FAQ – Top 10 frequently asked questions

1. Will I need planning permissions and building regulations for a summerhouse?

With any outbuilding small or large you should contact your local authority before making a final purchase to check appropriate permissions are considered.

We have many cabins which should be appropriate without needing planning permissions, however this is often very area, size, and location dependent, so we would always recommend speaking with your local planning office to double check what you can and cannot do. More information on planning regulations can be found on the following:

If the building you are looking at is over 30m2 there is a good chance you will need to consider planning permissions and building regulations.

2. Display sites & Site visits

Our display sites are located in Devon and Leeds. At each site we have selected a range of cabins to show a great overview of our product range, this will show the quality and styling of our cabins, providing a great representation of what you would receive. You can view site addresses and photos of what is on display on the following link – https://summerhouse24.co.uk/display-sites/

The display sites are currently unmanned, therefore if you need any assistance with your cabin enquiry and purchase our team will be able to help remotely from our main offices.

We do not offer any home visits or site survey services, this is to minimise our costs so we can pass on better value prices. We are very happy to advise by phone or email though.

You can reach our team on 0203 807 0369 or info@summerhouse4.co.uk

3. Customisations and Bespoke cabins

We can do bespoke builds or make adaptions to our standard models. We are very happy to get a quote together though, please fill in our bespoke form on the following link, we will then be able to get a quote based on your specification- https://summerhouse24.co.uk/bespoke-garden-room/

4. What type of base is suitable for my summerhouse? Do you offer base services?

A flat, level and sturdy base is required for your cabin to sit onto. A concrete base is often the most popular choice and an ideal foundation for a cabin. Although there are plenty of alternatives, the following link shows some potential options: https://summerhouse24.co.uk/popular-base-types-garden-buildings/

Detailed dimensional plans should be used for base preparations and to help decide if the cabin is suitable for your intended use. Plans can be requested from info@summerhouse24.co.uk

We do not offer any base or grounds work services, so you would need to consult with local contractors to get this organised.

5. How are cabins delivered and what access is required?

Log cabins will be delivered in weatherproof packages so that they will not be damaged by the weather during the shipping or if your cabin stays packaged for several weeks outside before the installation.

Delivery of cabins is curb-side delivery, and the drivers are not able to assist with its unpacking. All cabins are delivered on Hiab with a crane or Moffett trucks to unload these heavy packages. We will always call to confirm and agree a delivery date prior to making delivery.

The lorries are large vehicles and any tight access restrictions should be discussed before ordering. If you have any potential access restrictions, or special delivery requests, please contact us.

You can see an example of truck sizes, how deliveries are made and full delivery information on our website here: https://summerhouse24.co.uk/delivery-information/

6. Are summerhouses suitable for DIY assembly?

Our cabins are often purchased on a self-assembly basis, so this certainly can be achieved if you’re a competent DIY customer. All cabins come with detailed cabin plans, comprehensive instructions and we also have some assembly videos to guide through the process.

Before taking on a cabin build project, we would recommend checking out all relevant instructions and video guides to understand what’s involved and if this is achievable in your circumstances.

Self-installing a cabin isn’t for everyone and can sometimes be an overwhelming project, so it’s important to ensure you have checked all details before taking this on. We have excellent installation teams should you want us to take care of the build, you may also want to consider getting in touch with a local carpenter or handyman who could also confidently take on a cabin assembly.

You can view all assembly documents on the following link – https://summerhouse24.co.uk/assembly-instructions/

7. Installation and what is included

We offer a nationwide assembly service should you want our professional team to take care of the build. Our cabin prices do not include installation and you will see prices listed on each product page as an optional extra.

Our teams are very experienced and building cabins day in day out so are the best people to ensure your cabin is put up to a high standard and fantastic finish.

The installation service applies to the assembly of the log cabin and roofing cover. If you opt for additional extras supplied by us such as insulation, gutter, roofing this will all be fitted within the standard installation price. The installation service does not include accessories such as painting, coating, bases, electrics, plumbing’s etc.

8. Do I need insulation? Can you insulate the walls?

We recommend insulating the roof and the floor of the cabin for year-round use. You can select this as an optional extra and the price is shown on the product page. The following link shows what is included in our insulation kits and how these should be fitted – https://summerhouse24.co.uk/insulate-garden-office-garden-room/

Wall insulation is generally not required or necessary in our cabins, we don’t provide an option for this. Some customers do choose to add this once assembled, when adding wall insulation, you need to consider settlement of the cabin, expansion and contraction.

9. Can I have electricity in my summerhouse?

It is very easy to add an electricity supply into one of our cabins. We do not offer any electrical services, therefore, to ensure this is completed safely and to UK standards you should consult any electrical requirements with an approved electrician.

10. How should I maintain and preserve my summerhouse?

Maintenance of your cabin assures a longer lifespan, which will lead to many more years to enjoy the practicality, comfort and charm of your cabin.

Whether our installation team assembled your cabin, or you have completed the build yourself, to get the best out of your cabin in the long run there will be some work to do seasonally. This may consist of adding a new decking screw here and there, giving your cabin a complete freshen up with a new coating of preservative or tightening an odd bolt. Your cabin can last decades if cared for and regularly inspected to ensure the upkeep is to a good standard.

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