful, and it can be almost impossible to find time to visit an elderly relative or take them out for the day.

However, if they live with you in a granny annexe, it is much easier to spend valuable time with them.

Financially Sensible

It is no secret that care homes and assisted living facilities are not cheap. Granny annexes offer a cheaper alternative and also ensure you keep your elderly parents close.

Greater independence

A granny annexe offers much more control than a care home. When you have more control over your loved one’s living accommodation, it is easier to make the place feel like home while offering them plenty of independence.

This is perfect for a relative struggling to live fully independently but much too capable to live in a care home full-time.

Adding Value

Top-quality garden annexes provide additional value to your property if you ever plan on selling your home.

As SummerHouse24 only uses the best materials, ones that you would find used for modern housing, you can be confident that your granny annexe will last for many years and add plenty of value to your property.

We treat every granny annexe as if we are creating a high-quality guest bedroom for a modern home, ensuring only the best materials and techniques are used.

Essential Features to Consider for Your Garden Annexe

A Bedroom

This might seem obvious, but not everyone wants a bedroom as part of their granny annexe.

If you do, you must consider the planning permission and council tax aspects that this feature requires.

A Kitchen

If you want your granny annexe to be completely independent of your home, you likely need it to have some form of kitchen. Consider whether you want an annexe with a separate kitchen or a kitchen/lounge room.

You will also need to factor in how you plan on getting electricity to your garden annexe.

A Shower Room

Alongside a kitchen and bedroom, a shower room is essential for full independence. You will need to consider how you plan on getting running water to your granny annexe, but once you have established that process, a shower room is a fantastic addition to a granny annexe.

Insulation and Heating

Finally, heating and insulation are essential alongside water and electricity if you want your granny annexe to be usable all year round.

Our garden annexes come with double-glazed windows and doors, but you should also invest in some high-quality electrical heaters for those particularly cold days in winter.

How to Maintain Your Granny Annexe

Semi-Regular maintenance coatings

It is essential to regularly check on any garden rooms to ensure the timber has not gotten damaged or worn due to the elements or wear and tear, especially if you have a bedroom granny annexe and someone is living in it full time.

We suggest you apply a new coat every three years to ensure the timber stays in good sted.

Other regular checks

Alongside checking your timber, you should also check other critical elements of your granny annexe:

  • Condensation: If condensation is starting to build up in your granny annexe, the ventilation is probably not clear enough. To rectify this, open the windows more frequently to help reduce the chance of mould developing.
  • Guttering and Downpipe: Maintaining clear downpipes and gutters helps stop water pooling on your granny annexes roof, which could cause issues in the future.
  • Door and Window Changes: There is no way to prevent the timber from expanding and contracting due to changes in humidity and temperature throughout the year. To help prevent it from causing any issues, keep an eye on your doors and windows, and ensure they don’t become too tight or loose.

How much does a granny annexe cost?

At SummerHouse24, we want to ensure that almost anyone can afford a granny annexe. We offer various prices, depending on whether you want a separate bedroom, a double bedroom, a shower room, and other amenities.

At SummerHouse24, our granny annexe prices vary from £7,050 to £61,900.

Do you need planning permission for a granny annexe UK?

Any garden room with someone living in it will always need planning permission. You must apply for planning permission as you would for any other necessary reasons, such as building a conservatory.

If not, you risk the local council requesting you remove the granny annexe. The local council will focus on whether or not the garden annexe is ancillary to your house and how large it is compared to your home and garden.

How do I avoid council tax on a granny annexe?

Unfortunately, if someone lives in your granny annexe full-time, this must be factored into your council tax.

However, there are some examples of when you don’t have to pay council tax on a granny annexe:

  • If it is unoccupied
  • If it is attached to your home
  • If it is unable to be let separately from your home