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Customers Who Fell in Love with Our Summer Houses: Heartfelt Stories
14.02.2024 / Customer Stories

Summer houses have always held a special place in the hearts of those seeking a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our summer houses, in particular, have become beloved retreats for many customers, providing them with a perfect blend of comfort, beauty, and calmness. This blog delves into the stories of…

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Creative Garden Office Uses from our Clients
16.06.2022 / Customer Stories

We are huge fans of working from home – we believe that it is an awesome trend and that everyone should enjoy the luxury of working from a comfortable environment. Working from home comes with many benefits, and we’ve already discussed the many benefits of garden offices in our previous articles. However, for many, working…

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Customer photos of a newly built Elias BBQ cabin with veranda
10.04.2021 / Customer Stories

We received nice photos of a newly built and painted Elias BBQ hut from our customer. Cabin assembly and painting were completed within three days. All the work was carried out by our customer together with a local carpenter. The Elias BBQ cabin with veranda is one of our newest additions to the range, it…

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Large Garden Room D as Garden Living and Hobby Room
13.11.2020 / Customer Stories

We’re grateful to see that our clients enjoy our products. We’ve just received a few photos from a customer who ordered our “Large Garden Room D” last year and we’re extremely happy to share them with you. The customer chose the standard log cabin set, grey roofing shingles, and the optional roof and floor insulation…

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Seattle S BBQ hut – Assembled & Painted
03.04.2020 / Customer Stories

Thank you to our customer, Charles, for sending in pictures of his newly completed BBQ Hut Seattle S. Charles assembled and painted his Seattle in just a few days and by now will have already had his first BBQ of the season in it. Our customer chose Anthracite Grey wood stain and preservative to paint…

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I Have a Summerhouse with Veranda – How Do I Get Rid of Autumn Leaves?
06.01.2020 / Customer Stories

Autumn is a strong contender for being the most beautiful season of all. And one of the major reasons for the gorgeous scenery we get each year is the falling leaves that change colors as they go. However, as soon as they hit the ground, mud and rain transform them into a nasty mulch than…

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Customer photos of a Garden House Hansa Lounge XXL with Storage Room and Terrace
04.11.2019 / Customer Stories

Here are some photos of a newly built Hansa Lounge XXL which is now used as garden room together with hot tub shelter. This modern looking garden building also features a large 4 x 2m garden storage shed. This multifunctional garden building requires only 6 x 8m space in your garden and therefore is also…

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Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh, 8pm ITV Tuesday 1st October
01.10.2019 / Customer Stories

Summerhouse24 was delighted to supply a cabin to help Alan Titchmarsh and his talented team create a kitchen garden in Oxford for Icolyn Smith. Icolyn is the 88-year-old founder of a charitable foundation dedicated to providing food and support for homeless people in and around Oxford. Thirty years later, Icolyn still cooks and serves food…

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Log cabin homes from Summerhouse24
30.08.2019 / Customer Stories

In response to our customers growing demand for large log cabins for offices, homes and holiday cottages that they can use all year round, we have developed a brand new range of fully insulated residential log cabins. These new cabins meet energy class requirements, building regulations and have been designed for all year round use….

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Large Garden Room Hansa B – Installed and decorated
26.06.2019 / Customer Stories

We are delighted to have received a lovely photo with positive feedback from our customer, Alexander. We produced and delivered a 38m2 Large Garden Room Hansa B with 70mm wall thickness, premium German made Roto windows and all our best cabin features for Alexander. Additionally, we supplied a gutter set as well as a floor…

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Large Garden Room D Installed and Insulated
14.11.2018 / Customer Stories

We have installed and insulated another Garden Room D log cabin for our customer Mr Davids. This large garden room with massive 70mm walls has 38m2 of inner area and is widely used as a snooker room, fitness room, office, dining room at camping sites and country clubs or as a conference room. Our customer…

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Ideal DIY Wooden Cabin for Camping / Glamping Sites or Holiday Rentals with quick return on investment.
11.09.2018 / Customer Stories

We are delighted to have recently delivered and installed three of our new 20m2 “Hansa Holiday Camping Cabins”. Each holiday cabin has three rooms, a 10m2 living room with a small bedroom and separate toilet / shower room, as well as a 3 x 3m veranda from which to enjoy breakfast and evening drinks. All…

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DIY Log Cabin as Guesthouse
02.08.2018 / Customer Stories

We have delivered and installed a 12m2 DIY log cabin with a 3x3m canopy for our customer Susan. This is a slightly modified garden summer house with canopy Eva E, with sliding doors replaced with double French doors. Everything else is all standard features of the Eva E garden summer house. Standard cabin kit includes…

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Building a Garden Room with Storage Room and Veranda Super Lucas E
26.06.2018 / Customer Stories

Installation of one of our most popular 9m2 garden rooms with a 3 x 3m veranda and additional 1.8 x 3m storage room has been completed. It took our install team just one full day to complete this installation. The Super Lucas E cabin was launched in early spring this year and instantly became popular…

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Two Bedroom Guesthouse Bespoke Cabin
15.06.2018 / Customer Stories

Our assembly team has finished the installation of a 12 x 6m log cabin for our customer Paul. A proper concrete slab was prepared within a day by a local company, then it took five days for the base to harden and finally three days for the cabin installation. Electrical works and wood preservative treatment…

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