How to install Icopal roofing shingles

Additional tools & products required

  • Felt nails. Even though nails will not be exposed to rain water, we recommend using galvanized felt nails.
  • Hammer or nail gun. If possible, we recommend using a nail gun – it will make work much faster and easier.
  • Sharp knife with cutting blade.

How to install Icopal Plano Natur roofing shingles and Plano Combi eaves and ridge plates

Usually roofing kit consist of partly self-adhesive roofing shingles (Plano Natur) and entirely self-adhesive eaves and ridge plates (Plano Combi). Plano Combi self-adhesive sheets are for both eaves and finally for the roof ridge. For installing roofing, you also need 18-19mm long felt nails, which are not included in the roofing kit.

Roofing shingles must be installed after roof boards, eave boards and after the eave board reinforcements have been mounted, but before you install gable end board and cover strips.


Keep roofing materials in a cool place and bring them out just before mounting. Don’t leave them in a hot place with direct sun. They will become too soft and difficult to handle if left in direct sunlight or hot environment and can tear easily.

Step 1, mounting eaves plates (Plano Combi)

Eave plates should be installed by starting from the left or right side of the roof. Remove the plastic backing film from the sheet and start mounting. Lower edge of the plates should overhang the roof and eave boards by 20-30mm, protecting roof boards from rain water. Place each sheet tightly next to previous one. Use three nails per sheet. Cut the last sheet into size after it has been installed.

Mounting eaves plates

Step 2, mounting roofing shingles (Plano Natur)

Start mounting from the lower end of the roof. Start from the centre of the roof and work towards left or right. Remove the protective plastic film from the shingle. The first row of shingles should be positioned so that the shingle edges are 20mm from the edges of eaves plates and the joints of the eave plates are covered with shingles.

How to install Icopal roofing shingles

Attach each shingle with 4 nails, as shown on below image. If the house is exposed to extreme wind conditions, 2 additional nails can be used on top corners of each shingle. Each following row of roofing shingles is positioned so that the shingle edges are aligned with the cuts of the previous row and covering the nails. Cover the entire roof. Ensure that the last row of shingles at the top of the roof is installed as close to the ridge as possible and so the nails will be covered by at least 30mm under the ridge plates.


Step 3, mounting roof ridge plates (Plano Combi)

Plano Combi sheets are folded in the bending points and each sheet must be separated into three ridge plates. Protective plastic film must be removed before installation.

Ridge folding

Start installing from one end of the roof ridge. Ridge plates must be bent from the center, so that it will equally cover both sides of the ridge. Use four nails per sheet. Each next sheet shall be placed on the previous one and overlap by 50mm and to cover the nails.

Mounting roof ridge plates

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