How to Create a Vertical Garden at Home
15.04.2021 / Gardening Tips

Whether you have a large backyard or not, having natural green spaces made of plants in your home is not a problem anymore. There are so many ways you can use to have a perfect garden in your backyard or office. You can build garden rooms, or some garden log cabins in which you can…

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I Have a Small Garden Office – What Garden Plants Are Dangerous for Me?
23.07.2019 / Gardening Tips

First of all, congratulations are in order for taking the leap of breaking away from the bustling life of corporate work and setting a small garden office for yourself! No more wasted hours in traffic on the commute or on the subway every day, no more spending time away from your family! You can make…

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Decorating My Garden Summer House – What Flowers are in Season?
31.05.2019 / Gardening Tips

April showers bring May flowers? Ok, we’ll stop it with that. But there is no joke or no denying for that matter that seasonal flowers are the best way to go if you want to decorate your wooden summer house. It’s the best option you have for a number of reasons, which we will delve…

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Let’s Talk about Hardscaping and Garden Cabins UK – The Basics
06.05.2019 / Gardening Tips

So you want a garden cabin. We get it. Who wouldn’t? Gardening is now trendier than ever. Plus a lot of people are choosing the comforts of working from home rather than bustling every day through traffic or crowded subways to get to work. You might have also seen some garden cabins UK style and…

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10 Veggies to Sow Around the Garden in July
22.06.2018 / Gardening Tips

One might think July is a time for harvesting around the garden shed, and maybe prepare everything for autumn, but wait a minute! It is not too late to do some serious sowing. Where ever early cultures like romaine, broad beans, lettuce, or broccoli have been harvested you can find space to sow out new…

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Which Gardening Tools to Have in Your Garden Storage Shed
08.05.2018 / Gardening Tips

With the gardening season in full swing now, the garden storage shed gets used a lot to store gardening tools. Some use a tool shed for this, some use their garden shed, and some might just have enough with an outdoor garden storage box. The kind of shed is not that important. It mainly just…

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Gardening – Climbing Plants as Design Elements
03.05.2018 / Gardening Tips

If you use your inhabitable log cabin as a holiday cottage for hot tub holidays on the weekends, as a guest room in the garden, or you use your log cabin to live in it yourself: After the log cabin made it through the long winter, we spend more time in the gardens and get…

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Edible Flowers at the Summer House
17.04.2018 / Gardening Tips

For whatever purpose you use your summer house: A garden is always supposed to look nice and that’s one important reason why people love flowers and flowering plants in the garden. If these are planted, cultivated or just wild flowers of which many species are very beautiful, a garden with flowers has colour, it has…

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Raised Beds at the Garden Shed
22.02.2018 / Gardening Tips

If you have some woodworking tools in your garden shed, you could easily build one or many raised beds in your garden, in your backyard, or even in your front yard. They are also called “garden boxes”, and they are an excellent way for urbanites to grow their own veggies with limited space as well…

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