Decorating My Wooden Summer House – What Flowers are in Season?


Wooden Summer House

April showers bring May flowers? Ok, we’ll stop it with that. But there is no joke or no denying for that matter that seasonal flowers are the best way to go if you want to decorate your wooden summer house. It’s the best option you have for a number of reasons, which we will delve into before we actually list the flowers themselves. Buying seasonal flowers is cheaper, sustainable, and protects the environment. Let’s find out some more details!

Why Should I Buy Seasonal Flowers for My Wooden Summer House?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons why limiting yourself to flowers that are grown locally, in a sustainable manner and that are in season at the point of buying is a wonderful idea. In fact, there are a lot of things behind the trade you might not have even thought about before.


If you are trying to buy a bouquet of chrysanthemums and are able to find it in May or any spring month, for that matter, chances are they were not grown locally. These flowers bloom late in the summer or even in autumn. So what does this mean? That they were shipped to your town or country. In other words, these are not sustainable flowers as they have been chosen over anything that is growing right now in your own area.

Being Environmentally Friendly

Building on the above, when flowers are shipped from every corner of the world to your own town, they have to be treated with chemicals and pesticides. This happens in order to ensure that they don’t bring in any parasites or diseases from their native lands. The prominent examples here are roses, carnations, and orchids which come from exotic countries. When they are cut, they also need to be sprayed with chemicals for biosecurity reasons

They Use too Much Plastic

Imported flowers need to be covered in as much plastic wrapping as possible both to keep them fresh but for security reasons as well. The latter so they don’t spread any parasites, as mentioned above. Freshness is also crucial in terms of marketing. Only fresh flowers will be bought when it comes to decorating your wooden summer house, right?

But the truth is that plastic is extremely damaging to the environment, as we all know. Therefore, if we were to buy more flowers grown locally and in season, it would reduce the need for so much plastic. As well as the need for the flowers to be sprayed with chemicals.

The flowers become far too expensive

You might have noticed this one on your own, mostly because it’s not true for flowers alone. It’s also true about fruit and vegetables. Locally sourced peonies, roses, apples or tomatoes that you buy in the prime of their season will always be cheaper than the ones you buy in winter time.

That being said, let’s take a look at what flowers are in season right now!

Seasonal Flowers Perfect for Your Wooden Summer House


There was no other way to start this list than with the almighty peony. It is a staple among garden flowers and everyone’s favorite because of the spectacular blossoms it produces and the amazing sweet smell it gives off. Not to mention the fact that peonies have always been the perfect choice for wedding bouquets. When it comes to your wooden summer house, you can arrange peonies by color – pink, purple, and white- in large bowls filled with water around the room. Make sure the ceramic pattern doesn’t overpower the pastel colors of the flowers!


If you are have a lilac tree in your garden, you’re so lucky! If not, don’t worry. You can always buy lilac at the market in May and June. They smell is intoxicatingly sweet and will simply fill your wooden summer house with a natural aroma that is hard to beat. The traditional, purple lilac is strong and beautifully colored. But if you really want to be luxurious and classy, go for the white lilac.


These are some of the most beautiful flowers you will ever see in spring. They are a tree just like the lilac and, luckily for you, very resilient. This means they can withstand very strong heat as well as cold, which makes them the perfect colors for decorations. But, as opposed to lilac, if you want to be extravagant, try to find purple magnolias to embellish your wooden summer house.


The beauty of these garden flowers is very difficult to describe. They are so delicate and almost resemble orchids. The gorgeous inky violet color is complimented by the golden heart you can see peeking from inside the petals. But did you know that Iris was the goddess of the rainbow for the Ancient Greeks? Apart from that, the iris itself is a symbol of courage and wisdom.


These are some of the most famous flowers in the world largely because of their smell, not particularly because of how they look. And that is exactly why you should consider them when it comes to decorating your wooden summer house.

Gardenias are used mostly in the perfume industry with Chanel, Jo Malone, Olivine Atelier, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, and more naming their perfumes exactly that – Gardenia. You can take it a step further and have the actual flowers in your wooden summer house!


Another classic is the common poppy. It may seem a little understated, but trust us, it’s not. At least, not when you bunch these beautiful and delicate flowers in large vases all around your wooden summer house. Keep in mind they also come in orange and yellow if you want to jazz things up, so a green or blue ceramic bowl would be perfect to display them.

How do you feel about decorating your wooden summer house with seasonal and sustainable flowers? Do you agree that it would be a lot better for the environment if we took more to the slow flower movement? Let us know in the comment section below what you think!