Garden Sauna

Hansa Garden is happy to introduce garden sauna cabins and wood-fired hot tubs. Enjoy SPA treatments right in your own backyard. For those who would like to add fitness and sport, we have designed our first Garden Gym & SPA. It is a 27 m² log cabin with a sauna section and a workout room. All our Garden SPA products have been designed and engineered in their homeland, Finland, to follow strict centuries-old traditions. Our wood fired hot tubs are made by Kirami Finland, the biggest premium wood-fired hot tub company in Scandinavia.

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Garden Sauna Cabins, Garden SPA and Wood-Fired Hot Tubs in the UK

Having a sauna cabin in your garden is a pure pleasure. You will soon wonder how you did it without it for so long. A sauna cabin is absolutely one of the best ways to relax after a busy day at work. Take a few hot sauna baths with cold drinks and, by dinner time, you’ll feels as good as Saturday night. A garden sauna is also one of the best ways to recover and rest after sports and great way to spend a lazy afternoon with your friends sauna bathing and grilling BBQ meals.

Hansa Garden has an extensive range of garden sauna cabins, from 4 m² cabins up to our 27 m² garden SPA & Gym centers. All sauna cabins are made of Nordic Spruce. They all have spacious sauna rooms, insulated sauna ceilings (an absolute must), benches and stove guards made of the finest selected spruce, sauna benches, headrests, and wooden floor grates. They are equipped with special sauna doors made of 8mm toughened glass (safety glass).  We recommend and supply premium sauna heaters made by Harvia Finland. We suggest a 12 to 18 m² garden sauna cabin, with space for a shower, a good room for changing and a veranda to relax and cool down.

Wood-fired hot tubs are for all year round use. They are at their most enjoyable during the cooler time of year. It is  pure pleasure to grab your favorite drink, sit back in the soothing hot water, relax, and enjoy the silence. When you buy a hot tub made of wood from an “expert”, you get one that requires four or five hours of heating time. However, if you choose the Kirami, heating water in the tub from cold to bathing temperature (30-35 degrees) takes no more than two hours. Kirami has wide range of wood fired hot tubs. Smallest (1,7 m diameter) tubs accommodate up to five bathers. Kirami’s 2 m diameter tubs are intended for seven or eight bathers. The biggest Kirami Optmima XL model accommodates easily fourteen or fifteen bathers. All our tubs are available in different colours and materials of your choice. By buying Kirami ,the best selling wood fired hot tubs brand in the homemarket of wood fired hot tubs, you really can’t go wrong.